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          Makati Shangri-la Hotel recently unveiled their new dining concept for the popular Circles Restaurant. Every night of the week offers a different "Market Theme", giving you new and exciting, not to mention interactive dining choices every time you visit. When my friends from Makat Shangri-la asked me which concept I would like to try, it took me all of two seconds telling them my choice. 

        Seriously, it wasn't even close. 

        So one amazing Tuesday night, I headed over to Circles in Makati Shangri-la to do a little "Shopping" at The Butcher's Market!     

       With their sister Edsa Shangri-la upping the ante with their "Heat Rises" concept, Makati Shangri-la refused to be left behind. What the Kitchen Staff of Makati Shangri-la did come up with different themes for every weekday in which they dub as "Markets", with their Sunday feast becoming a culmination of the week's best of the best.  

       Mondays is the Wholesome Market (I'm assuming its filled with veggies.. So, yeah, I Passed), Tuesdays is the Butcher's market, Wednesday is the "Spice Market" (Food from the coast), Thursdays is the Farmer's Market (Farm to Table Stuff), Friday and Saturdays are the Seafood Market (Rina wants to go to this!), then Sunday is the "Grand Central Market". 

      All of the themes sounded tempting, but the Butcher's Market was really more up my alley. 

          This was confirmed as soon as I walked into Circles, and the very first thing I saw was the huge Cheeseburger. It had "The Pickiest Eater" written all over it! 

        I think I've made my love for burgers pretty clear, So I couldn't wait to dig into this.. and it was actually pretty darn good!!

The other highlights of the ala carte dishes were:

  The remarkably succulent Roasted Lamb Leg

The deliciously cheesy Beef Cannelloni

The savory goodness of the BBQ Pork Belly

And the Show Stopper...

 The Peppercorn Crusted, Mustard Rubbed Prime Rib!!

The cook on the Prime Rib Slab was sheer perfection, 
with the center glowing a gorgeous pink hue.

        A normal human being would be satisfied with this plethora of dishes that definitively embodies the excellence that Makati Shangri-la has been known for. However, Makati Shangri-la proved that they consistently go the extra mile for their guests, with the Butcher's Table that allows for an interactive experience with their stable of talented Chefs. 

             With all due respect to the Prime Rib, THIS is what the Butcher's Market is all about. A selection raw meats and sausages are spread throughout a table for you to choose from. Your choices range from Chicken (Legs and Wings), Sausages (Hungarian and Frankfurters), Pork Belly, and Beef (Short Ribs and Tenderloin). 

            Once you choose your cut, the Chef will ask your preferred rub between Mustard and Olive Oil and Garlic, as well as your meat's temperature. 

         I must have had around three slices of the Short Rib, and unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph it hehe..  

         Aside from the Butcher's Market Spread, Circles still has its staple stations:

 Such as the fresh Seafood..

Sushi and Sashimi

And of course... The Desserts!!! 

         The feeling I got when walking into Circles' Butcher's Night was the same feeling I had when I went to Disneyland last year! There were so many choices and I didn't know where to start... It was every carnivore's dream! 

     Makati Shangri-la has truly come full circle with it's innovative "Market" selection, that has everything for everyone, regardless of their palate! 

Grnd Flr Makati Shangri-la Hotel
Makati City

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