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                  When I was researching places to eat for my trip to Boracay, the name "Valhalla" caught my attention quite a few times. It came across to me as a Carnivore's heaven, with a wide selection of steaks, ribs and other assortments of savory meat dishes to choose from. After a huge breakfast at the Sea Breeze Cafe, Rina and I headed back to our hotel room to get some rest. I got around three hours of sleep the night before, and Rina got none at all, so I felt it would be best to take a short nap before heading off to explore the island. We got back to our room around 9am, with the intention of waking up at 11am to take a walk down the beach. For some reason, we woke up at 2pm hehe. (I blame the buffet)

"Valhalla" is the "halls of the dead" in Norse mythology. Not a very appetizing thought.

            Not wanting to waste another moment in bed, Rina and I sped down to the popular D' Mall at Station II, (Just at thought.. Shouldn't it be called "B Mall"?) where we knew we would find something to eat. Word of advice to Boracay newbies (such as myself): If you're at Boracay, and you don't know where to go, head off to D' Mall.. That's always the best starting point. You're bound to find something to do. As we were walking around the outdoor mall we finally found Bistro Valhalla Boracay.
Umm... I don't get it.

            Since it was around 2 in the afternoon on a Wednesday, it came to no surprise to us that we were the only ones in the quaint and cozy restaurant. The place tried to achieve somewhat of an open air, Nordic Tavern vibe, using wooden decors and red bricks. I don't know if it was achieved since i've never actually been to a Nordic taverns, but I do know that the mural on the wall looked a bit out of place. I was trying to figure out if the caricatures on the wall her of famous people, but it seems like it was some sort of Valhalla inside joke (see above).

I wonder if they serve ale in wooden mugs

                 We managed to get a table by the window, and I must say, It wasn't exactly the sunniest of all days, but it worked for me because it was quite breezy, especially considering that Valhalla's location in D'Mall makes it rather enclosed.  


My Norse Goddess is ready for her meal

                    Because of the behemoth breakfast we had just hours earlier, Rina and I decided not to have such a heavy dinner. Looking back, I wish we decided on that before we went to Valhalla, because I would've ordered the ribs - something I totally regret not doing. My logic was, number 1: I planned to for us to go to the famous Gastoff's for dinner to try their famous ribs. It was only later that night that I found out, much to my horror, that the legendary restaurant had closed down already. Reason number 2: just happened to be that.. I've noticed the large number of "Ribs" entries I've been posting, so I wanted to give my blog some self regulation. (This is proof of why self regulation sucks). The fries were good.. but pretty much standard issue frenchies.. nothing out of this world..

Fish and Chips for those with Viking appetites

            Given the fact that we were in an island of Paradise, it came to no surprise to me that reason wanted some sea food. She knew me well enough to know that I would be totally cool with Fish N' Chips (P365), so that's what she decided to order. The coating of the fish was deliciously crunchy, while the meat was salted just right, giving it an added punch of flavor. The tartar sauce had a rich creaminess to it, but could have used just a tad bit more pickle relish. I also found the Coleslaw to be a little bland, not to mention quite dry (It looked closer to a tiny salad than it did coleslaw).

The Best Salpicao in all of Asgard

          Since we weren't really that hungry just yet, I wanted to have Rina try Valhalla's "Sloppy Cow" (P250), which is actually Beef Salpicao. I know it's listed here as an Entree, but in actually it's found on their appetizers menu. Which is weird because it's actually good enough to be a main course. I had two qualms about this dish though: the first being that the menu said there were Onion rings in it.. and I couldn't find a single one. There were big bulbs of garlic a-plenty though. The second was - the meat wasn't as soft as I expected it to be. I'm not saying it was tough and chewy - but not as melt-in-your-mouthy as I was hoping for. 

           If you could get past those two things, you're in for one of the best Beef Salpicao dishes you'll ever try. Every bite was a burst of buttery beef with a garlicky kick to it. Rina, who said she wouldn't be eating rice while in Boracay, couldn't help ask for the waiter for an order of steaming hot white rice. She poured the olive oil & butter mix over her rice, and she was solved. 

             Every bite seemed to cast a magic spell over her, and as her husband, I must say, it was quite exciting to watch. 

This was actually a very private moment for her

              I really regret not being able to order the Baby Back ribs at Bistro Vallhalla Boracay, but at least it gives me another reason to go back to that beautiful island. (Like I needed another reason) And at the end of the day, any trip to a restaurant that has a dish that can make my wife look like this (see above), is considered a success in my book!

Menu is here:

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  1. The salpicao looks heavenly! We shall try when we're there in 3 weeks!

  2. Hmm food. The photo looks tasty. I think I'm gonna love that place.

  3. is gasthof closed for real? what replaced them? thanks!! :(

  4. I dunno who replaced them, Anonymous, but I do know that Gasthof has or had a branch in A.Venue in Makati Avenue :)

    Just not sure if it's still open now! I'm ashamed to admit that I STILL haven't been there yet!

  5. hi! they transferred area sa bora. still in dmall but not in the front since epic took their space along with hey jude. i heard quality is better in bora than in makati na gasthof. :)

  6. Thanks for the heads up, Anonymous! Thats awesome to hear! I hope I could schedule a return some time in the near future hehe :)



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