Monday, April 4, 2011


             As I mentioned in my first Singapore Post, our whole point in going to Singapore was to be able to go to Universal Studios. I think we went at just the perfect time too, because had we gone a couple of months earlier, a lot of the rides would not have been opened yet. If anyone has plans on going to Universal Studios in Singapore, I strongly suggest you head off to their official website and purchase your tickets online. Also, I even more strongly suggest that you avail of the "Express Pass", which allows you a separate lane, away from the peons-err.. I mean, from the other guests of the park. Long story short, If you have an Express Pass, you go to the front of the line. 

         Buying the ticket online cost me SGD$66 + Express pass SGD$30 = SGD$96 or PHP 3,296.79 each. 

         Kinda steep for one day at a theme park, don't ya think (Times two for me cuz i treated Rina)? But the moment you get on that monorail to Sentosa Island, and you see the entrance to Resorts World, The question of "Is it worth it?" suddenly rings into your head one more time. The look of excitement on Rina's face helped answer the question for me. 


         Since we had already bought the tickets nearly a month in advance, Rina was very bummed that she couldn't ride most of the roller coasters because she's pregnant. If you think she was bummed, imagine how I felt, considering I was the one that paid for the tickets!! hehe..

          We rode the monorail from Vivo City and it took us straight to Resorts World. I've got to say, even just going into the tunnel of the Resorts World is enough to give you goose bumps. You truly feel like you're in another world, where everything is even more awesome than usual.  

         This post isn't so much a "review" post but a chronicling of the sights we saw at Universal Studios, Sentosa.

No amount of prodding could convince Chaikka to break out of her shell.
She said she was happy, but I just couldn't see it.

The deal was to copy whatever position the Lady Woodpecker does. 
Naturally, the Barbero sisters change things up,
making me look like a complete idiot.
I realize though, either way, I look like a moron. 

We went straight for The Battle Star Galactica ride,
as recommended to me by Direk Richard and Sir Butch. 
In this roller coaster, you "Choose a Side.. Human or Cylon". 

Both roller coasters go simultaneously, and often seem like they're going to collide. Just when you think they're going to head right smack for each other, they make a twist and turn that leaves the passengers needing a change of shorts. 

What is the difference between the Human and Cylon ride, you ask? Simple. The Human side is your standard issue sit down roller coaster. The Cylon side, is more adventurous. Your feet are dangling from your chair 
(I could've sworn I saw someone's slipper blast into orbit).

Guess what we chose? 

Of course Chaikka, my roller coaster partner and I went with the Cylon Side! Might as well get the full experience, right? It was during the ride, however that I discovered that Chaikka had the power to break glass with nothing but the sound of her voice.

The ride was awesome, but sadly, I have to admit, I could only go one round. My constitution is no longer what it used to be,
and I didn't want to spend the day with motion sickness.

Next, we headed straight for Ancient Egypt so Chaikka and I could take on The Mummy's Revenge! It was actually pretty cool.. It made use of Animatronics and 3D screen images.. I enjoyed it more than The Battle Star Galactica Ride, because you really felt like you were being chased by the Mummy!

           I've been to the Jurassic Park Ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood before, so I was really looking forward to riding this again. I was really disappointed with the "changes" made in the Singapore version. In Hollywood, you pretty much get into a large roller coaster, and it takes you on a supposed tour of "Jurassic Park". The Raptors get out, and all Mayhem breaks loose. 

       In the Singapore version, that part pretty much remains the same, with one vital aspect changed. Instead of getting into a roller coaster car, you hop onto a round raft (sort of like the one for the roaring rapids). You're supposed to be looking at the "Dinosaurs" around you, but it's pretty hard to do when you're spinning around! For a moment there, I felt it was like The Battle Star Galactica all over again! Funny story, we shared a boat with a British Father and daughter duo, who would laugh at us whenever Chaikka and I would freak out about getting wet. Normally I don't mind getting wet, but I didn't have an extra shirt on me, so I thought It would be cumbersome to walk around all soaked. At the end of the day, all I can say is that Karma is a bitch, because guess who ended up getting drenched?

