Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Where'd my breakfast go?? It was here just a minute ago!!

        For someone who doesn't eat breakfast on a regular basis, I sure do have a fondness for breakfast food. Though I had been to Flapjacks already and did a post on it in the past, I really don't count it because the photos were taken during my pre-blogger days with Rina's iPhone, hence the terrible quality. 

      During The Bistro Group's "Triple Treats Promo" that I participated in, I was given three amazing dishes to choose from that I could get at half price.. Fish and Co.'s Best Fish and Chips in Town, Ma Maison's Jumbo Burger Steak, and Flapjack's Original Hashbrown Burger. 

     Once I received the SMS from The Bistro Group, I knew That I had to try Flapjack's burger that caught my attention the moment I saw it when their first branch opened in Greenbelt years ago. 

        The Greenbelt branch is no longer there, making way for the emergence of Ma Maison, so the nearest branch to me was in Greenhills. The vibrant colors, predominantly orange and violet would no doubt wake you up in the morning. The service was fantastic, but I was already expecting that, with Flapjacks a member of the Bistro Group.


      Rina ordered the Filipino Breakfast Platter, which was comprised of Vigan Longganiza, Tocino, Corned beef, two eggs done your way, and garlic fried rice. The longganiza was fantastic, with an incredible meaty flavor blended with different spices. The tocino was tender and sweet, and i enjoyed the lining of fat on the meat. The corned beef, however, was average. Nothing really you couldn't get from a can of Purefoods. The scrambled egg was done a bit more than I would have preferred, although I realize I should have elaborated to the server that I wanted it to be done a bit more runny.

      On the whole though, this was a delicious, filling meal that rice loving Pinoys will enjoy.      

     Though I had it during my first trip to Flapjacks (and another time after that), I couldn't resist ordering the American Platter  again. It consisted of a Garlic Sausage, a strip of bacon, Two eggs cooked any style, and three pancakes. The bacon, as bacon always is, was fantastic, fried to a beautiful crisp. I suspect it was honey cured because it had a light touch of sweetness to it. My only qualm with it was.. There wasn't enough of it. But I don't hold that against Flapjacks because no restaurant has been able to satisfy me when it comes to portioning of bacon. (Well, maybe the Sea Breeze Cafe and the Altar of Bacon did the trick.) Though it said in the menu that it was a "Garlic Sausage", but it didn't taste too garlicky for me. It tasted more like a juicy frankfurter. The pancakes were soft, and had a nice creaminess to it. 

      Rina got a little jealous with my pancakes, so she decided she wanted to try something similar, so she ordered Flapjack's Homemade Waffles (P175). It didn't have the crispiness of the waffles i'm used to, with the texture a little bit softer, but the flavor was great. It had a milky, buttery taste, with the right amount of sweetness to it, so when its smeared in pancake syrup, it balances out just right. 

      You probably aren't going to believe this, but after everything I had just wolfed down, I still had room for The Original Hashbrown Burger (P375). If you've seen what I do to my McMuffin and my Quarter Pounder, you'll know that adding a potato product such as a hash brown is not an alien concept to me. 

       Yet I tore into Flapjack's version like it was a new experience for me. The  meat had the incredible natural flavor of the beef, and I would easily rank it as one of the juiciest burgers I've ever had. The Hashbrown added a new dimension of crunch to the burger and the taste of the hashbrowns that were fried to a perfect golden hue.
       It was a triumphant return to Flapjacks for me.. I finally got to try the Original Hashbrown Burger that I had wanted to so badly! I promise to return, and when I do, I'm going to be tasting the non-breakfast entrees.. like the ribs :) 



  1. i am disappointed at FLOPJACKS!! i saw the cook , microwaved the rice and boiled veggies in plastics bags!!!! i am shocked, open kitchen pa sila. is this the so called Bistro food?

    1. Sorry to hear about that bad experience, Anonymous!

      I didn't try anything with boiled veggies or rice though hehe..

      Although Rina did order the Filipino meal, she had no complaints with the Garlic Rice.. unless she was too famished to notice hehe

      Can't speak for the practices cuz i've never been privy to the kitchen or didn't see what you saw myself.. But thankfully it hasn't translated to their food during my experiences there and the other Bistro Group restaurants!

  2. the 1st time we ate there years ago, we were not satisfied. so we never came back. i prefer pancake house pa. we ordered burgers, omelette and chicken that time.

    1. I was disappointed with the Rib Eye Steak omelet the first time I ate here.. I went there when it first opened.. But they've since did a little tweaking of their menu.. In my return, I can honestly say I really did enjoy the Hash brown Burger :)

  3. ganyan naman talaga sa mga restos, especially chains. veggies are usually pre-boiled and put in plastic bags, ready to be nuked when needed. meats pre-cooked also. that's how it's taught in cooking schools. saves so much time as customers are usually very very impatient when it comes to food. back to flapjacks, i like breakfast food a lot. i can eat them all day but there's something missing sa flapjacks that leaves me unsatisfied most of the time. i do like the bacon omelette.

    1. Hmm.. haven't tried the Bacon Omelet yet, BV! Maybe during my next visit :)

  4. the veggies are placed in a plastic bag then submerged in boiling water, the cook sets the timer seen overhead panel. which school teaches this technique? i am curious



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