Wednesday, August 21, 2013


             Not content with being known as one of the best places to get some of the best classic Cheese Steaks in town, the Cheese Steak Shop has whipped up some new items to their menu that'll keep your mouth watering! 

    But what could they have done to provide something new to the straight forward melted cheese steak sandwich? 

     I zoomed to Cheese Steak Shop's Amorosolo Branch in Makati to find out!    

        As much as I enjoy a good old fashioned Cheesesteak, I recommend giving The Deep Fried Cheese Steak (7inch P320/10inch P520/15inch P 850) a try as well. Your classic cheese steak dipped into a light batter, and dropped into the deep fryer, until it is cooked to golden perfection. 

              Perhaps the most surprising fact about this sandwich, was how it wasn't the oily mess I was expecting it to be. Anyone who has ever tasted Mini Stop's "Kariman" knows that deep fried piece of bread can be of high blood inducing cholesterol proportions, with the oil soaking into the bread. 

         But this was different. The batter seemed to serve as a coating, to the sandwich and its contents, ensuring that the components of the sandwich stay in its separate layers, with the cheese meat filling still the star of this show. 

            The Cheese Steak Shop must have realized that their Deep Fried Cheese Steak may get some health buffs' panties into a ruffle, so they balanced their nutritional offerings out by adding a Chicken Cheese Steak (7 inch,P280) to the menu. Truthfully, if I was not told that this was chicken, I would have assumed it was beef at first bite. Despite using lean chicken meat, the sandwich still had the meaty savoriness of its beefier older brother. It's a delicious alternative if you feel that the beef version would leave you feeling guilty, calorie-wise.


       I can eat a Sandwich for lunch and be satisfied, but I know I'm in the minority here. I always believed that it was only a matter of time before The Cheese Steak Shop offered rice meals to their Filipino Market. There's no way of escaping it. Pinoys need a rice option.

       The Cheese Steak Shop gladly obliged. 

      The first rice meal offered to us was the Cheesesteak Rice (P170) with Cheese Sauce. Tender slices of Beef chopped up and sauteed perfectly, and piled on top of a cup of steaming rice with an added garlic kick. The thick cheese sauce drizzled on the beef is the proverbial cherry on top. 

        If you're looking for a milder cheese to go with your beef, then the "American" Cheese might be what you're looking for. Still a good compliment to the meat, but the natural flavor of the beef definitely shines through. 

        Though the flavors were delicious, I suggested to the people at Cheese Steak shop to do a little something with the rice as well... Perhaps stir fry a little meat into the rice, just to make it a more cohesive dish.  

               Our incredible morning would not have been complete without the efforts of our gracious host, Ms. Mai Uy, who was accompanied by the lovely Jorel, whose work ethic in spite of her hearing disability is an inspiration, and their operations head, James. 

           It's awesome to see Cheese Steak Shop continuing to innovate their menu, and their willingness to adapt to the Filipino Market. I'm looking forward to seeing what other aces they have up their sleeves! 


  1. Loved those deep fried cheesesteaks!!!!

  2. Ooh, that looks tasty! The notion of a chicken cheese-steak, alas, holds no appeal for me. However, a chicken-fried cheese-steak (battered and deep-fried beef fillet), on the other hand, would be AMAZING!!!

  3. Waahh.. My baby is hungry!!! Nom Noom... I should try this restaurant SOON!!!

  4. I spent a good two hours reading your blog. Do you actually eat out and pay for your own meal? It strikes me that you are taking advantage of all the freebies that come your way. What a shame.

    Added to that, you are advocating unhealthy eating. I hope you will realize that what you are doing will ultimately take a toll on your health. YOu are overweight and you stuff yourself with food laden with fat. My God!

    1. Hi Alex!

      First off, thanks for taking time off to read my blog, i'm grateful to anyone that stops by and reads my humble little website, regardless of their opinion of it :)

      I do have posts wherein I went on a personal visit to a restaurant, but thankfully, my blog seems to have garnered attention of restaurant owners and I have been given numerous invitations to different establishments, and I prioritize writing about those trips first.

      Do I take advantage of those opportunities? As a Food blogger, I would be a fool not to.

      You must understand, I am not a wealthy man, Alex. I cant afford a lifestyle that would allow me to eat in a five star hotel buffet once a week. However, if I am INVITED by a restaurant or hotel for a free meal, I would be more than happy to oblige, if my schedule permits.

      Although, please know that I have never EVER emailed a restaurant asking them to let me eat there for free in exchange for a review. Going door to door asking for an invite is not my style. Not to brag, but restaurants invite me on their own volition.

      As a food blogger, it would be a "shame" if I passed up these opportunities of trying food from different places, and meeting notable people in the food industry. Fortunately, my blog has allowed me to meet some amazing people along the way. I am taking advantage of the opportunities, and not the establishments.

      Secondly, I wouldn't say that unhealthy eating is my "advocacy". I am not passionate about unhealthy eating. I'm not trying to promote it. I don't go around telling people NOT to eat healthily. All I'm saying is that I don't eat tofu, veggies and the like. MY personal preference. Which, considering this is my blog, I have the right to do. I often make it clear, if they're looking for a review on a salad, they probably won't find it here.

      And lastly, when it comes to what your saying about it taking a toll on my health, and that I am overweight, I plead no contest to both. You are 100% right on the money. I am a fat schlub that eats oily, fatty, unhealthy food. Guilty as charged.

