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        Since Rina and I had Rain, we admittedly don't get to go out on date night as often as we used to. Not for anything, but we both do feel kind of guilty when we leave Rain at home and we go out and enjoy a night out by ourselves. Truth be told, our little Rainbow makes all our our family days (or nights) out so fun, it never really bothers us. 

     However, during our staycation at Discovery Primea a couple of months back, Rain decided to stay in the room with her yaya and watch Disney Channel instead of having dinner with us.

    Since this gave us the opportunity to go on a date night without straying too far away from our little girl, Rina and I made the most of it.. And as you could imagine we fell in love.... This time with the food of Discovery Primea's premiere restaurant, Flame! 

    (And one another again of course hehe)

           It is virtually impossible for you not to immediately be dazzled by Flame's spectacular interiors, that compliments the stunning birds eye view of Makati.

             It's not a massive restaurant, however it is well spaced, giving you your own intimate space, assuring you quality time with your date or dining party. 


       Based on the reviews of my fellow bloggers that had visited Flame before me, the dish I was most excited to try Crispy Pork Belly Doughnuts (P390), so you can imagine my heartbreak when they told me that it was only available for lunch.  

      I guess the pain in my eyes were too evident to ignore, because the Maître D' suprised us, and made a concession!

           These little suckers were just as amazing as I imagined them to be. The dough was soft, and chewy, with the unadorned rough edges deep fried to a glorious crisp, and dusted in a light pepper seasoning that added to its savoriness.  

         You tear open the doughnut, and beautiful shards of Roasted Pork Belly is revealed. 

     Individually, all these components sound like they shouldn't work together, but they uncannily and deliciously do. And the Butterscotch Miso Dip is the weird tie that seems to bind them even further together. melding its sweet, creamy flavors with the porky meatiness.

   I understand reading what I wrote doesn't seem to make sense, but believe me, this is magic in your mouth.  


      For my entree, I ordered the Braised US Short Ribs (P890). The fork tender Certified Angus Beef was laying on a pool of Celeriac puree, sprinkled with mustard seeds, and doused in a fragrant ginger tamarind sauce. Every bite was more magnificent than the next, and halfway into it, I realized I didn't even need rice. 

      My darling Rina wanted the Steak and Wine Combo (P1,500). This included a Josper grill charcoal-roasted 300g U.S. Prime striploin, and a glass of Terrazas Reserva Malbec Argentina. 

           The mouth-watering steak had beautiful diamond char marks etched into its exterior, giving it a delicious, smokey flavor. When mixed with the luscious gravy it comes with, the natural flavor of the beef simply shines even more. 

        I don't drink wine, so I wouldn't know if it was any good, but Rina seemed to enjoy her Terrazas Reserva Malbec Argentina very much, as its lightly sweet notes perfectly paired with her steak.  

           The dish that everyone had been raving about (Apart from the donuts) was the Take Out - Lobster Fried Rice (P890).  A gorgeously cooked Lobster is spread out over citrus Jasmine Rice, seamlessly sprinkled with delicate textures of Pork, and with a flavorful lobster remoulade mixed in, then crowned with a perfectly cooked 63 degree egg, elaborately adorned in a Chinese Take Out Box.

      This is coming from someone who normally doesn't eat lobster.. But this was absolutely magnificent. Even the rice alone was a meal in itself, giving out different notes of sweet, savory and creaminess from the individual components that worked harmoniously together like a succulent symphony of deliciousness. 



        Despite the fact that Rina and I were incedibly stuffed, we couldn't end the night without trrying some of Flame's desserts. I had the White Chocolate Creme Brulee (P360) Made with Tahitian vanilla, and topped with fresh raspberries for a delightfully light touch of sweet tartness, The use of white chocolate set this apart from every other Creme Brulee I've tried.  

             Rina had Black Pepper Panna Cotta (P320) which was also superb. A light Vanilla chantilly, is garnished with macerated strawberries, which prevents the dessert from becoming too rich. The essence of the strawberries is then reduced to a thin sauce, that works perfectly with the silky smooth Panna Cotta. Truly a great way to end your phenomenal meal at Flame! 

          If Flame isn't on the top of your mind when thinking of date places, you need to get your game on track, because the place oozes romance. With its beautiful skyline view of Makati and sophisticated ambiance, Flame could very well be The Philippines' counterpart to New York's iconic "Rainbow Room", but at friendlier prices.  

16th Floor Discovery Primea 
6749 Ayala Avenue, 
Urdaneta, Makati City 1226

Flame Restaraunt - Discovery Primea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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