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Sorry I can't do silly poses like Richie does thus this is my cover photo hehe

        As far as my poor memory can remember, the first time I had Singaporean cuisine was when we were in Singapore last 2010. I have been hearing about the wonder that is Hainanese Chicken Rice and how much of a “must-try” Singaporean dish it was. So during our trip there we made sure that we get to try it. And I’m glad we did!

        Thankfully, Singaporean restaurants are slowly emerging here in the Metro, and a recent that just launched was My Singapore Food Street (Formerly Orchard Road) in Megamall. Thankfully, Richie again had work so it was me again who ended up trying their scrumptious Singaporean meals! (I’m kidding hun! Of course it’s more fun when we’re together. But you have to control yourself from eating the food first before I take a picture!)

        Unfortunately I never got to try Orchard Road, but I remember it looking like one of the Singaporean Hawker food courts that we visited in the Lion City. Now that it is relaunched as "My Singapore Food Street", they changed the interiors too. It looks brighter, simpler, yet classy.  And in Singaporean fashion.. very clean!

Mr. Chef showing off a bit hehehe

          Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the sight of their open kitchen where you can see all the action. This top chef right here was having fun playing with fire (so to speak hehehe). It’s quite entertaining! I love open kitchens because it’s a testament to how clean it is. Let’s face it, they wouldn't have their kitchen on display if it weren't so spic and span. I’m not saying all restaurants with closed kitchens are filthy. But you know what I mean.

Yummy chicken in all it's glory!

Behind the counter, the chefs are hard at work!
        There were a lot of people that day because of the grand launching. It was hard not to stare at the beautiful Asian TV personality/celebrity chef / model Vivien Tan who also happens to be one of the owners of My Singapore Food Street (okay from here on end I will just call it MSFS hehe) along with Singaporean Food Culture and business entrepreneur Jean Henri Lhuillier.

Owner Vivien Tan
Owner Jean Henri Lhuillier

       It was a crazy media day. Cameras of TV networks and photographers were everywhere. But despite the tons of people that were present, the kitchen managed to get all the orders of the media people and the regular walk-in customers out. So far so good! Moving on to the food!

The Food

Croquettes and Shanghai Rolls for starters
       I’m quite a fan of fried stuff with sweet and chili dip. So needless to say I enjoyed their Croquettes (P80) and Shanghai Roll (P100). The Shanghai Roll was fried perfectly with the insides still juicy and cooked to perfection. For the Croquettes, the potatoes were soft and flavorful. It was a nice touch to have spinach inside! So in a way you won’t feel 99.5% guilty of devouring more than one. You can defend yourself by saying you’re eating spinach hehehe.

...And then there was Hainanese Chicken Rice (P195)
        The star of any Singaporean restaurant, the Hainanese Chicken (P195). It is served with soup, and rice (duh). The three BFFs of the Hainanese Chicken are the three sauces already preset in each table. The chili sauce, pounded ginger, and oyster sauce. Mix all of these together and you've got a winner! For me though the chicken itself could use a bit more juiciness. And maybe chicken stock poured over the rice? I’m no chef. Just thinking out loud. Hehehe. You can also order a solo rice topping of this for only P99.

Nasi Goreng P175
      The term Nasi Goreng is actually Indonesian for “fried rice”.  MSFS’s Nasi Goreng (P175) is quite good if you like fried rice with a hint of sweet and a dash of spiciness. The scrambled eggs kind of balances out the heat from the rice.

Perfect combination of spice and coconut sweetness
         Aaaah the Laksa (P185)! Say it with me .... Laksaaaaa!  I would say this is the dish that really stood out for me. Judging from the color of the soup, I thought it was going to be steam-from-your-ears-tears-from-your-eyes kind of hot. But because it’s fortunately balanced with the sweetness of coconut, it immediately becomes one of my favorite noodle soup! It’s the type of dish that you can’t just stop slurping for some reason. Your taste buds will keep yearning for more after every spoonful! 

Frozen Milo Dinosaur P110

     And like a sweet ending to a savory story, the meal was capped off with the much anticipated Frozen Milo Dinosaur (P110)! It’s one of my favorite desert drink that I was introduced to during our trip in SG. It’s basically a Milo shake with Milo powder dumped on top and drizzled with  a bit of chocolate syrup. But this one honestly was a bit too sweet for me. I would lessen the sugar a bit. But still it was a wonderful drink treat nonetheless! (Disclaimer: Picture is smaller than the normal serving)

Other dishes that we would love to go back for are :

Char Kway Teow (P195)
Satay Chicken - 2 pcs for P70 , 4 pcs for P135 , 8 pcs for P250

5 Spice Tofu
    They also have 5 Spice Tofu (P80). But as you know perfectly well, Richie will only laugh at me if I ask him to try this.

MSFS's Special Kopi Tarik

Special Production Number bought to you by Kopi Tarik P75
      Another chef above demonstrating how to make Kopi Tarik (P75), which directly translates to "Stretched or Pulled coffee. The chef pours the coffee from high heights to actually create the frothing process. It has a touch of ginger, cardamom and a bit of cinnamon flavor to it. Coffee fanatics ought to try this for a whole new coffee experience.

      If you’re craving for some Singaporean specialties around Ortigas / Mandaluyong area, MSFS is definitely the place to be. Great flavors + Vast items on menu + affordable prices. You can’t go wrong! 



  1. I love singaporean food <3 hope to try this soon!

    1. The prices are cheap too! :-) you should definitely try it! :-) us too we want to go back and try other dishes! :-)

    2. We'll be making a return trip soon hehe

  2. Tried it when it was still Orchard Road. Medyo bitin lang yung dishes for the price, IMO. But will still give this a try someday. Try Ang Mo Kio at The Podium too! ;)

    1. I wasn't able to go when yedy invited me the last time.. i've been kicking myself ever since :(

    2. Try 101 Hawker House in Makati :) Good Food for very affordable prices!

    3. Paolo that has long been on my list as well! Will definitely try it.. thanks!

    4. You should go to Ang Mo Kio! You and the owner have the same name.hehe. ;)

  3. You guys are getting more popular, and I think and humbly suggest that a "full disclosure" part should now be added to your posts.

    1. Hi Marty! Thanks for the suggestion, but what exactly do you mean though? hehe sorry.. im a bit oblivious hehe

  4. Maybe put something at the bottom of the article if it was an invitation, or if you guys paid for your own meals.

    I adore this blog, Richie and I have the same "taste" for food, that everytime I eat in a restaurant featured here, I almost have the same thought as the ones he wrote..

    Unfortunately, I haven't tried any restos that Rina has written about..

    Maybe even a per head cost estimate is good, but with Richie's appetite, that's probably double any normal person - LOL

  5. A singaporean resto without Bak Kut Teh??



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