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Spectrum's Ranch Sunday Brunch ~Rina

Ranch Sunday Brunch

        Spectrum at Fairmont Makati never fails to create fun themes for an exciting family Sunday Brunch. There was the Awesome Lego Brunch, The Sweet Sunday Brunch, and now, the family gets to do a happy hoedown with Spectrum's Ranch Sunday Brunch! Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaw!

Spectrum grilling station

        Let's first head by the outdoor area of Spectrum. Spectrum's Ranch Brunch gives a Western vibe with their outdoor grills, with the smoke spreading that mouth-watering grilled smell.  A wide grill area is all set up and ready to grill your meat of choice. 

ribs and lambs

You can choose from ribs, lambchops, and even seafood.

grill station

        Get your choice and surrender them to Spectrum's master grillers to have them grilled to perfection!


        Right beside the grilling station are these delicious Cochinillo. Crispy skin, juicy and flavorful meat! 

grilled corn

Walk towards the other side for the Ranch Fun Station. Those corns smell delicious!

popcorn station

        The Ranch Fun Station is Rain's favorite station, filled grilling corn on the cobs, barbecue and cheese flavored popcorn, and fries.

Play area

        And it's also conveniently stationed right beside the play area that Spectrum prepared for the little ones

Crostini Station

        The inside of Spectrum is also screaming with a beautiful Western set up. For appetizers, the Crostini Station is filled with different types of pate, rillettes, and foie gras.

cold cuts

There's also a beautiful presentation of cold cuts filled with slices of tasty smoked sausages

cheese platter

and a beautiful cheese platter

Soup station

To warm your tummy, they have a Farmer Bean Soup by the soup corner. 

fresh pasta station

        And this Fresh Homemade Pasta station is completely mesmerizing. You can choose from Cheese Ravioli, Spinach Ravioli, Fettuccine Four Flavors, Cheese and Spinach Cannelloni, and different types of pizza. 

Meat station

Next up: MEAT!  

Sausages and Chicken Roast

        I was immediately drawn to the Baked Farmer Sausages! She loves sausages. I think I may have had 3 servings. They also have a Country Farm Chicken Roast... 

Carving station

They also have Slow-Cooked Ribeye, Stuffed Lamb Shoulder, and a big juicy Roasted Turkey! 


Other delectable dishes include the Chicken and Wallnuts Ballotine with Creamy Mushroom Ragout

Beef Roulade

Beef Roulade with Spinach and Feta Cheese

Chorizo and Apple Stuffed Porkloin and Coffee Rubbed Ribs

Chorizo and Apple Stuffed Porkloin and Coffee Rubbed Ribs,

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Tandoori

And I was particularly intrigued with this station...

Tandoori station

It's a Tandoori station! I didn't even notice before that they had this before. 

Chicken Tandoori

And here are the tempting Chicken Tandoori made colorful with the different colored peppers.

Dessert station

        The station that always captivates the diners of Spectrum is their Dessert station. When they decorate their dessert station, they do so in detail. They not only decorate the station, but the dessert themselves are created in-theme! Richie was particularly happy because of the abundance of BACON on the dessert menu!

Chocolate Bacon Cake

Chocolate Bacon Cake

Bacon and Bourbon Jam

Bacon and Bourbon Jam

Dessert station

Bacon Kouign Aman, Pistachio Baklava, and Maple Bacon Rolls 


There's also Tiramisu topped with meringue in the shape of a cactus,

Apple Pie

This delightful old-fashioned Apple Pie, Marshmallows shaped as piglets,

Cow marshmallows

They also have these cute cow-looking Marshmallows with Dark Chocolate

Milk Macaron

Milk Macaron

Foie Gras Macaron

and... wait for it... Foie Gras Macaron! In the shape of a cute duckie! 

s'mores on stick

        And last but not the least, my ultimate favorite: S'mores! This is so good! The bitterness of the burnt marshmallow actually works with the sweetness of the mallows, and the dark chocolate center! Sniff.... I miss this! 

‎Spectrum Ranch Brunch Play Area

         And while we were all stuffing our faces with delicious food and enjoying the Western feel, Rain and her new friends were outside by the Ranch play area having a blast as well. I really appreciate how Spectrum creates activities to keep the kids busy.

        So Pony up, head ’em up, and move ’em out to Spectrum this Sunday for a fun and delicious buffet experience!

        Spectrum's Ranch Sunday Brunch is at P 2,777 per person and 50% off for children ages 6-12. For reservations, you may call 795-1840, or you may also email

G/F of Fairmont Makati,
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue,
Makati City

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