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       As a food blogger, I'm always on the lookout for my newest food discovery. Not only do I look for quality of the food, but I also make it a point to look for places that have great value for money. And sometimes those places aren't always the glitziest and most glamorous of places. 

        Just last week, we were fortunate enough to explore the wonderful city of Davao (More of that on a future post) along with three other bloggers. Our schedule was jam-packed with an itinerary filled with some of Davao’s most amazing dining spots. Without a doubt, I left Davao much heavier than when I arrived.  

       Though our trip was graciously sponsored by Marco Polo, Rina and I agreed to make sure to be frugal when we got there. When you have a family, you try your best to tone down the WANTS and focus more on the NEEDS. But at the same time, I wanted my wife to feel like she was on vacation as well, by being able to give her even a little bit of pocket money.

      Thankfully, I got some extra cash from my rewards with Security Bank. It’s the first time I've heard of a bank giving rewards in the form of cash. This is great because I personally tend to forget it when I’m awarded via points, or redeeming a specific item at a specific establishment. (My memory sucks. So does my wife’s.) So this way, I can choose where and when I want to spend my rewards because it’s in cash. 

      And spend we did!

      With the extra money that I had, I was able to try some amazing places at the Davao Gourmet Collective. The Davao Gourmet Collective was an assembly of some of Davao's finest food purveyors. Most of them were just simple small or home based businesses, that joined the food market in hopes of exposure. As you could imagine, this being a small food market and all, none of these places accepted credit cards. Good thing I had a little cash with me!

           I started with the mouth-watering Lechon Roll from Beko’s Biik. If you've read my blog with any form of regularity, you know how much I love my pork. So there was no way this bad boy was gonna get by me. The skin was crispy, meat was tender, juicy, and was very tasty on its own. Lechon Rice, all for P100 Bucks? I'm not gonna say no to that!!

What's left of my lechon after 5 seconds of buying
There's still room (and cash!) for dessert!
             I was also able to devour this delectable dessert from JR Pastry. This delicious pie is galled Gateau Basque (P120), which is a pie filled with delicious cherries and balanced with an almond flavor.. A dessert that could easily stand toe to toe with some of the best bakeries in Manila.

              This soft pie has lots of cherries inside. And the almonds’ taste perfectly complements the cherries. When I go back to Davao I would definitely buy more of these babies! 

There's a bit more room for a little shopping!


            With the extra money that I had, I was able to give Rina some shopping money to buy some pasalubongs for Baby Rain at the local tiangge.  Rina set out to find something for Rain and couldn’t resist buying this batik patch skirt for P225 at a small stall. 

            She had a few coins for change so she bought some fresh street snacks! (Which looks really clean, by the way) For the life of me, I can never understand why women can’t resist ripe mangoes with salt and bagoong! Rina told me she enjoyed this mango so much because of the chili salt.

Only P10!

                   Oh and she wanted me to put a disclaimer that she’s not pregnant. Hahaha! Don’t assume!

        I know these things we bought aren't much but when you’re out in a place that doesn't accept credit cards, they mean a whole lot. You can buy simple things that can fill your tummy...

And can simply fill your little one’s heart . After all, it’s the thought that counts!

        How about you? Do you have any unique items or food that you want to spend your cash rewards on? Share those photos in this link here and join Security Bank's Cash Rewards Facebook Promo! Just post a photo of these unique finds that you want to spend your cash rewards on and get a chance to win P5,000 weekly! All that cash just by sharing a photo! For more information on the mechanics, you can find them on the link mentioned as well.Good luck!!!

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