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           I've never been to Australia, but the laid back vibe I get from Outback Steakhouse, where you're encouraged to kick back and relax over some awesome food, makes me feel like this is one country that I would love to visit (Ok fine, the hot babes has something to do with it as well).

           Recently, Outback Steakhouse Philippines launched a limited time offerings menu dubbed "The Great Aussie Eats", and it's nothing short of awesome! 

          As mentioned in a previous post, Outback Steakhouse has moved to a more convenient location in Eastwood City Walk. The place continues that relaxed vibe that has made Outback a great place to unwind over delicious food...

              ..Or their wide selection of cocktails and beers.

     However, since I don't drink, there was only one thing I was interested in.. THE FOOD.


           Before we feasted on the new Limited Time Offerings, we revisit some of the dishes that made Outback the global name it is today, starting with the Kookaburra Wings (P499 Full/ P299 Half). Chicken Wings tossed in a savory blend of secret spices and paired with Bleu Cheese dressing and Celery, whose spiciness you may request at either Mild, Medium or Hot. 

           When I saw the Crispy Parmesan Shrimp Salad (P569) brought to the table, I knew that this was something Rina would go crazy over. This is made with Fresh Romaine Heart drizzled with a combination of Caesar dressing and Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, and topped with crispy baby rock shrimp tossed in Asian Chili Sauce, and Fresh Tomatoes and Parmesan. 

     I have to admit, for someone who claims to not like shrimp, I popped one of these bad boys in my mouth, and it was pretty darn good. 


        Rina really loves her shrimp, while me, not so much. If we were to share a dish, I would suggest to her the Scampi Topped Grilled Fish (P549), where in she gets all the shrimp, and I get all the fish 😂. Seriously though, the fresh fish fillet was seasoned and grilled nicely, and topped with tender shrimp and freshly minced garlic, which was sautéed gloriously in butter and white wine.

       We decided to try one of the new items of the Outback Favorites, the Garlic Glazed Porkloin (P679). A plump pork loin is seasoned and seared the Outback way, then topped with Spicy Lemon Garlic for a zesty zing. A dollop of Whole Grain Mustard is smeared on the side of the plate, which adds a little bit more depth to its flavor. This was actually quite good, but I'm more fond of cuts of pork with more fat. 

         Another new dish we tried, was the Braised Beef Risotto (P699). I must say, this blew me away. Slow Cooked chunks of fatty Braised Beef is topped over a bed of Creamy Parmesan Rice, with a drizzling of Cabernet Sauce. The texture of the risotto wasn't as moist as the risotto's ive' tried in the past, but still amazingly delicious. 


        The first of the new Limited Time Offerings that they made us try was the Tomato and Mozarella Bruschetta (P349).  Slices of French bread are grilled to a nice crunch, and topped with Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Basil Pesto. I had to pick out the tomatoes, however the blend of the cheese and the Basil Pesto was really delicious!

     Outback added a lighter option in their Limited Time Offerings, with their Hearts of Gold Cod (P449). The delicious flavor of the white fish is giving added vibrance by a dousing of a light lemon sauce, and a topping of sliced Sun Dried Tomatoes and Artichoke Hearts.

         The main event of the evening was the Chile Marinated Ribeye (P1,599). First off, let me tell you that the cut of steak is impeccable. The meat is tender, but what I love most is how it has stunning linings of fat around the center and the edges. The char marks lining around the edges of the steak was also spot on. With it's Chile Marinade, the natural flavors of the meat is further accentuated, and made even more mouthwatering. 

     The Steak is topped with Avacado Pico De Gallo, that brings in a wonderful freshness to the meat.

         We ended our amazing meal with the Tropical Fruit Cheesecake (P269). This is a classic New York-style cheesecake that is topped with a generous hepling of a Seasonal Fruit coulis. A dollop of Whipped cream helps temper the tartness of the citric fruits, and it pairs harmoniously with the cheesecake itself.

 The Great Aussie Eats will be available until January of 2017.

Outback Steakhouse Philippines Branches

ATC Corporate Center, Muntinlupa City (772-1844 / 45)
Glorietta 4, Makati City (729-8458 / 59)
Eastwood City Walk 1, Quezon City (277-3216)
Blue Bay Walk, Pasay City (893-1026)

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  1. Richie, thank you for coming over! Really appreciate it :) So bad that i was not able to make it :( Lets catch up when im back in Manila :)



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