Tuesday, August 29, 2017


With my sister, Raqs!

             When I first heard about the new restaurant called, "Toast", I immediately assumed it was a breakfast restaurant. Here I was, ready for some bacon and eggs, but instead I was left spellbound by the creative Asian dishes that broke the norm of tradition.

          Located at the ground floor of the new Ayala Malls at the 30th in Pasig, Toast Asian Kitchen and Tasting room, exploded into the food scene with its unique takes on classic dishes from all over Asia, and immediately made a mark as one of the must try restaurants in the metro. 


        If you want a light meal, you can opt for the Chicken and Pomelo Salad (P215). Made with Chicken Thigh and fresh pomelo tossed in Salad Greens, then drizzled with Coconut vinaigrette dressing. It was actually not bad at all for a salad hehe..  

             I couldn't get enough of the Slow Cooked Pork Buns (P215). These delicious bad boys are made with Braised Pork Belly Glazed in Hoisin Sauce, then topped with pickled vegetables for added texture and flavor, tucked in to a beautifully steamed cua pao bun. 


         Meet your newest addiction: The Quezong Puti Croquettas (P299). These beautifully Breaded Quesong Puti sticks are deep fried then served with a unique tomato Laksa Dip. 

            The innovation put into the menu of Toast is impressive. One of their most creative concoctions would definitely be the Gyozig (P208). The Filipino staple beer match food Sisig, is tightly rolled into a gyoza, and then served with a zesty Citrus Mayo for an added punctuation of flavor. 


         Toast also features a wide array of Yakitori options on its menu, with the mouthwatering Wagyu Cubes (P175) at the forefront. Also available are Shrimp (P165) and Chicken Wings (P59)!


           Rina is a huge fan of Laksa, so I'm excited to make her try Toast's spin on the Asian classic, with their Blaksa (P355). Toast takes the traditional Laksa and infuses it with squid ink, which gives it a richer, more defined taste. 

       Proof that Toast always goes the extra mile for its customers, can be found int the Sous Vide Hainanese Chicken (P459). What is supposed to be a simple dish, is instead taken to the next level by the Toast kitchen, as it is prepared Sous Vide for 2-3 Hours, giving it a more tender, even cook on the meat.

       That same care is implemented with their Sous Vide Crispy Pata (P799), as the Pata is Cooked Sous Vide for 3 hours, leaving the skin beautiful crackling, while the meat, remarkably tender. 

         My favorite dish at Toast, and something that I've ordered every time I've gone back, is the Twice Cooked Pork with Salted Egg Fried Rice (P475). A masterfully Braised Pork Belly is seared to near perfection, and  tossed in Honey and garlic glaze, and served on top of salted Egg Fried Rice. The contrasting flavors of the sweetness of the glaze and the saltiness of the rice balances each other perfectly, creating a delicious, cohesive dish. 

         The Tapioca and Mango Trifle (P108) is a wonderful way to end your meal. It has the right amount of sweetness to pair with the light tartness of the mango, that does a great job of cleansing your palate. 

          I've been back to Toast Asian Kitchen and Tasting Room a number of times since my first visit, and the food seems to get better and better. I'm excited as I heard new dishes are coming up soon!

Toast Asian Kitchen and Tasting Room
Ground Floor 
Ayala Malls at The 30th
Pasig City

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