         Since we were done with the spinning rides, I thought it would be a good time to grab a quick bite. We rested our feet at "Fossil Fuels" at Jurassic Park, I ordered a "Swiss Hotdog" (Or at least i THINK that's what it was.. Don't remember anymore). 

      The other kiddie rides at Jurassic Park were cool too.. I love how the "Dino-Soarin'" turned the Jurassic Park theme into a fun Reggae song!

    This was a pretty cool touch as well.. A guy was walking around with what was supposed to be a baby triceretops dinosaur. It even actually moved and reacted to a person's touch. It was hilarious how it would scare the crap out of people when it would pretend to bite em'.

Afterwards, we dropped by the "Discovery Food Court" at the "Lost World" area. It was designed to look like the Lobby of the building from Jurassic Park, complete with the Dinosaur bones of the T-Rex. Visually, it was impressive, but The food choices weren't anything to crow about.

       The castle at "Far Far Away" is truly a sight to behold. In Rina's eyes, nothing will ever compare to Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle, but this was a good substitute, until I can take her to Disneyland again. The 4D Shrek movie was loads of fun, although I think my seat wasn't functioning properly, because I would see the guy beside me really jolt out of his seat, while me, not so much. Either it was faulty or the guy was just really jittery. 

             I can't wait for the new Puss N' Boots movie!

With Donkey and Gingy!

Chaikka and Rina with the Frog King dude.. Fiona's dad, right?

Shrek's swamp house! If you try to open the door, you can hear him inside! 
If you try opening the outhouse, the toilet flushes and makes other.. 
umm.. rather "unsavory" sounds..

Oh and word of advice? I should've listen to Sir Butch.. but unless you're with kids, please SKIP the "Donkey" Show. He's supposed to be doing a stand up comedy act, and stuff, but the actor they got to do his voice is not funny at all. The only reason we went was because Rina badly wanted to go an attraction that allowed pregnant women.

You know you want me.

          We stopped by Mel's Diner for a bite while waiting for the next Water World Show, and I saw this sign for a "Shiok Burger" and I knew i would not forgive myself if I left Singapore without trying it.

        The Shiok Burger was delicious. The Guacamole (which I don't usually eat, but I gave it a go here) and the onion rings gave it a sweet taste, while  Mel's "special sauce" also had a hint of sweetness and a light touch of heat. The only two problems were a) The patty was a little bit thin (Although it provided a surprisingly meaty taste), and I think they may have forgotten to add the "Spiced Chicken Floss". Of course I only noticed it was missing after I completely annihilated the entire burger.

I came out of the Mel's Diner, and these really hot girls were singing "Candy Man", which completed the 1950's them to Mel's Diner. 

Apart from the hot chicks, the real reason I'm posting this picture is because it's the last photo of my beloved Bonnet that I got in Baguio,
which has accompanied on most of my Pickiest Eater adventures. :(

I took it off at the "Water World" show, and placed it on my lap. It must have fallen and I never saw it again. I tried going back for it but it was long gone.. 

R.I.P. buddy.. Sniff..

      The Water World show is quite a spectacle, as it brings you right into the movie. The set alone was already really impressive, and that was even without the effects!

         The Pre-show had some actors walking around the front, 
splashing water on the people. 
If you are sitting in the first few rows, that's considered the "Splash Zone". 
It's fair game to get you wet! (We opted to stay away from the wet zones)

The show begins with Dennis Hopper's character attacking the Atoll, 
and capturing the hot girl..

Kevin Costner's "The Mariner" character, arrives, and a Jet Ski Chase ensues..

Just when all hope is lost, 
and it seems like the Mariner is about to meet his doom..

*Spoiler Alert*
The Hot Girl (who isn't a "damsel in distress" either), 
blasts Dennis Hopper with a Bazooka.

That was a long fall..

Our heroes blast through the gates, and make a daring escape..
too bad there's no picture of the bi-plane that crash landed..


