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        I remember when Super Bowl of China of China first opened in Manila, particularly the SM Megamall Branch. The lines were absolutely ridiculous, you'd think they were standing in line for One Direction concert tickets. Super Bowl managed to find a great mix of delicious Chinese Food, which has always been a hit with Pinoys, at an affordable price. It was their Honey Pork Spareribs (which is sadly no longer on the menu) and their signature Lemon Chicken that made me go back for more.
      Years later, Super Bowl Of China is still going strong, with the new Mega Mall location having undergone a little bit of a face lift, and with some new dishes to an already mouthwatering classic Chinese Menu!

           The more modern tones maintains a simple elegance, which allow you to feel right at home, and eschews any notion of feeling too stiff. You still get the casual comfort of the original Super Bowl of China, but they have managed to keep themselves up with the times. 


    Becoming a blogger has helped me learn to become more adventurous when it comes to spicy food. I always try to stay away from it because of my hyper acidity, But not even wild horses could keep me away from the first new dish that Super Bowl asked to try, the Pork Wontons with Mala Sauce (P95). This was plump, juicy, delicately wrapped steamed pork dumplings with a dollop of Mala Sauce, which is a spin on a Chili Garlic Sauce. The bits of roasted chili and garlic add a wonderful dimension of heat to the dumplings, without overpowering it, letting the flavor of the pork remain the hero. And for P95 bucks? Pretty good deal :)

     If all salads were like Super Bowl's Hot Chicken Salad (P270), then there's a chance I'll hop on to this whole Salad game. Delicious breaded pieces of boneless chicken cutlets coated in a creamy mayonnaise, and tossed with an assortment of fruits, then garnished with a touch of lemon rind for a bit of zest. 

         Though blogging has opened my eyes to trying other food, something that it has not been successful in doing is getting me to eat ampalaya. Seriously, i'm not knocking those that love the stuff, but it's a bit too bitter for my liking, making me believe that it is what evil would taste like. However, I have to admit that Super Bowl's new Amapalaya & Black Bean (P300) was pretty awesome. Granted, my fork manuevered its way around the plate to avoid the pieces of bitter melon, but the delicious flavor of the tender beef slices swimming in a soy sauce infused oyster sauce and sauteed mushrooms and black beans was amazing.   

           I love me some noodles, and I was elated to find out that the latest addition to Super Bowl's menu is the Beef Hofan (P260), which happens to be one of my favorite Chinese dishes! Flat noodles tossed in an incredibly tasty sauce, with pieces of premium beef slices perched on top, and garnished with sliced leeks and onions. Definitely a dish I would come back for (I have already, by the way hehe).   


       We also enjoyed some of their classic dishes that has made Super Bowl Of China a popular Chinese Restaurant throughout the years. 

            If you don't know which Appetizer to choose from (or if you just eat a whole lot), then you should order the Dimsum Combination Platter (P310). An assortment of Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Hakao, Pork Siomai, Siopao and (My fave) Deep Fried Pork Wantons.  

        In case I haven't mentioned it before, but Sweet and Sour Pork is one of my all time favorite dishes, and Super Bowl's Sweet and Sour Pork (P295) is one of the better ones that I've had.

          The Lemon Chicken (P270), however, is truly deserving of the title of Super Bowl of China's signature dish. The chicken fillet was cooked to a golden crisp, with the sauce having just the right among of sweetness and tartness. 

         The meal is best paired with Super Bowl's Yang Chow Fried Rice (P260), Although I recently discovered that their Chinese Chorizo Fried Rice is also quite amazing!


     To cap off the meal, our host let us sample some of the items of Super Bowl's Dessert menu, beginning with the Taho (P110). The Taho is "deconstructed", meaning you scoop your own Soy bean curd, pour your own syrup to your liking, and add sago balls at your own discretion!  

           Next we tried Super Bowl's twist on Buchi. Instead of the soft exterior being speckled with sesame seeds, it was instead dusted with crushed peanuts. 

        Biting into the chewy center reveals that the buchi is indeed filled with a crushed peanut mixture. Although it's quite unique, and tasty in its own right, I still prefer the traditional Buchi over Super Bowl's Peanut Buchi (P100)

           Rina was enamored with Super Bowl's version of the classic dessert Black Gulaman with Lychee (P95), which she found to be remarkably refreshing, especially in this scorching summer heat.  

       Super Bowl's newest additions to their menu fits right alongside their classic dishes! With a wide array of delicious Chinese dishes at very reasonable prices to choose from, Super Bowl of China is definitely a great restaurant choices for friends and family.  

Super Bowl Of China
4th Floor SM Megamall Atrium

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