      I really hope to some day find the discipline and will power to eat healthier. I know Im not getting any younger. If you've got any diet ideas for a picky eater such as myself, I'd love to hear it :)

      Nonetheless, I reiterate, thank you for your time Alex. I do appreciate the comments :)

      P.S. I really loved that "My God!" in the end for added punctuation hehe

    2. You actually spent two hours reading his blog? You spent two hours of your life and all you pick up from all that reading is... "you are taking advantage of all the freebies that come your way. What a shame."
      Are you vegetarian? Humanitarian? Agrarian? Barbarian?
      Or maybe you kept reading the same post all over again. For two hours?

      This guy is doing his Passion for life, for the love of food. And you Alex Leo what do you do?
      You judge. In the most shameful manner. You are so full of negative thoughts.
      He is not promoting/advocating unhealthy living. He is the pickiest eater. If he aint then this wouldn't be here. This would've been healthylivingeater or something green and full of fiber.
      Now Alex Leo, food is preference. It is subjective. What you enjoy eating and living on may not be as desirable and enjoyable for thepickiesteater.
      Bottom line is, learn to RESPECT the lives of others and what they do. Do not attack them with your judgmental way of thinking, you are only making your self look really bad not just in our eyes but as well as yours. Quite frankly you are an eyesore to this peaceful man's haven.
      Respect others if you want to be respected.
      Otherwise you reap what you sow.

    3. Welcome to the 21st century, Alex!

      I can't wrap my head around why you'd spend 2 hours reading a blog that you end up lambasting at 7 o'clock in the morning. But hey, like Richie's lifestyle, it's a choice. Not one I particularly understand, or care to.

      From a marketing point-of-view, inviting bloggers to your restaurant to try your food and give their feedback is way cheaper than paying for an ad in a magazine or a billboard along EDSA. Bloggers are this century's marketing tool and as a business we WANT them to take advantage of the opportunities we send their way. We don't ask for an advertorial, just that they blog about us and share our story if they like the food enough, give their two cents - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and hopefully their followers pick up on it and try the place out. At the very least, they can live vicariously through him without the weight gain.

      The guy likes bacon - it isn't a crime. It's his life and his body, he's a grown man and will make his own lifestyle choices. Also - I just have to state the obvious - this is a food blog, ergo, he writes about food. The kind of food he eats. If you don't like it, stop reading. No one has a gun to your head. My God!

    4. Haha thank you Seya! I'm glad you understand exactly what my blog is about. It's amazing readers like yourself that make writing this blog worthwhile. Parang hindi talaga bagay sa akin yung HealthyLivingEater, but maybe some day I can tone down and- perhaps not necessarily eat healthily- but at the very least lessen my intake of oily and fatty food.

      I'm happy your on my side of this arguement!

    5. Speaking of being happy that someone is on my side of the argument.. hehe.. Thanks so much mucking around manila! I'm happy that you can give a perspective from the "Client's Side".

      With it being a relatively new tool, not very many people have grasped the concept of social media and its capabilities, so perhaps your comment will help enlighten our friend, Alex.

      Oh and, thank you for not using quotation marks when you described me as a "Grown Man". hehehe

      Thank you again :)

    6. Mehgehd! Ateng Alex, wala ka magawa ano? Chaka mo siguro!

      Mehgehd, ateng, wiz ka na magbasa ditetch kung ayaw mu ng sinusulat ni koyah. Mehgehd! O baka naman gusto mo pang jowain si Richie kaya nagpapapansin ka? Mehgehd!

      Mehgehd! Baka kailangan mo ng chorva para naman di ka ganyang ka-seryoso! Mehgehd!

      Mehgehd! Mehgehd! Mehgehd!

      @Richie: more power!

    7. Haha inaki!

      This cracked me up! I had to have my ofcmate translate for me, but I couldn't have put it more eloquently myself.. except for the "jowain" part of course haha!!

    8. Mr. Eloquence - that's me! hahaha...

  5. this is awesome! !i wanna try! :)

  6. I am a follower of your blog as well as Rina’s. My kids got interested with your reviews when they saw me reading it and now they follow you both as well:)(Nico and Anjelica Villanueva). My youngest is so fond of rain and always looks at her pictures saying how cute she is. You see we are also a family who loves being together and enjoying a good meal. Though as a mother I know it’s ideal to always have a healthy meal for the family, I cannot bear to deprive them if they like something a conservative parent will not approve of. In the end I always take comfort looking at their satisfied faces. Well, in my very own point of view it is not always with what you eat but with how you feel and whom are you eating with. I mean I have read somewhere that there’s this 90++ yr old man who eats bacon everyday:)Being healthy is a holistic concept but sometimes just being happy and contented is enough. I can see you have a happy family by looking at Rina’s beaming face:)Keep it up! A family with a happy wife is a happy family. May God bless you with more years to enjoy eating BACON!!!!

    1. Maricel, that's really wonderful to hear :) I've always said my blog is about more than just food.. it's about love as well, especially about family. And I'm happy to see that you get what my blog is about 100%!

      Please give my best to Nico and Anjelica as well.. Rina, Baby Rain and I would love to meet you all in person someday! :)

  7. Those who can, blog.

    Those who can't, troll.

  8. Why is it that people can't understand the concept of a blog? Tsk, tsk, tsk...haters gonna hate. Keep us entertained Richie! People are just jealous of your amazing physique.



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