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       As a blogger that has been at it since 2010, I am quite ashamed to admit that I had never had a full meal at the popular restaurant, "2nd's". I can't give you a valid explanation why, but my schedule has usually been the culprit.

      2nd's burst into Manila dining scene in 2011, with an eclectic menu that features unique takes on some of your favorite "Comfort food", including their version of Bacon that helped put them on the map. 

     As teary Renee Zelwegger told Jerry Maguire, "You had me at bacon.." (At least in MY version that's what she said)

     2nd's is located at the 2nd floor of Building one, situated on the B3 sector of Bonifacio High Street. It's got an aura of comfort that belies its classy interiors. I've always felt it had a throwback to the days of prohibition when Al Capone and the Mob ruled, without the stiff ambiance, of course. 

   Our lovely host for the evening, 2nd's Marketing and Operations Manager Nadine Fanlo, took us for a culinary tour of 2nd's take on "Comfort Dishes" that would be an undeniable delight to the senses.



    The first dish they brought out was the Smoked Caprese Tower (P430). I must say, I know I don't eat salads, but the presentation alone was impressive. A colorful pile of Mesclun Greens, stack on top of layers of fresh tomatoes and succelent Smoked Laguna White Cheese, sitting on a pool of flavorful Pesto, with a balsamic glaze finishing touch.

    The dish that nearly broke the internet before Kim Kardashian's ass did is 2nd's famous Bacon Chicharon (P340). A gorgeous strip of bacon, lightly battered and, yes, deep fried to utter golden perfection, and served with a Muscovado Mustard Dip. This is truly one of the greatest dishes in the world, and will re-affirm that there is a heaven, because surely this is what angels must have for "pulutan". 

    For diners that believe that it is blasphemous to serve Chicharon without vinegar will be pleased to know that 2nd's took that into consideration, and also offers a side of Spiced Vinegar. 

    When the waiter dished the plates out, and I saw that there was one strip remaining, I literally chased the waiter down, screaming "Boss!!Boss!!", just to grab that last piece, knowing if I let it slip by me, I would forever regret it. it was only after when I turned around and heard everyone's laughter did I realize what I had done, or what that Bacon Chicharon drove me to do (Blame it on the ba-a-a-a-con).

 Heeyyy that's pretty catchy.. maybe I could convince Jamie Foxx to do a version of it? 


         For the entrees, we began with the Risotto De Mariscos (P400). The rissotto was cooked to a wonderful al dente, and bathed in a creamy tomato sauce that thankfully wasn't too strong in the acid. The risotto was then peppered with a medley of fresh seafood chunks, such as clams squid, shrimp, and sliced cherry tomatoes for some added zing. 

     Though I'm not a big fan of it, I can see how our home grown "Caldereta" could be seen as "Comfort food". Of course, it got me curious how the kitchen of 2nd's would find a way to reinvent the Filipino favorite. 

   The result blew my mind. 

    The impressive thing about 2nd's Lamb Shank Caldereta Gratin (P995) was how they redefined the classic dish, without straying too far away from what made it so popular in the first place. First off, lamb is used instead of the usual beef or in some cases, goat (Eeww). The gaminess of the lamb simmering in its stew, offered a unique play on flavors coming from the tomato sauce and other spices. 

     But the coup de grace had to be the melted shavings of Emmenthal Cheese, that coats the lamb and other vegetables. The sauce alone demands that this be eating with at least two orders of steaming white rice. 

         One of 2nd's most popular dishes is the Crispy Duck Confit (P895), and once you get a taste of it, you will know exactly why. A plump duck leg, fried in its own fat, giving it an elevator flavor of richness. The duck's exterior has a delicate crispiness, but biting into the meat will reveal how the juiciness of the meat has been retained. The leg is then perched on a bed of creamy Emmenthal Mash, and sauteed Red and White Cabbage, with Sweet Duck Jus added for some added flavor. The dish is then served with a delicious Pineapple chutney, giving a light, sweet touch to an already delicious dish.  


          As a way of capping off a phenomenal meal, Nadine brought out for us the Frozen Hazelnut Cheesecake (P295). If you love Nutella (which is around 99% of the population), then you're going to do a quadruple back flip over the way the Nutella and Cream Cheese fused together to make an amazing mousse, and frozen to an almost ice cream-like texture that virtually melts in your mouth. The delicious mousse is complimented perfectly by the buttery hazelnut graham crust, with the pool of Frangelico Caramel that the cake wades in, serving as a way to sweeten the cake, for those that feel its necessary (Note: Even Bruno Mars would say it's amazing just the way it is)    

      The cake is then crowned with a whole piece of a Ferrero Rocher, which will undoubtedly give people who share the dish something to fight about. 

(Funny, Rina says nagkakasungay daw ako when I take pictures with beautiful women.. she says that she now has this picture as proof.. I tried explaining that it's the light from the halo above my head that made me look like I have horns)

      Now that I had my "first" in 2nd's, there's no doubt I'll be back for some thirds.. and fourths.. and Fifths. I still haven't tried their other comfort dishes yet, as well as their burgers!
     Thank you to Nadine! Rina and I shall definitely return soon!

During my visit to 2nd's, my introduction to Taggo continued. Taggo is a unique social marketing platform that drives-in store fan acquisition, engagement, and loyalty to restaurants and other local businesses. Taggo's roster of merchants are carefully handpicked and voted for Favorite Manila Restaurants 2014-2015, which you can find at

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To qualify, a diner only needs to do the following 3 easy steps:

1. Like the restaurant's Fan Club and register their mobile number. 
2. Present their mobile number to the cashier/food attendant once ready to pay (with a Master Card credit card, of course!).
 3. A check-in will be posted on the customer's Facebook wall. 

And for more information, here are the links:

2nd floor, Building 1, B3,
9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City

2nd's MENU


  1. I am a bit disappointed at this restaurant. Their serving portions are small but its very expensive. If you're a heavy eater you can't help but order second helpings (pun intended) at the expense of your wallet. Also we just dined here last Wednesday (we were a group of 13 people and we reserved the private area at the back). When we tried to order their bestsellers (the bacon chicharon, paella as i remember) we were told it was "unavailable" (what?! it wasnt even weekend and it was just 7pm) we just wanted to leave. Our group will definetely not be back for the second time. :(

    1. I would be pissed off too if I went there and was told there was no Bacon Chicharon! Prices are on the steeper side, I admit, although I found the portioning quite fair.. the lamb was good for around 3 people while Duck Confit is usually expensive.

  2. Replies
    1. I didnt notice it in the menu, Karen but then again I didn't ask cuz im not too fond of coffee.. im pretty sure they've got something though :)



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