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        The two words that got me excited as a kid waiting for Disneyland to open. Disclaimer, I can't say I'm a really huge fan of seafood. There are some things that I don't eat. But I do like tahong, osyters, and shrimps! Ooooh shrimps! And salmon! So when I heard that Marriott Manila was going to have a whole buffet spread highlighting fresh seafood, I knew I had to try it! 

Let's walk through this seafood wonderland, shall we?  Presenting, the Marriott Manila's Ocean Harvest Seafood Buffet!

fresh catch of the day
fresh seafood bar

       Let's start with the fresh catch seafood bar! It's a long ice bar filled with fresh bounty from the sea! It's sort of like the system of Dampa, where you pick your seafood, and bring it over beside the grill station and tell them how you want it cooked. Beautiful fishes are on display such as Dusty Jack (Talakitok), Fresh local grouper (Lapu-Lapu), Parrot Fish (Samaral), and  Local Seabass (Apahap)

fresh blue crabs

There are Blue Crabs (Alimasag)

blue marlin meat

Lots of Blue Marlin


and delicious Baby Shrimp (Suahe)

        A huge fish sits atop the seafood bar, as if watching over the other sea creatures. (Not sure what type of fish this is)

My dad got some Lapu Lapu and had it steamed in light soy... (a popular choice!)

        He also got this sea bass and they cooked it with some sweet and sour sauce. The Sweet and Sour Singaporean Sea Bass.

        On the other side of Marriott Cafe, was a smaller seafood bar (near the dessert area upon entering). They had Mexican Marinated Shrimp...

slipper lobster

some Slipper Lobster

        And delicious clams and mussels! They of course have oysters but it was placed on a higher bar, I forgot to take a photo of it later on because I couldn't exactly reach it :(


        Oh, and of course let's not forget the fresh sushi! Honestly, this is what I really loaded up on. The salmon sushi!!!

Now, on to the cooked food!

Singaporean Style Crabs

Singaporean-Style Crabs

salted egg crabs

Salted Egg Crabs

steamed curacha

Steamed Curacha

fried chili garlic prawns

Crispy Fried Chili and Garlic Prawns

Rockafeller Oysters

Of course, Rockafeller Oysters!

soup station

        This is one of my favorite areas! I'm actually regretting that I didn't get more. The soup is amazing!!! Just the perfect balance of sourness that tickles your taste buds! One slurp is really not enough.

        Here's one plated by the chefs. Our Seafood Sinigang with Prawns. Isn't it beautiful? It tastes as good as it looks! When I come back I swear I'm loading up on this!

      If your tastes lean more towards the carnivorous side, fear not, because Cafe Marriott's spread includes a fantastic grill section that includes Rib Eye Steaks, Lamb Chops, and even BBQ Beef Ribs!    


        In line with the seafood theme, Greatroom created some delicious special Ocean Mix cocktails (P370 a glass) especially made to go well with Greatroom's Greatroom's Seafood Platter (P670)

Grilled tuna steak

        But the Ocean Harvest does not end in Marriott Cafe. The brilliant chefs at CRU Steakhouse (one of my favorite steakhouse where Richie and I had an amazing Anniversary dinner) also created some beautiful and delicious dishes, starting from the Grilled Tuna Steak (P1,100)

tuna tartar
Photo Credit: Gerry San Miguel,
And the Tuna Tartar (P560)

Joan Lim

        The blooming soon-to-be mother Joan, (wife of The Food Alphabet), and our little Rainbow really enjoyed the feast!

Len De Guzman Joan Lim Chaikka Barbero Rina Zamora
The girls! The pretty Chaikka of Pink Turbo,  hot momma Len of The Mommist,
and the blooming Joan of The Food Alphabet!

Gerry San Miguel Richie Zamora Eugene Constantino Stonibert Lim
The boys: Gerry (Dude4Food), Richie (The Pickiest Eater), Eugene (Hefty Foodie), Stonibert (The Food Alphabet), and the bagets Gelo and Baby Rain! :-)

        Marriott Manila's special Ocean's Harvest seafood buffet will run from March 6 until April 30, 2015, Perfect for Filipinos who abstain from meat in preparation for the Holy Week. 

        For Mondays through Thursdays, the Ocean's Harvest Buffet can be enjoyed at P1,950/head. But if you go on a Friday or Saturday, you can enjoy a wider range of seafood spread including the Oyster Bar for P2,400/head. Like Marriott Manila on Facebook to get more updates on their upcoming promotions! You wouldn't want to be left out!

Marriott Hotel Manila
No 10 Newport Blvd, Newport City Complex
Pasay City, Manila

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