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          On the day of Rain's birthday, Rina and I picked up our little princess after school, and headed straight to Holiday Inn Galleria Manila for a delicious family lunch. Rain had a long standing invitation from our friends at Holiday Inn to try their food there, so we thought this would be the perfect time to visit.

       In case you think you misread that, you didn't. RAIN is the one with an invite, and Rina and I were her "Plus Twos". 

       Fab The Restaurant is located at the Fourth Floor of Holiday Inn Manila Galleria Hotel. It is the flagship cafe of the hotel, and serves a plethora of classic favorites from around the world. 

          When we arrived, Rain saw a fun play area that was allocated for kids, and wasted no time in settling herself in, and working on her coloring books! It was her day, so Mommy and Daddy could do nothing but watch, while our tummies grumbled together in perfect harmonization.


         As I mentioned, It was Rain that was actually invited to Fab for lunch, mainly because they wanted her to try the "The Unbelievably Awesome Kid's Menu"! 

         Holiday Inn, in cooperation with Nutrition Australia developed the Kid's Menu, ensuring that the food that they serve your children is not only delicious, but nutritious as well!

        And we were excited to try it out with Rain!  

         Rain had the Ham and Pineapple Pizza (P300), which is made with Homemade Dough pizza crust, and topped with a fresh tomato sauce, Pineapple tidbits, and slices of ham. Other items to choose from is a Chicken Wrap made with Chicken Breast, Fish and Chips that are baked instead of deep fried, and a Spaghetti Bolognese made with lean meat. There's actually quite a few more items that i'm confident your children would be excited to explore! 

         For dessert, Rain asked for the Banana Split (P220) with a special request for one of the Ice Cream flavors to be Strawberry, which the staff gleefully obliged. 



         Rina is on a vegetable trip as of late, so she asked for the Caesar Salad Single (P240/P430). Made with Romaine Lettuce, Bacon Bits, Croutons, Parmesan Shavings and Caesar Dressing.. Being the generous husband I am, I gave this all to her. Although I did pick out some pieces of bacon and croutons. 

             Their Shrimp Tempura (P520) isn't so much Tempura as it is Deep Fried Battered Shrimp. Although the plump pieces of shrimp were delicious enough, It doesn't use traditional Japanese Bread crumbs. It seemed more like a Shrimp Katsu than Tempura. 



         Rina had been having cravings for it for the past few weeks, so we immediately resolved to order the Pad Thai (P370). Made with traditional Dried Rice Noodles and stir fried with Shrimps, Beansprouts, Carrots, Red Cabbage, Egg, Ground Roasted Peanut, with Nam Pla Sauce Paired with Squid Ball Skewers. It was actually quite delicious as well.  


     I was intrigued to see a portion of the menu where two celebrity chefs contributed some items, so I couldn't resist passing up the opprtunity to try it. The first Celebrity Chef who contributed some dishes to the Menu of Fab was, Singapore based Celebrity Chef, Sam Leong.

         OF COURSE I need to order the Sweet and Sour Pork Belly (P570). Chef Sam Leong's version used a sauce more reminiscent to Sweet Chili than the traditional Chinese Sweet and Sour. THe sweet, and light, spicy notes will tantalize your taste buds, with the Green Apple Garnish added a touch of tartness to the mix.  

         The Wok Fried Chicken (P390) was nothing short of amazing. Cutlets of Juicy Chicken are bathed in a light Black Pepper Sauce, and minced Ginger, then topped with Spring Onions. You'll end up scooping the black pepper sauce into your rice just to satiate your addiction to it. 


         The other Chef was Rockstar Thai Chef, Ian Kittichai, Chef Ian visit the Country last year or so, and I unfortunately missed out on the chance to meet him and try his food, Since I wasn't sure if I would get a chance to sample his cooking any time soon, I felt this was the best chance I would get. 

           Chef Ian Kittichai's entree on the menu was the  Gae Pad Grapao (P700), and I must say it was my favorite dish of the day. The cook on the Grilled Lamb was spot on, and the spices, particularly the fragrance from the Thai Holy Basil further accentuated the delectable natural flavors of the meat.  


          Just as lunch was winding down, the staff of Fab gathered around us and began singing Happy Birthday to Rain, and even placed a Party hat on her head! Suddenly, they brought out a Birthday cake.. but not just any cake.. A Personalized Birthday Cake with Rain's picture photo printed on it! 

             Rain was so happy.. and the smile on her face said it all!   

       To me, the Chicken of Chef Sam and the Lamb of Chef Ian were the standouts of the lunch. Dishes I highly recommend you all to try! 

      Thank you to Jan, and the entire staff of Fab Restaurant at Holiday Inn Manila Galleria for an amazing lunch, and an awesome Birthday surprise for my not-so-Baby Rain! Looking forward to our next visit!

    FYI: the Cake photo printing
 service, is something the hotel can provide upon request, however please give them a few days advance notice.

Level 4, Holiday Inn Manila Galleria, 
Ortigas Corner ADB Avenue, Ortigas,
The Fab - Holiday Inn Manila Galleria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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