Friday, August 3, 2012


      Have you ever tried ordering from Quick Delivery yet? Funnily enough, even though I have a collection of their menu books, I had never gotten around to ordering from them yet. Which is weird because the roster of restaurants under the Quick Delivery banner is quite impressive. I’m usually stuck with the usual suspects when it comes to delivery.. McDonald’s, KFC, Shakey’s and Pizza Hut.

            Last Sunday afternoon,  I had tried ordering from Nipa Hut via Quick Delivery. The customer service attendant that received my call was very efficient and helpful. And after basically taking my entire order, you can imagine how embarrassed she was when she had to tell me that Nipa Hut is actually closed on Sundays, despite the fact it says in the Quick Delivery Online Menu that they’re open, but with delivery hours from 11Am to 3pm. She was very apologetic and was more than willing to find me a restaurant which was open on Sunday, but Rina and I decided to just find something to eat at home.

 Last Friday night, Just before I went on my way home from work, (This was around 9:30 in the evening, in the pouring rain), I realized I hadn’t had dinner yet. Being the sweet and sensitive husband I am, I knew it was a tad bit too late to have my wife Rina prepare me something to eat, so from the car, I decided to give Nipa Hut and Quick Delivery a try once again.

Calling was relatively easy, with my call getting through to the operator in my first try. The call was received by Jaja, who was very pleasant to speak with. Whenever she had to put me on hold, she would come back and say, “Thank you for patiently waiting, Sir”. She also explained to me that since my place was technically out of the delivery area of Nipa Hut, I would be charged an extra P100. After my order was placed, Jaja warned me that its possible that the rider would need an extra 30-45 minutes to get to my house, due to the weather. Since I had no intention of someone getting hurt on my account, I told her I understood, and it was fine. 

I can’t speak for everyone else, but provided that the deliver service is upfront with me regarding the time, I don’t mind waiting long. It’s restaurants that promise a 30 minute delivery time but never meets the target that pisses me off (McDonald’s Pasig Delivery is awful).  You see, my mentality is, the 30 minute commitment came from YOU not ME, so you better make sure you fulfil that promise. I appreciated that Quick Delivery told me from the start regarding the possible delay, so that I would know if I would be willing to wait or not. At least I had a choice, right?

It took the Quick Delivery rider 1 hour and a half to get to my house, which I didn’t mind so much because it was more of less what I expected. What I did appreciate, was when the rider got lost in our village, he had the presence of mind to call home base to verify directions. With my experience with other riders, they tend to just drive around in circles until they luck out.

In true Pasig fashion, the food was delivered to us in cardboard boxes, making it more environmental friendly. 

The Inihaw na baboy that we ordered was delicious. It had an innate, beautiful smokiness, to the meaty pork belly. 

A benefit of ordering from Nipa hut, was that we could also order from Motoyori, the Japanese restaurant which apparently shares a kitchen with Nipa Hut, allowing us to enjoy two types of cuisines from one restaurant.

 Rina ordered Ebi Tempura, which consisted of plump prawns. The tempura lost a bit of its crunchiness during the delivery process, but that’s the risk you take when having tempura delivered. A nice surprise was that it also included a banana tempura, which was really good. 

We decided to explore the Japanese menu by ordering some Chicken Teriyaki. Rina found it a tad bit too sweet for her liking, but I thought it was fine. In fact, I used the teriyaki sauce as a dip for the tempura instead of their provided soy based sauce. 

Perhaps my only comment about the food, was that I found the price of the mixed fried rice a bit too expensive. The menu states its P110.25, and I assumed it was good for around 2-3 people. Its a good thing I ordered two, because it turns out that P110.25 would only get you one scoop of mixed fried rice.. barely good enough for a hungry man such as myself. But in its defense, It’s a really delectable, sticky mixed fried rice.

On a whole, I found my first Quick Delivery experience to be a good one. Ordering was a breeze, the promise was fulfilled, and the food was delicious! I definitely can’t wait to order again! 

         Quick Delivery's Hotline number is 2121212 and their website where you can find the list of their extensive roster of restaurants is


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  2. thanks for the tip. yeah lumaki nga ang font :)

    1. weird.. maybe its because I typed it in word first then cut and paste it hehe

  3. I haven't tried Quick Delivery yet too! Hmmmm... I think I should try them, especially now that it's raining and I'm too lazy to go out :))

  4. I agree. ordering through Quick Delivery is easy breezy. the service attendant who took my order was honest on the delivery time as well.



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