Friday, February 13, 2015


         When I was a kid, my brother and I were huge lego fans. We had quite an impressive collection of different parts that we would just throw into this humongous, heavy, lego-issued carry case and sort things out later. Soon, my friends had much cooler cases with different lego designs, but couldn't store as much lego bricks in it as mine, so despite the fact that my bro and I would have to lug around this clunky case, we preferred it to any other the fancier cases, simply because it could fit MORE bricks, which would lessen the chances of two siblings fighting over who gets the blue ones. 

   The mere fact that to this very day, Lego has found a way to remain relevant and become a staple in our pop culture is a testament to how iconic this product is. You know a brand has made it when it gets the Lego treatment! From Starwars, Marvel, DC and even Disney (Yes, geeks, i'm aware that the first two are owned by Disney, but you know what I mean)!

   After the Lego Movie came out on Blu Ray last year, it gave me an opportunity to introduce the wonderful world of Lego to Baby Rain. She may not be able to build a Lego Death Star just yet, but she did love Emmet (Whom she calls "Mr. Lego Man") and Wild Style.

   Her fondness for the movie got me excited to see her reaction when we would visit Raffles Hotel's Lego-Themed Awesome Sunday Brunch, that's happening at their flagship restaurant Spectrum all of February and March! 

         Once we got over being star struck from seeing Emmet Brickowski in the fles-..err.. Brick?.. Anyway..hehe.. It was quite impressive to see the Raffles Hotel Makati get the Lego treatment! 

     The hotel even had the trademark logo!
(Wildstyle was seen roaming the area)

    Apart from the building structures, there were also several food themed lego creations that reaffirmed that Lego has come a long way since I was a child, when the best thing I could come up with was.. umm.. a "Raft".. hehe.. 





    As delicious as the Lego food looked, my tummy was looking to consume items that were not made of plastic. This was actually my second time to go to Spectrum. Although I enjoyed my first trip there a couple of years ago, my pictures were so putrid that there wasn't enough usable pictures to make a decent blog entry. This time, it was daylight, and more importantly, I had my wife in tow (I foolishly went without her the last time), 

    Rina went nuts over the Sushi Station!

Mouthwatering Cold Cuts Section! 

  A wide array of seafood that you may have grilled to your liking!

Stunning Roast Turkey

What's a buffet without a Lechon??

A dazzling Paella in which they didn't scrimp on the ingredients!

     The Dimsum Section got a thumbs up from Rina for including her two must haves.. Spare Ribs with Tausi and Hakaw! 

       The Carving Section included an amazing Prime Rib Eye, and a Herb Roasted Leg of lamb! 

   At the Kiddie section, you had some sliders and hotdogs that was a hit with the kids! 


    The Lego theme allowed the talented Pastry Chefs of Spectrum to let their imagination go wild..

 And the results were nothing short of spectacular!

     Delicious Lego Head marshmallows!

        Chocolate Lego People! 
Almost made me sad to eat them.
Keyword: Almost. Hehe.

The Chocolate Lego People made for a great garnish for the other dishes, such as the Mango Cream Pie, Chocolate Mousse, etc..

And the Emmet and Wildstyle Short Bread Cookies were delicious!

  More lego themed Desserts!

    The Non-Lego themed desserts were also amazing, like the White Chocolate Cheesecake that used toffee as a base instead of graham crackers, and their Vanilla Ice Cream in which the creamy Vanilla Bean is highly evident.


    The kids that availed of the Awesome Sunday Brunch may proceed to the Lego Play Room on the 2nd Floor, where a wonderland of Lego awaits them!

       And to make things even more awesome, The Lego Movie was playing continuously, much to the delight of Richie the children!

      Baby Rain had loads of fun making new friends and playing with the Lego with future barkada, the adorable little Mister GJG!

      Lego lovers will be elated to know that you may also purchase Lego sets at a discounted rate here!

Children from 4-14 years old can join the Lego "My Own Creation Contest", for a chance to win P10,000 worth of Lego sets!

(I tried to convince them not to make the eligibility by height instead of age, 
but my emails went unanswered)

   This was an amazing way to spend my Sunday with Baby Rain.. She really enjoyed playing with "Mr. Lego Man" and meeting fellow Lego lovers her age! 

  The food of Spectrum was absolutely amazing, and the creativity of the lego desserts made the dining experience even more memorable! I would go back every Sunday in a heartbeat.. truly an AWESOME SUNDAY BRUNCH! 

  The Awesome Sunday Brunch runs every Sunday of February and March. It costs P2,777++ per adult, while children between 6-12 get 50% Off! 

Raffles Hotel Makati
Fairmont Hotel
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue
Makati City


  1. I wanna go back huhuhu!!! You just released the inner kid in me again with this droolable post Richie!

  2. Aawwww baby Rain & Juro are so cute! We're thinking of dinning there again because its so AWESOME!



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