Thursday, May 23, 2013


It’s raining Pancit Palabok!

It was a scorching hot Sunday, and my stomach was growling, looking for an afternoon snack. I needed something not too heavy, as not to make me lose my appetite for dinner, but at the same time, something that could satisfy the needs of my growling tummy. 

Then suddenly, the doorbell rang at my home.  Little did I know, that I was in for a little surprise.

        Rina and I were pleasantly surprised to find our dear friend Trixie outside our gate, holding a big bilao (winnowing basket). Though from the wrapping and the card it was clear that it was from Lucky Me!, I couldn’t help but wonder what new product they could possibly have in store for us!

       I took a closer look and saw what was written in the paper wrapper. It was none other than the Pinoy merienda favourite, Pancit Palabok! I knew Rina was going to be thrilled as she usually gets cravings for Pancit Palabok.

      We opened the wrapper and we found we had received 24 packs of Lucky Me! Special Pancit Palabok!

      We tested one for dinner, and I found out that It was a lot easier to cook it than I thought, because there isn’t much “cooking” involved. In fact, all you really need is boiling water.

Place the noodles in a bowl, then pour the boiling water over it, then keep it covered for 4 minutes. Afterwards, drain water from the bowl (carefully!).

       Simply add the shrimp flavored sauce and the garnish pack (chives and real chicharon)! Voila! Instant Palabok in less than 5 minutes!

        At first I thought the sauce to noodles ratio was too little. But after mixing it well and tasting it, the sauce ratio is just right. Each strand of noodle was covered in shrimp sauce making it a really tasteful treat. The sauce had a very prominent shrimp flavour, and the servings of noodles was quite generous.

      Rina was more thrilled that she doesn't have to exert effort at all in preparing this. But Rina says if she’s in the mood to kick it up a notch, she would add hard-boiled egg and even more chicharon! (See why I married her?)

 This could be a great effortless but super filling afternoon merienda! Kudos to Lucky Me! for another instant snack that for sure the Filipinos will love!

Now please excuse me while I enjoy my moment in Palabok Heaven!

Thanks Lucky Me! Special


  1. We always add crushed chicharon and hard boiled egg whenever we are munching on this and Lucky Me's Chicken Sotanghon! Definitely yum yum!

    1. I would add crushed chicharon to everything if I could! hehe

  2. Will look for this in the grocery. :)

  3. hubby discovered it first when i gave birth, while he was searching for food other than what was served in the hospital.. lucky enough, he stumbled upon this. since then, it became a staple in our grocery list. I think this costs less than P20 only. can't remember the price, though

  4. I've tried it - and I like it! I do add soft-boiled eggs, more chicharon, and flaked leftover adobo to it. :) - Midge

  5. Will buy this when I visit the grocery soon. Palabok is <3!

  6. Sarap. This is one of our favorite treat during meryenda. :)

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