Friday, April 20, 2018


      There are a whole bunch of local online purveyors that you can find on social media.. So this begs the question, how do you know which ones are good from the ones that are not. I plan to do a series of online vendors that I find on the net and give my two cents on whether they're worth it or not, and I thought it would be best to start with one such online business that totally blew me away with its delicious concoctions.. MilkboxPH.  

        MilkBox PH first caught my attention with their Hokkaido Cakes. You see, when it comes to desserts, I'm more a cream based guy than I am into chocolates. And hearing the term "Hokkaido", which referenced "Hokkaido Milk", a milk from Japan known for its unreal creaminess, got my tummy grumbling. 

       The Hokkaido cakes are simply amazing. Imagine a fluffy, milky chiffon cake, topped in a light cream, and meticulously dusted with what  I assumed was powdered milk. The sweetness was absolutely perfect. The richness was spot on. Feasting on this was truly a magical experience in itself, with the quality something you would expect from a legitimate patisserie, not a home based business.  A box of 6 costs around P380, making this incredibly reasonable. 

   One of the products of MilkboxPH is their version of cornflakes, called the Cornflake Clusters (P200).  Believe me, this isn't your run of the mill grocery bought cereal box breakfast treat. The corn flakes has a light saltiness that masterfully balances out the sweetness of the sugar coated flakes, making them incredibly addicting. Whether you choose to eat it straight like a snack or as a topping for ice cream or your Hokkaido cake. 

       The Mango Crepe Cake (P1,250), would put any of those bigger named brands you find at the mall to shame. I'm not kidding when I say that. 

     Slicing through the cake revealed light, delicate layers, featuring an amalgam of Cream, Crepe, and Mango, that left me absolutely breathless. 

      What MilkboxPH does far better than a lot of its competitors, is managing to balance its seasoning of sugar. They never go overboard with the sweetness, offering just the right tickle of sugary notes to tantalize you, and your taste buds, with one bite demanding yet another, and before you know it, you've wiped out an entire serving. 

     MilkboxPH was a delightful discovery for me, and as I continue to search for the best of the best among home based purveyors, it has set the bar incredibly high. The packaging is classy and more importantly, their products are absolutely delicious. 

For orders, contact +639178999622

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