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        I'm always excited when I get a chance to visit the South, especially Alabang, If only traffic permitted, I'm pretty sure I'd be there more often, checking out the amazing restaurants and hotels in the area. I've been to a few hotels in Alabang, and I've always left impressed with the state of the art facilities, luxurious accommodations and world class service.  

     I was ecstatic when my family and I got opportunity to stay at one of the newest names in serviced apartments down South, Somerset Alabang Manila.

        The Somerset name carries the distinction of being one of the finest names in Serviced Apartments. They take pride in separating themselves as a provider of Serviced Apartments, as opposed to a conventional hotel, because they see their rooms as        

             Upon entering the lobby, you can't help but be left in awe with the dazzling interiors. Despite being a world class name, Somerset took care in ensuring that subtle Pinoy touches are instilled in the decors, whether it be through a painting of a Nipa Hut, or a weave invoking tones. 

         We arrived during the Halloween Season, so the scary festivities had begun. Somerset had ladies in scary make up (either that or it was a bride with a really bad acne problem) walk around the hotel lobby, informing them about the Halloween events happening that day.

           If they thought they were going to scare my Rain, they had another thing coming. Little did they know, she (oddly) LOVES Halloween, and isn't scared at all of Zombies, Vampires and other creatures that kids usually deem terrifying! In fact, the Zombie lady for Rain so beautiful, she asked to take a selfie with her! (She's gonna be a star, I know it!)


         We were billeted in the very spacious One Bedroom Suite. The moment you step in, you feel right at home, and not at mere hotel. 

               The first thing you most likely will notice is the incredibly comfortable living room, that is equipped with a large flat screen TV, and a coffee table.  

               The Sofa is remarkably fluffy, and is one of those couches that once you sink yourself into it, it'll be very difficult to pry yourself out of.. It's THAT comfortable. 

          The room is also furnished with a small dining table for room service, which I am assuming is for room service hehe.. More on that later..

           The One Bedroom Deluxe was also equipped with a fully function kitchen. complete with plates, cutlery, glasses, a Microwave, refrigerator and a washing machine! 

The bedroom featured a bed so soft and fluffy, you'd think it was made of cotton candy. 

            The room also has a flat screen TV of its own, so Rain and I didn't have to fight over the remote control.. She usually wins. In case you need to get any work done, the room also is also conveniently furnished with a desk. 

           The bathroom had a stunning marble finish and is outfitted with a luxurious bathtub and other bath essentials. 

          While taking pictures, my little girl got dressed into her favorite Cinderella swimsuit, and like the true princess she is, requested we drop what we're doing and take her to the swimming pool like her mother and I promised.

     Somerset boasts a glistening inifinity pool that gives you a stunning view of the Filinvest skyline.

           Somerset Alabang makes great use of their limited space, by dividing up the pool into different sections, freeing up space for the far side of the pool as the "Lap Pool" Section, whilst the "Inner" portion serves an an ideal spot for the kids to play in.  

            The swimming pool features both indoor and outdoor lounging areas, with incredibly comfortable furniture. It was a struggle trying not to fall asleep while watching Rain go swimming! 

Yup, the little princess had loads of fun! 


         I love hotel buffets, but more importantly, I love hotel BREAKFAST buffets. I'm pleased to let you know that Somerset Alabang's flagship cafe, Cafe Madrigal, serves up an amazing breakfast spread for their guests. 

              Cafe Madrigal has a nice, homey feel to it, that offers a great place to dine and even enjoy drinks with friends.

There is also an Al Fresco area, if you'd like to enjoy your meal under the morning sun. 


             As you can imagine, my judgement of a hotel's buffet begins with the presence of bacon. If a buffet doesn't have bacon, it is immediately bumped down a few notches in my book. Somerset's Breakfast buffet not only includes bacon, but one of the most beautifully cooked bacon I've ever had. 

I'm a sucker for deep fried stuff, so I actually enjoyed the Vegetable Lumpia

The Tocino seemed to be bathed in it's own thick sauce, and was also amazing.

        They gave us also a variety of Longanisas, Flavorful chicken and Juicy Pork.. Can't go wrong either way, but you know I have a soft spot for pork hehe.. 

Cafe Madrigal also had Classic Breakfast Items such as Corned Beef, Beef Tapa, and even a Dimsum section!

      The Egg Station gave you the liberty to choose how you like your early morning eggs (What?). Whether it be as simple as Sunny Side Up, Over Easy, or a Mushroom Omelette, or even as Eggs Benedict!

              The spread also includes cereals, breads, and fruits, but I loaded up on my proteins for my gains. I actually have no idea what that means, but I heard my friend who is into fitness say it. 😂

       I'm going to be posting the entrees we had from Cafe Madrigal in a separate blog entry.. That's how awesome it was! Stay tuned for it! 


           Instead of going swimming again after breakfast, Rain asked to hang out in the playroom, which had really fun play sets and other Child Safe toys! 


             For the health buffs, there is a gym that is equipped with state of the art exercise machines that will help your blood flow going. 

          As the sun began to set on our Somerset Alabang Staycation, I couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness that our Southern experience had to come to a close.

      The rooms of Somerset are world class. The service is impeccable. And since it's in the heart of the growing Filinvest City Business District, it's location makes it an ideal place to stay when looking for accommodations in the South. If you live in Metro Manila and you're looking for a place to have a staycation without having to go to far out of the city, then Somerset Alabang should definitely be one of your options. 

Somerset Alabang
3409 Spectrum Midway 
Filinvest City, Alabang 

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