Tuesday, July 4, 2017


          Although we’ve never had much problems getting to drink her milk (Thankfully she’s not as “Picky” as her father), that never stopped Rina from finding simple ways to make “Milk Time” fun for Rain. Rina’s philosophy is to always associate Rain’s routine of drinking a glass of milk with happy moments, so it becomes something that Rain always looks forward to. Whether it be through “Story TIme” or a small “Surprise”, Rina and Rain’s milk time has become a great bonding Mother and Daughter session. 

        And thankfully, the delicious taste of Alaska Powdered Milk made it a whole lot easier for us, because the sight of her big glass of milk never fails to make her eyes light up!

         Last Mother’s Day, our friends at Alaska sent over a surprise for Rina and Rain which fit perfectly for their daily Milk Time Activities!

          Given that they are both very much into arts and crafts, Alaska’s Yum Memories Art Kit was exactly the kind of activity that Rina and Rain enjoy doing!

          Inside the box were a Water Color Kit, Colored Pencils, crayons, paper, a glass marker, Tumblers, and of course, packs of Alaska milk! 

      After chugging down her glass of Alaska Powdered Milk Drink, Rain quickly went to work! She had her heart set on drawing a picture of how she sees her Mama!

   Being a budding artist in the making, Alaska milk is integral to Rain’s development. It provides the very much needed Vitamin A that helps keep her eyesight razor sharp!

            Alaska also encouraged Rina to participate in the activity, which she gamely did. She decided to draw her most favorite memory.. Which turned out to be the day Rain was born! Rain’s drawing happened to be a drawing of her hero, Wonder Woman, side by side Harley Quinn. 

        Rain’s drawing happened to be a drawing of her hero, Wonder Woman, side by side Harley Quinn. Rina was a little curious, about what it meant, until Rain explained, “You’re my Wonder Woman and I’m you’re Harley Quinn.”, immediately melting Rina’s heart.

       After Rina and Rain finished their drawings, they gamely put it in their tumblers and Rain now uses it whenever she drinks her Alaska Milk! 

          Since we still have paper left, I asked Rain if she wanted to make another drawing that we use to replace Rina’s drawing, she answered with a thoughtful, “No, Daddy. Mama made that for me!”.

It was an awesome bonding time for this mother and daughter team, but little did Rina know, Alaska Milk had yet another surprise for her in celebration of Mother’s Day! 

Watch the video to find out! 

Part 1 Is here!

      See the Big Reveal at Part 2!

        Milk time is always fun time at the Zamora household! Giving your child the nutrients they need to develop into an smart, energetic individual is easy when it’s with milk as delicious as Alaska Powdered Milk!

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