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    Note: I just wanted to let you all know that my 8 year old DSLR seems to have finally decided to call it quits on me, hence the difference in the quality of the photos. I plan to try (keyword: TRY) to have it fixed soon, but if the cost isn't far from a brand new one.. Well.. I might end up having to buy a new one.

 *Cries in the Corner*

     Want a great meal with friends where you're a assured of amazing food and superb service? Admit it, one of the first names that pops into your head is Chili's, right? You're not alone in that thought, my friend. Chili's has long been known as one of the most dependable restaurants in the world. 

   Despite the Chili's name being synonymous with food excellence, this doesn't stop the popular international restaurant chain from innovating their menu from time to time, incorporating changes and additions to their menu that'll keep their customers tantalized. 

   Chili's Philippines recently introduced new items n their menu

      Let me start off with my favorite of their new burgers, which was the  Sweet and Smoky Burger (P485). The perfect cook on the all beef burger, is further enhanced by a slice of melted Pepper Jack Cheese, Strips of crispy Bacon, Sliced Red Onions and Crispy Onion Rings. However, what sets this Burger apart from the rest, is its deliciously sweet, Mango infused barbecue sauce, perfectly blended with and Chili's signature sauce. 

      This is nothing short of amazing. 

       Next up was the Southwestern Smokehouse Burger (P485). This juicy bad boy is topped with a cheddar cheese, Bacon, Deep Fried Onion Rings and Chili's signature sauce, but is also served with a side of Chili's classic BBQ sauce. Another winner, but just notches below the Sweet and Smoky burger in my opinion. 

       The last edition to Chili's Craft Burgers menu is the Guacamole Burger (P465). Creamy guacamole is smeared on the toasted potato bun, while the burger patty is topped with Monterey Jack Cheese, and placed over Roasted Jalapenos, sauteed Red and Green Peppers, and Caramelized Onions, and served with a side of Cumin Lime Sour Cream. 

    In case you may have guessed, this would be my last choice among the three new variants. Don't get me wrong, this is actually quite a tasty burger. however I'm really more of a BBQ Burger kind of guy. 

        Yet another delicious addition to Chili's menu, is their Skillet BBQ Sliders (P435). This D-I-Y dish is composed of shredded Ranchero style chicken, beef and pork Carnitas, topped with pickled red onions and fresh cilantro in a hot skillet. Four mini Potato Buns are served on the side, giving you the opportunity to whip up your slider to your liking, giving you the liberty of creating the meat combinations of your choice, as well as choosing what sauce you want to go with it.. Roasted Garlic BBQ or Honey Chipotle. 


       Chili's is mighty proud of their ribs, and have now declared themselves as "The House Of Ribs".. And with their two new Rib dishes, it's hard to argue against them. Their Chipotle Blueberry Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack P695 / Full Rack P985) was truly unlike anything I've ever had before. These remarkably tender, fall of the bone baby back ribs are slowly smoked over pecan wood, and basted with Chipotle blueberry sauce, giving it a sweet, fragrant flavor profile that I've never had before in a rib dish. When served with Homestyle fries and grilled corn on the cob? Magnificent.  

       Yet another winner in my book was the Cherry Cola Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack P695 / Full Rack P985). The ribs were once again slow cooked over pecan wood, but this time basted with a cherry cola glaze. I love Cherry coke, so this hit all the right notes on my palate! Something I'd most definitely order again!

          I've mentioned time and again I'm not too big on shrimp, but there always seems to be a dish that makes me rethink that "unwritten rule" of mine. This time, it was the Glazed Shrimp Steak (P950) that got me breaking my own rules. Though they used a tenderloin cut, the steak was remarkably moist, and was topped with juicy glazed shrimps, sprinkled with quezo and fresh cilantro, and resting on a bed of corn salsa. This is perfectly paired with Chili's loaded mashed potatoes. 

         Rina was happy to discover that Margarita Madness is back at Chili's! From April 18 to May 31, Chili's is serving Bottomless Margaritas for only P300! I don't drink alcohol so I'm waiting for the day where they have unli Burger Bites and Unli Chicken Crispers hehe

     Chili's continues its claim as one of the top international restaurant chain in the world with its cutting edge menu and their incredible understanding of what their customers look for. Their ideas are always vibrant and fresh, making it a great place to hang out for people of all ages! 

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