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pizza thins

        The first time I tried Greenwich Pizza Thins was when we were deep into post production for the movie Kung Fu Divas. We were experiencing some technical delays and our director, Onat Diaz, requested for Greenwich Pizza Thins as his "Comfort food". With all the high profile pizza joints out there, I was actually quite surprised that he would ask for Greenwich pizza of all things. 

     Direk Onat explained to me that he found the crust of other pizza brands a bit too thick. In essence, you lose the beauty of tasting the delicious toppings because you're too busy filling yourself on the dough. After awhile, he said he felt like he was eating a sandwich. I thought that was a very good point, and gave it a shot. And in one simple *CRACK* of the crust, I was sold.

     It was indeed, as Direk Onat said, "Tarush".      

     Then I made Rina try it during a movie marathon night. We couldn't agree on a flavor, so we decided to get two pies.. All Meat for me, and the Signature Special for her, thinking that we can have the leftovers for lunch the next day.  However, it was like we were both in a trance after taking the first bite. When we regained consciousness, My wife and I discovered that we finished a box of pizza EACH! 

      I don't think I've ever loved my life more than I did at that moment, but that was also how we knew that the Greenwich Pizza Thins are no ordinary pizza. It was only apt that the pizza would make a loud *CRACK* after ever bite, because it was deliciously addicting!

thin pizza

        The pie crust was perfectly thin and crispy, allowing the flavor of the toppings to shine, giving the pizza a bit of a *CRACK* for added!

cheese pizza

        Rina really loved the 7 Cheese (Double P199 / Barkada P319) where she can really smell the sharp goodness of the blend of cheeses.

signature special pizza

        And I on the other hand devoured the Signature Special (Double P199 / Barkada P319). Other flavors of the Greenwich Pizza Thins are Hawaiian (Double P199 / Barkada P299), All-Meat (Double P199 / Barkada P319) , and Pepperoni (Double P199 / Barkada P299).

two pizzas

                   There I was, holding up the boxes of Pizzas for my token food pictures, when I noticed something amiss... 

two pizzas

      Someone had stolen a slice before I was able to take a photo! 
Food Blogger Blasphemy! 

Who was the culprit? 

baby eating pizza

           The sneaky little girl you all know as "Baby Rain", thats who! 

baby eating pizza

        Whilst her mommy and I were setting up the camera, she apparently didn't want to wait any longer for her Pizza Thins, so she grabbed a slice of 7 Cheese while we weren't looking! 

        And as you can see, she loves it too!

greenwich pizza

It's really a perfect meal to fight over with your barkada or family during movie nights, game nights, or even just a simple meal with your loved ones!

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        Starting last July 16, Greenwich started giving away 10,000 boxes of Greenwich Pizza Thins to the first 100 customers in selected Greenwich branches and pop-up booths all over the Philippines! AND IT'S STILL ONGOING!  Like on August 8, #CrackThat Day will be happening at Republiq! 

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