Monday, July 16, 2018


    The sparkling new renovation of Podium Mall opened up opportunities for more shops and restaurants to settle into the bustling Ortigas center. Recently, a sprawling Food Hall opened, named, "The Corner Market". Spanning roughly around 1,200 square meters, The Corner Market is set to house 17 food establishments in its massive halls.  

      Though not all 17 are operational yet, your friendly neighborhood Pickiest Eater made the ultimate sacrifice for his beloved readers, to try the food stalls that have opened their doors at the Corner Market.. Where good food is just around the corner!

          Vietnamese Food has been spreading like wildfire across the metro, with Pho and Bahn Mi shops sprouting around the area. One full service restaurant in Marikina has been making a name for themselves as a go-to place for an amazing Vietnamese meal, by the name of Ca Phe Saigon.

          Building on its success in Marikina, Ca Phe Saigon opened a stall at The Corner Market Food Hall, bringing to the masses their take on classic Vietnamese dishes.

      Of course, Ca Phe Siagon offers the iconic Vietnamese Dish,  Bahn Mi (P150 Regular/P230 Special). This hearty sandwich begins with a six inch long Baguette which is toasted to a nice crisp, A medley of Lettuce, Carrots, Cucumbers, and Vietnamese Pickles,  with your choice of Roasted Pork, Chicken or Beef. The medley of flavors come to together in one glorious bite after another. 

           Perhaps the quintessential Vietnamese dish is Pho (P200), and Ca Phe Saigon's version is exquisite, especially for it' price. The broth of this Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup is packed with flavor, with the slices of beef adding to its savoriness. The thin rice noodles and bean sprouts adds texture to the dish, making it even more hearty. 

         With affordable prices to match their delicious Vietnamese dishes, Ca Phe Saigon is definitely one restaurant to look out for in the coming years!

Ca Phe Saigon
The Corner Market Food Hall
2nd Floor The Podium Mall
ADB Ave, Ortigas Center

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