Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Petron Gasul: Sakto, Sulit, and Safe!

Petron Gasul

        My wife and I love to eat. Obviously. But we are not cooks. Not me, definitely not my wife. But it doesn’t take a cooking expert to know that you need the proper tools to whip up a good meal for the family. And these tools can’t be just any tool. It has to be tried and tested to ensure its safety and effectivity... For peace of mind...

        The only thing I know is that homemaker’s worst nightmare is gas leak! This is why it is important to get a trusted brand to fuel your cooking creations in the kitchen. And when you hear the name PETRON GASUL, you know you’re in good hands! Because, of course, it’s Petron Gasul! A company that’s been in the industry for more than 50 years!

        Petron Gasul is the highest quality of LPG brand that you can ever get. It has just the correct weight for every cylinder. It’s got that true blue flame which makes cooking faster therefore making it more economical. And of course, you can stop worrying about leakage because Petron Gasul is definitely leak-free. To assure this, its got a laser-printed seal so you can check if it’s been tampered with.

        Petron makes sure that it meets all the safety requirements as well as delivers excellent performance when you’re doing your cooking chores so that all you’ll need to think about is your masterpiece dishes!

Petron Gasul Delivery
Photo from Petron Official Website
        Aside from gas leak, the next worst nightmare one can have in the kitchen is running out of gas in the middle of cooking up a delicious meal. That really sucks. But Petron makes it hassle-free because ordering a Petron Gasul is so convenient. All you need to do is dial their hotline 737-8000 (Metro Manila) and your sakto, sulit, and safe Petron Gasul will be delivered to your doorstep. Again, less worries because you’ll be getting it from an authorized dealer.  

        What’s even more amazing is that you can get P10 in savings everytime you refill your Petron Gasul 11KG when you present your Petron Value Card at participating Petron Gasul stores. Neat!

Petron Value Card

        You can also earn Petron Value Card points if you purchase Petron Gasul 11KG refill at participating Petron service stations.

commomity cooking tips

        Want to learn easy recipes and kitchen tips? Follow Petron on Facebook and check out cool tips posted regularly on the official Petron Gasul Facebook Page: PetronGasulPH

        Thanks to Petron Gasul! You have proven, time and again, that you are the most tested and trusted brand in the market!

Follow Petron Gasul on Facebook: PetronGasulPH
And on Twitter: Petron_Corp

And their official website here!

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