Wednesday, March 6, 2013


        Remember those days when you come home from school and you rush to your grandma’s bright dainty kitchen and smell freshly baked cookies waiting especially for you? Well, we didn’t really have a dainty kitchen that smelled like baked goodies so I really didn’t get to experience that hehe. But in the hour or so that I was in GrandMomma’s kitchen, that’s exactly how it felt like when I went there for dinner with some blogger friends. 

       GrandMomma’s Kitchen is a nice little restaurant at the ground floor of Ill Terrazzo Building in Tomas Morato which serves nothing but good ol’ home style American food. It’s the kind of place you would want to schedule a nice intimate meal with a close friend you haven’t seen in a while, or a nice Sunday lunch with your family. Plus, their prices in my opinion are very affordable.


Breakfast Pizza!
       First, we got something that the group could dig into while waiting for our orders. The place was filled with Wow's as soon as this beautiful piece of baked goodness came out of the kitchen. Two words: Breakfast and Pizza! (Not in the menu yet when we went). The Breakfast Pizza (P230) is made with bacon, spinach, and sunny side egg in a warm bed of delicious pizza dough. It was really good! I had to be careful because I didn't want to stuff myself when I knew that this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Spiced Pumpkin Soup
       So now for my real orders. I was craving for soup so I wanted to have a classic comfort soup to warm my stomach. And if a restaurant has Pumpkin Soup in their menu, I would always start off with that. GrandMomma’s Kitchen’s Spiced Pumpkin Soup (P80) was made with the consistency I like. It was smooth and creamy, though it was a bit too salty (even for me who loves salty food). Backstory: I’m not the best person to judge saltiness because I love salty! What’s just right for me may be too salty for others. This is the reason why Richie can never ever make the mistake of buying me Spam “with Less Sodium”. That is just a slap in the face and a total disrespect for Spam! Don’t worry I’m as healthy as a horse! No heart problems whatsoever hahaha.

Potato Croquette 
       No doubt one of the creamiest Potato Croquette (P135) I have ever had in my lifetime. The potatoes were mashed as smooth as silk. Richie would love this. I would just order extra sauce because I like mine saucy! I think it was tartar sauce. Forgot to ask. Anyway it's really something that you can't just get enough of. You can't have just one piece. I can assure you of that.

Puttanesca with quarter chicken

        I have to confess something. I wasn’t really sure what Puttanesca was hahaha! Leave it to me to order something I’m not sure of. I mean of course I knew that the Puttanesca with Quarter Chicken (P175) would consist of a pasta dish, but I didn’t know it was the strong acid tomato-based style. The pasta alone was a bit too sour for me. The tomato was a bit too overpowering but interestingly enough, as soon as I took a bite of their chicken, an interesting burst and mix of flavors happened in my mouth. It was like the chemistry of the sweet chicken and the sour tomato was so perfect that it left me wanting more! The chicken is really really good! It reminds me of Chooks (which I looove) but on a higher level.

      GrandMomma’s RoastBeef and Mushroom Gravy (P410) is one of the house specialties. The roast beef is incredibly soft and has a nice ratio of meat to fat. Although admittedly I recently had better, the flavor is still good as well (more on that on another post). It is served with savory vegetables which is actually cooked really well, mashed potato, and of course gravy. A great comfort food choice (though the price is not too comforting for me hehe)

Aunt Betty’s Caramel Cake 
       Aunt Betty’s Caramel Cake (P145) is supposedly their best seller desert. The sponge of the cake is quite moist. At first sight, it didn't look like a caramel cake. I was expecting it to be light brown / tan in color. It was just okay for me. It was moist, but it wasn't the strong caramel taste my tongue was looking for. I would love to try a different desert next time. In fact I would love to try it all!

Here are some of my friend's orders from the all-day breakfast category that I would love to try next time:

Country Sausage and Egg, with a side of bacon

Strawberry Banana French Toast (P165). 

Hot Biscuits, Honey, and Strawberry Jam P140

        GrandMomma's Kitchen is a small little restaurant that can whip up amazing comfort dishes for your huge appetite. If you're ever in Quezon City area, I suggest you check this little space out. It'll be worth it! 



  1. Roast beef and that caramel cake! I will try those two soon~

  2. Nice! The prices are definitely affordable! A far cry from those outrageous prices they charge at those whole-day-breakfast places. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Rina! It just proves you can have an enjoyable meal without having to give up your arm and your leg. =)

    1. Hi Inaki! I totally agree!!! Prices are all very good. The most expensive item on the menu is already the roastbeef if Im not mistaken. :-) can never go wrong with comfort food. You should try it soon! Enjoy!:-)

  3. Wow!!!! I'm going to try them soon! Hihi <3

  4. I went back and ordered Pancake Stack, it was surprisingly good! :D



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