Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rain Loves CDO Funtastyk Fatless Young Pork Tocino!

CDO Funtstyk Young Pork Tocino

        If you’re a follower of my blog, then most of you already know by now that I am a full blooded carnivore, with an especially soft spot for all things pork. And that aside from loving pork, I also tend to veer towards sweet meats. And as a Pickiest Eater, it is no surprise that my little toddler is also becoming a picky eater as well.

        For breakfast, she needs to have fried egg. That’s her absolute favorite. We try to sneak in some luncheon meat in her egg and rice meal, but when she spots it, she calls us out on it. One time, however, Rina decided to try adding some of CDO’s Funtastyk Pork Tocino to her breakfast, and guess what? She loved it!

   Sweet Pork.. Yup, she’s my daughter all right!

CDO Funtstyk Young Pork Tocino

        CDO’s Funtastyk is made from Fatless young pork tocino. Because it’s made from young pork, the tocino is really super soft. It’s really surprising considering the fact that it’s fatless, which is usually a no-no for me (I love fat), but with the meat so tender, you barely notice it!

CDO Funtstyk Young Pork Tocino

        And it’s not only Rain that got hooked in this. My wife and I also really like it. No surprise there. Pair it with fried egg and the sweetness of the young pork plus the soft steamy white rice and it all becomes a party in your mouth! My wife sometimes likes dipping the tocino in vinegar to balance the sweetness. She says it’s also delicious. I’d have to take her word for it as I don’t like vinegar, but you have to appreciate the meat’s versatility to adapt to different flavor profiles.

CDO Funtstyk Young Pork Tocino

        It’s so easy to prepare too! It’s perfect because Rina needs something that’s easy to prepare for breakfast before Rain goes to school. Just gently lay it on the pan and wait for the edges of the meat to lightly caramelize (which adds a great texture) and you’re all done!

        We’re happy to have something delicious that we can buy from our local supermarket that we can all enjoy!

CDO Funtstyk Young Pork Tocino

        By the way, if you still don’t know yet, CDO is celebrating its 40th year anniversary (Congratulations CDO!) And to celebrate with everyone, they are holding a CDO 40th Anniversary Promo where a Grand winner can win P40,000.00! And they are also giving out consolation prizes to 40 winners with Php2,000 Gift Certificates each! (That’s as good as cash if you ask me!) 

It’s very easy to join! 

CDO Funtstyk Young Pork Tocino

1.) Just like the CDO Foodsphere’s Facebook Page

2.) Then upload your best family photo on your social media that shows how CDO has been part of your family. It can be through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Your choice! But for Facebook, you need to upload your family photo on the CDO Foodsphere Facebook Page. For Twitter and Instagram, just upload your family photo on your own accounts.

3.) Then add a caption with your entry with a description of how CDO has been part of your family. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #CDO40Years

        Once again, congratulations to CDO on your anniversary and thank you for 40 glorious years of good food for the Filipino family!

Official Website: http://www.cdo.com.ph/

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