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               Once again, this is the story of the world's most notorious introvert. In case you're new to my blog, something you should know about me is that I rarely go out at night, unless it`s to eat or watch a movie. Other than that, my friends often wonder if I secretly am afflicted with Agoraphobia. Initially, the lure of Cebu`s most happening places, "Ibiza Beach Club" over at Movenpick Resort did not faze me. I did want to see the place because it looked absolutely stunning in Photographs, but I never imagined actually hanging out there till the wee hours of the evening. 

           That was until, our host, the lovely Laurie of Movenpick said two words that completely changed the game for me.. 

        "Brazilian Churrasco".

          With it's dazzling lights that you can see from miles away, The Ibiza Beach Club name has quickly placed a definitive stamp in the Cebu nightlife scene.   

           Ibiza Beach Club is actually one huge lounge that is the perfect place to unwind with some friends over a few drinks, while enjoying the gentle breeze of the sea wind. 

   Located within the lounge area is a Jacuzzi! 

       In the evenings, Ibiza Beach Club provides entertainment by means of a series of short shows, that feature impressive Las Vegas style dance numbers. 

And even some HOT fire dancers! 

        You may start your meal by making your own salad at the Salad Bar. I just thought that it was a waste of stomach space, so I passed on it. 

            Also available are a selection of cold pasta salads

And some delicious cold Cuts

           Something that you should not miss out on is the cheese bread, also known as the Pan De Quejio.

                   Before the meats on the spits are are brought out you are given some sauces to accompany your meat: chimichurri, herb butter and melted butter (If you're wondering why they're four, its because I asked for extra herb butter hehe).

     Please note that the meats, in true Churrasco style, are served in spits that are directly lifted from the grill, and the meat is sliced directly on to your plate. You are given a plastic disc that is colored Red on one said and Green on the other, symbolizing whether you want the waiter to "Stop" bringing the meat or to "Go". 

     The meat was plated by the kind staff of Ibiza Beach Club for Photography purposes.


        One of my favorites for the evening, which surprised no one, was the Pork Baby Back Ribs. Slabs of incredibly tender Pork Ribs, masterfully cooked on the grill, and slathered in a tangy, yet subtly sweet BBQ Sauce. 

       You're going to have to forgive me for not taking a picture of the plated Baby Back Ribs, as the show girls took the stage...

And I was a little bit distracted..


     I was actually surprised that I didn't enjoy the Pork Belly as much as I thought I would. This seemed like the odd man out in the world of grilled Churrasco dishes. The Pork Belly was reminiscent of Lechon Kawali, which is deep fried. I have no doubt in my mind that if they grilled this instead, this would have been even more incredible. 

             Though the Beef Ribs were extremely flavorful and tender, I would have preferred the cut to have a bit more fat. Still delicious, nonetheless. 

              The same goes for the Leg of Lamb. It had the gamey flavor of lamb that I adore.. But it was just a tad too lean for me. 

               Lamb Chops has been a favorite of mine since I was a child, so this is the one dish that I took to immediately. It was amazing! Would have liked it more with some mint jelly though hehe..

           Next for us to taste was the Fillet Mignon. This was soft Beef Medallions, wrapped in smokey bacon. The juiciness of the meat made you question if it was actually grilled, but I saw the spit filled with the medallions being roasted over the fire with my own two eyes, so I knew it was real.     

         I won't deny that I had my sights set on the Ribeye once I heard that it was part of Ibiza's Churrasco lineup.. and that I was a little bit wary once I saw it on the display plate they had prepared for us. It admittedly looked a tad dry and tough upon first glance. But as my yaya would always tell me when I would pre-judge a dish before even trying it (Dinuguan), "You eat with your mouth, not with your eyes". And I discovered my fears were unfounded. I prefer my steak on the Medium-Well side, but perhaps this was closer to Well Done, but the delicious flavor was unmistakable. 

               Nonetheless, The Ribeye definitely had my full attention.


       I was very happy to find out that Ibiza used the Thigh part for the chicken. I know there are a lot of people nowadays that prefer the breast as a more healthy alternative, but for me, it's the thigh that offers the best combination of juicy meat, and of course, everyone's favorite.. the skin! 

         This also marked the first time I tried Ostrich. I was surprised with how it tasted closer to Beef than it did Chicken, but then again, Ostrich meat is pure muscle, so it made sense. Texture-wise it was slightly different from beef, and had a little gaminess that set it apart from regular meats. Quite delicious, no doubt, but I still prefer Chicken and Beef.


           I'm not really that big on seafood, but I really enjoyed the Parrot Fish of Ibiza's Churrasco. Since it was fish, I don't know why I was expecting it to be a tad dry.. But nothing could have been further from the truth. 

          Other Seafood Dishes that Ibiza has, but I didn't try since I decided to focus on the meat hehe: 

Grilled Squid

Rock Lobster

And Jumbo Prawns, which Rina would have loved. 

           For dessert, we  were served the Grilled Pineapple, which seemed rather simple, but packed with explosive flavors of nutmeg and cinnamon. It was an amazing combination that I loved, and asked another helping of.. Unlimited, Baby! 

Me and my blogger friends joining the show. My Showgirl outfit didn't fit.

             The quality of the meats, the selection, and even the entertainment, Ibiza Beach Club's Unlimited Churrasco Feast a great deal for P2,000 Bucks (P2,500 for unlimited wine)! 

      When staying at Movenpick Cebu, make sure you don't miss this fantastic dining experience! 

Churrasco Buffet at Ibiza Beach Club

Opens 6PM Daily
Movenpick Resort Mactan Island Cebu
Punta Engaño, Mactan Island
6015 Cebu City, Philippines
Contact No.: (032) 492-7777
Check out my visit to Movenpick Cebu Here


  1. I haven't been to Cebu but I'll include this to my itinerary once I get there. And oh, I have to agree with you about the salad. Such a waste of stomach space. Might as well use the space for the prawns and cold cuts. Haha!

  2. I was excited for this post. And I kinda regret reading it because now I'm terribly salivating and craving for this. :(

    Seafood, ostrich and beef ribs were my fave! With herbed butter! Gah!

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

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