I stopped by Friar's for a quick snack.
I honestly don't recognize this character from any of the Shrek Movies, 
but Rina saw his big stomach so she thought It would be nice for me to get a picture with him.

I ordered chicken nuggets, 
which tasted like something you could get from the grocery. 
But it did come with a Woody Woodpecker Lunch box, 
which I gave to my nephew, so I was happy.

Also, they only had Evian Water. Which I found out, despite its price tag, tastes exactly like "Absolute" or "Wilkins".

Us with Po! 
I was saddened to see that his stomach was practically as big as mine.

As you can see, the Barbero girls strike again, this time with Betty Boop.
(I'm the sucker that fell for it.. again)

Me and Charlie.

Us with Frankenstein. He looked pretty bummed about something.

Rina and Chaikka had no idea who Beatlejuice was. I felt so old.

Princess Fiona was really pretty... 
Didn't want to get too close cuz Shrek was watching me.

We ended our trip with a final stop for a picture with the cast of Madagascar. 
They don't have any rides that would appeal to adults just yet,
 but I think that may change by next year. 

 Once again, I reiterate that I don't think we would have had this much fun without the Express Pass, so it was totally worth the SGD$30 bucks!

I can speak on behalf of Rina and Chaikka when I say that Our trip to Universal Studios Sentosa, was the highlight of our trip to Singapore, and easily one of the best times of our lives! I can't wait to go back!

Via Con Dios, Grey bonnet.. Via Con Dios..


  1. I suppose you added a 'U' in front of all the prices..... The figures are all correct, but it is in S$ and not US$......

  2. You are totally right! I corrected it.. Thanks for the heads up, Lenox! Very much appreciated :)

  3. awesome!!! all your singapore posts are very informative kuya!

    haha! the lady woodpecker pose cracked me up!

  4. Thanks Reina! Yeah my wife and her sister got a kick out of that too! hehe

  5. USS.. i love that :D You should try Garrett's Popcorn there.

  6. Yeah Pinkcookies, I really wish I did! I passed by it on my way in, and the smell of their popcorn was amazing!! I really regret not going in for a can :(

  7. I was so entertained by your post that I want to go to Universal Studios right now!Thanks so much for the tip about the express pass.We'll surely take note of that.Love, love your blog!More power!

  8. Oh my god, Kaye! How are you? Haha! do you still remember me? We worked together before! How've you been? You're looking fantastic!

    I'll be checking out your blog too!

    Hope all is well with you! :)

  9. Question po?im currently pregnant and i want to see the 4D shrek... do pregnant women allowed in this ride?hoping for your reply t.y.

  10. Hi Anonymous! Technically, no, Pregnant women are not advised to ride on the 4D Shrek.. BUT my wife was three months pregnant and went on it (despite my protests).

    Truth be told, there's a lot of fast movements and snappy jerks and all, but it actually wasn't so bad.

    However, since the park won't be liable for anything that may befall you, I wouldn't suggest you to go on it, especially if you are more than three months along the way.

    Congratulations on your baby!

  11. Hi Richie I have just found your website after typing in pregnant women and universal studios Singapore. I have just found I'm pregnant and was wondering if there are any rides that are safe for pregnant women? I was really looking forward to the Jurassic Park river rapids, the 4D cinema and the Mummy ride. I know the Mummy ride is a bit extreme but what about the other two? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  12. Shamim, Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    It breaks my heart to tell you, however, that I wouldn't recommend the Jurassic Park ride for you, especially if you're easily susceptible to motion discomfort or sickness.

    I'm attaching a link for you to download the PDF of Universal Studios Singapore's "Riders Guide" so you can see straight from them, what rides they allow for pregnant women.

    My wife DID ride the "Shrek" 4D cinema movie", and "Stephen Spielberg's Lights Camera, Action" when she was 3 months along the way.. she felt fine afterwards.. although I have to admit, it also isn't recommended for pregnant women.

    What you can do is watch the Water World stunt show, as well as that "Donkey" stand up show.. but I would honestly skip the Donkey Show if you're not with children..

    Have a fun at Universal! I'm so jealous, I'm dying to go back!



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