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Just like most of us, I am constantly on the look out for meals that boast an insane portion size, but at an affordable price, and incredible taste. Tokyo Tokyo recently unveiled a new addition to their menu that I felt was everything I was looking for in a satisfying meal.

Big Portion? Check.
Affordable Price? Check.
Delicious? CHECK!

Once again, the creative minds of Tokyo Tokyo got their gears running to create another treat for big eaters like me that are looking for a great deal on meals with big servings.. Behold, Tokyo Tokyo’s Chicken-Nomiyaki!

The magic of the Chicken-nomiyaki begins with Tokyo Tokyo’s Big Chicken Katsu, that loyal Tokyo Tokyo have come to know and love. The huge chicken fillet is deep fried to a golden crisp, and serves as the base of Tokyo Tokyo’s latest creation. A soft, tasty Japanese Pancake, aka “Okonomiyaki” is then laid out on top of the Katsu, then topped with Tokyo Tokyo’s vibrant Tonkatsu sauce, which is perfectly balanced with a drizzling of Japanese Mayonnaise.

The Katsu is then garnished with shredded leeks and bits of Tempura, for a whole new dimension of texture.    

          It is that play on textures, not to mention the delicious flavor of course, that makes the Chicken-nomiyaki such a delight to indulge in. Not only do you get the crunchiness that the Big Chicken Katsu is known for, but the soft pancake as well gives your taste buds quite a ride as well.  

          The soft pancake batter is mixed with a blend of shredded, cabbage, carrots, onions and corn kernels, and come together beautifully to make a unique topping for the crunchy Katsu!

I had the Chicken-nomiyaki as a Sumo Meal, allowing me to pair it with Tokyo Tokyo’s Tempura, which is Rain’s favorite, to go with two rice and two Red Iced Tea, for only P385!

With the Chicken-nomiyaki being so filling, trust me, it’s a fantastic deal! 

If you’re going solo, you can choose to have it ala carte for just P200, which would be the Chicken-nomiyaki with Unli Rice. If you’re like Rina and the California Maki always seems to call out to you when you see it on the menu, that you can go for the California Maki Bento, Which includes the Chicken-Nomiyaki, Four pieces of California Maki, Unli-Rice and Red Ice Tea for only P260.

The classic Bento, composed of Unli rice, Miso Soup, a Jelly Dessert and Red Iced Tea is only P260 as well. 

Rina vowed to get the Chicken-nomiyaki California Maki Bento next time!

The Chicken-nomiyaki has instantly become one of my favorite creations of Tokyo Tokyo! And that’s saying a lot, especially considering I seem to enjoy practically all the new products they’ve unveiled. Once again, I’ve got to give props to the amazing minds behind Tokyo Tokyo’s kitchen, for never failing to innovate on their proven menu.

 The Chicken-nomiyaki is delicious, incredibly filling, generously portioned, and reasonably priced. What more could the working man ask for?

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