Wednesday, October 20, 2010


(Umm.. I didn't do it)

           After getting back to the office from my John & Yoko lunch break, I went straight to our Marketing meeting. As we were discussing some of the issues that we needed to tackle for the upcoming months, Miss Mench, The head of our department, commended us for a job well done the previous month. And as a token of her appreciation for all of our efforts, she had a huge cake box brought in and placed in the center of the table. 

         When the lid was lifted, and the contents revealed, it brought chills down my spine. This cake and I had crossed paths before. And it was one of the best cakes I'd ever tried in my entire life. 

          It was one of my all time favorite cakes - The Strawberry Shortcake. 
The only time the word "Short" means the opposite of what it truly is.

              As a guy who's had to stand in the front of the line and in class pictures his whole life, I know what short is. And there is nothing SHORT about this cake. This cake is so big when they brought it out of the box, I was tempted to yell out "UNLEASH THE KRAKKEN!"

Berries and Cream.. Berries and Cream.. I'm a little lad that loves berries and cream..

                The frozen Strawberries were pretty huge and juicy but started melting as soon as it was brought out of the box, despite the fact it was freezing in our conference room. Which meant only one thing. The meeting was over, and it was time to get our shortcake on.

 Dimpy attempting a new career in rap, and Audrey looking for some split ends.

             The rich outer icing was covered with mashed up strawberry bits, while the cake itself was moist and buttery with every bite. Three layers of butter cake, and three layers of strawberry icing, makes RichieZ a happy boy.

 The dynamic Duo of Naomi and Jerwin Sharing their cake. Feeling ni Jerwin yata, lugi siya.
           Funnily enough, although I'm not much of a fruit eater, when it comes to cakes, I prefer the ones with fruits than that with chocolates. This strawberry shortcake in particular is definitely one of my favorites - even if i couldn't eat too much of the strawberries.

    Casio's reaction (Right) after being told she had to share her slice with Rain. (Left)

         The creamy filling inside the cake was amazing. It actually tasted like strawberry ice cream. It's impossible to have only one forkful, and get on with your life. This is one cake that you can't move on from that easily. I was lucky I managed to only eat one piece.

 Holy crap, Audrey, that's pretty impressive

            Ok, so the question you've been dying to ask (I've been withholding the info deliberately) is where is this awesome Strawberry Shortcake from? 
 Ted just "happened" to be passing by the office when the cake came.

               All I know is that it costs upwards of P1,000.00 and it's sold in one of those houses in Forbes that you call at least two days in advance, then have your orders picked up. And as evidenced by the picture above, it makes people happy (and in Dimpy's case, act like a bunny rabbit).

I have no idea what Rain is laughing at, but I am sure it wasn't me.

          The mysterious place also has Turtle Pie, which I'm told is very popular, but truth be told, when i tried it, it paled in comparison to the level of greatness the Strawberry Shortcake achieved.    

    It was finally revealed to me that this was the legendary Mrs. Yulo Cake :)

  Easily the best Strawberry Shortcake I've ever had in my entire life.

For orders, here is their contact info:

19 Kawayan St. North Forbes

Makati City


          I honestly could have handled one more slice but that might have required an adjustment in my belt buckle hole. Plus I was still reeling from the  Wagyu Bacon Bowl for lunch, so i didn't want to reach my fat intake by two in the afternoon. 

Not to mention, Part three of my day was yet to come... 

Find out on Friday how I ended my day In "A Day In The Life III: The Finale"


  1. that's a YULO cake! YUUUUUUM! if you want to order, just text Steph ;p

  2. Thanks Zee! I really want Rina to try it hehe

  3. natry na ni rin yan at steph's before. YUMYUMYUM! 2nd best strawberry shortcake I've tasted! (yung first was from random bakery in japan) YUM!

  4. Oh thank god.. that means i don't have to get one for her.. buti nalang.. it's kinda expensive.. hehe.. thanks to steph hehehe



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