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virtual online shopping card

        It’s amazing how convenient and exciting it is that one can now have an amazing shopping experience just by surfing the internet. You don’t have to brave the crazy malls or shops just to hunt for that exact hat or bag that you’ve been wanting to buy. Or braving the mall rush every time there’s a sale. Be it local or international, it’s easier to buy it through the internet with just a few clicks of the mouse. (Thank you Internet inventor guys!) And what’s even more amazing is that they deliver straight to your door step! It can’t be anymore convenient than that!

mobile shopping

        And thanks to smartphones too, anyone can do online shopping without having to open their laptops or computers. You can use your mobile internet to do some quick searches and purchases no matter where you may be at whatever time of the day or night, regardless if you want to go on a huge online shopping spree or if you just want to buy some online trinkets like emoticon stickers for your social chat apps.

virtual online shopping card

        My wife hardly shops for her stuff online except music from iTunes, stickers for her social chat apps (haha!) and stuff for Rain. I, on the other hand, usually use it for of course food, travel and airline tickets (when we actually do travel). 

        But of course as we all know, you can purchase almost everything from the internet from appliances to electronics, clothes, and more!  And the fact that the payment methods are very convenient and secure is a huge factor too!

        So for most of us, it’s good to know that there’s a card program that can be solely used for online shopping. And that’s the MasterCard Virtual Card. 

         With the MasterCard Virtual Card, I can have a separate card account number that I can only use for internet purchases. This means I can easily manage and limit my purchase amount online. Another cool thing about it is I can provide Rina with her unique account for her online purchases, and I can even track online and retail purchases separately. 

        The way it works is that a MasterCard account number is issued to a MasterCard credit or debit cardholder. This MasterCard Virtual Card can be in the form of the usual plastic card, or in a simple reference device (like a non-tangible virtual card) which provides a card number with a verification code which you can only use in the internet. And no, you cannot use this in actual physical stores or at in-store card payment terminals. It won’t be accepted. Just an FYI.  

virtual online shopping card

        The beauty of this virtual card is that you don’t have to do the act of taking out your card from your wallet when you make online purchases, thus lessening the chances of it being stolen, exposing the card details, or losing it in the process. And of course, since you can set a limit to your online purchase amount, you can no longer worry about maxing out your whole credit card’s limit!

baby fur coat

        We’re pretty excited to sign up for one so we can shop for more stuff for Rain with ease! Richie bought this adorable fur coat in Korea when he was there for a company outing. And it’s just nice to know that we con’t have to go too far to shop for things you don’t always see here in the Philippines. We plan to go to Korea or Japan next year with the whole family this time and Rina can’t wait to buy more cute sweaters for her to wear there! 

Shopping online with virtual card

Shopping online with virtual card

And this one!

Shopping online with virtual card

And maybe this cute outfit!

Apparently, applying for a MasterCard Virtual Card is very easy!: 

1.) Just go to the official website of your existing MasterCard-issuing bank (BDO, BPIEastWest BankMetroBank, RCBC Bankcard, and Security Bank)
2.) Complete the application form online

        That’s it! It’s a breeze, isn’t it? Sign up for one now and get the amazing online shopping experience! Shop Online now! Check out Mastercard's Shop Online page!

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