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     Zark's Burgers is known for their absolutely insane burger creations that have taken the country by storm. From a humble 20 square meter space in a ratty old mall, Zark's is now looking to end 2018 with roughly around 50 branches.. All that in less than 10 years! 

     Now, they've undergone a rebranding, coming up with a sleeker, more modern design to their interiors and look, but their delicious food at affordable prices still remain the same. In fact, they recently expanded their menu to come up with new Signature Burger Steak Rice meals that will undoubtedly get the Pinoys appetite rumbling!


        A great way to start your meal at Zark's would be with their Seasoned Fries with Cajun Dip (P99). You can actually choose between Cajun or Ranch Dip, but for the fries, we went with the Cajun, and it was really good. The Fries were thin and crisp, and boldy seasoned with nice spices, giving the potatoes an added punch of flavor. 

     The Onion Hoops with Ranch Sauce (P129) were also dynamite. The plump rings were coated in a delicious batter, with the natural sweetness of the Onion evident with every bite you take. 

       After filling ourselves up with the appetizers, no less than the man behind the madness, Zark Varona himself brought out the new Signature Burger Steak, featuring three different flavors that should appeal to every palate!


       Even before trying a single one of Zark's Signature Burger Steaks, the first thing that came into my mind was that the Garlic Mushroom Burger Steak (P149) needed to be awesome. Why? Because the mushroom gravy style of burger steak can be found in lots of fast food joints, and will be a point of comparison, so it was imperative that Zark's gets this right.  

     And I'm happy to say that I feel Zark's absolutely nailed it. Make no mistake about it, this is one of the best bang for your buck burger steaks out in the market today. The Beef Patty is masterfully seasoned, thick and incredibly filling, not to mentioned cooked with a nice char, but maintaining a nice juiciness. While the Mushroom Sauce has a delightful creaminess to it, complimenting the smoky patty. The plate is generously peppered with sliced mushrooms, while the topped with toasted Garlic bits adds a nice punch. 

     And one of the awesome things about the Signature Burger Steak series of Zark's, is that the burger patties are laid over a bed of delicious garlic fried rice. When you mix the sauce into the rice? I can almost be a meal in itself!!

         The Asian Curry Burger Steak (P149was also amazing. You have a rich Curry sauce that doesn't go too sweet or fragrant, blanketing a delicious cooked pure Beef Patty. The sauce is simmered with peppers and spices so that the flavor innately seeps into it, then topped with Carrots and Potatoes to make it an even heartier meal.  

         I'm pretty sure Pinoys will go nuts over the Chipotle BBQ Burger Steak (P149)! With it's light sweetness and gentle kick of heat, not to mention the abundant scoops of buttered corn kernels, it really caters to the local palate.. It sure as heck catered to mine! 

          Me and my food blogger buddies, Mars and Iris shared all three variants.. and between us, it was so filling, we couldn't finish it all! But believe me, we didn't go down without a fight! 

"Through the years... you've never let me down..." 😂

      I still remember visiting Zark's for the first time, when it was at a rinky dink spot along Taft. Soon after, I had the pleasure of meeting Zark, and I can safely say that despite all the success his restaurant has attained, he's still the same down to Earth guy that plain and simply loves making people happy with his food! 

     Have you tried Zark's Burgers Signature Burger Steaks? Which one was your favorite? Let me know what you thought about it at the comments section! 

Ground Floor, Burgundy Building 
Taft Avenue, Malate


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