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       Romeo and Juliet. Jack and Rose. Cersei and Jamie (?). Kanye and Kanye. Sorry, I meant, Kanye and Kim. And then there's Richie and Rina.. err.. Richie and Bacon.  

      For the past few weeks, I've been getting tagged on Instagram and Facebook with a picture of a neon light in a restaurant that proudly sports my lifelong motto.. "Long Live Bacon". Everyone that tagged me was very adamant that I had to try the restaurant in which that light calls home, Lazy Bastard. 

     Upon hearing about this place, I immediately did what any normal human being would do - Log on to Google and do a quick search for information on the restaurant. Unfortunately, apart from your usual food directory websites, there weren't very many blogs that have featured Lazy Bastard yet, in fact just one to be exact - a testament to the restaurant being fairly new. 

   So one fine day, I found myself with a few hours to kill in Makati, I contacted my friend Hefty Foodie to ask if he was in the area and if he would like to join me in unveiling one of Makati's best kept secrets... Friends, let me tell you about this Lazy Bastard I know..

Photo care of Melvyn Quimosing

            First off, lemme say that if you're driving down Jupiter Street and youre looking for a sign that proudly says "Lazy Bastard", then forget it. instead, go down to 22 Jupiter, where Mitsuyado Seimen is located, and at the side you will see a sign that proudly says "Bacon & Burgers This Way". 

     Simply go down the flight of stairs, and brace yourself for the awesomeness that is about to ensue. 

        The walk downstairs made me feel like I was going down "Cheers" or Mclaren's. As I sat down and waited for my buddy to arrive, the owner Pat, approached me, where we got to chatting. It came to no surprise that he revealed that he was from New York, because the simple setting of Lazy Bastard really invoked the influences of the Big Apple. Just like the food he wanted to serve, the place was devoid of any pretension. It was a heavily American influenced area that seemed natural and not forced. I honestly felt like I was back in New York, and was about to enjoy an All American Meal. 

     And boy, was I ready to dive in. 


          When you order from the menu of Lazy Bastard, you may choose to have it as a combo meal for an additional P90, giving you a side order of either French Fries, Onion Rings or Tater Tots, served in an unassuming brown paper bag.  The French Fries (P100 for a side order) are thin, hand cut, and fried to a wonderful golden crisp, with the right amount of salt. The Onion Rings (P100 for a side order) glistening in its light golden coating, with the natural sweetness of the onions bursting with every bite. If I had to choose just one, I would choose both. (Eh gusto ko both, eh, bakit ba?)

         If you go to Lazy Bastard and are not interested in ordering the Tater Bombs (P220), I don't think you and I could be friends. The concept is simple. Take a little potato tater tot, and wrap it in bacon, then drop it in the deep fryer. and let the magic happen. But those wonderful pieces of meat wrapped potatoes are like little drops of heaven. You get a nice crispiness from the fry of the bacon and the tots, mixed with the smokey savoriness of the meat.. I wouldn't be surprised if Rina would contemplate eating these suckers with rice. 


        I honestly couldn't wait to get my hands on the gorgeous Bacon Cheeseburger (P220) I ordered with an extra Fried Egg (P30) chucked inside just for good measure. I'm a firm believer in there being beauty in simplicity, and this is the quintessential embodiment of that. The burger is no frills - a nicely seasoned 100% Pure Chuck Beef Patty,  tucked between a toasted, soft, Potato Bun, and garnished with your basic condiments of Lettuce and tomato. 

     There's admittedly nothing ground breaking about it. But what it is, is absolutely delicious, and to me, that's all it needed to be.  

      I surprised myself by ordering the Kimchi Dog (P190). I normally stay away from the greens, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't craving for the stuff ever since I tried Pepper Lunch's Korean Beef Rice. This time. however, the Korean Cabbage staple is neatly laid out over a hot dog which is nestled between a nice soft bun (The soft part is really important to me hehe). 

    Sounds good, right? Well, I haven't even told you the best part yet. Lazy Bastard's Hotdogs are wrapped in a magnificent strip of bacon, making every other topping they pile on top a bonus.  

    The Kimchi dog is a rather unorthodox mix but the play on flavors is undeniable. 

        More than the burgers, what intrigued me more to Lazy Bastard was the whispers of them having a "Build-Your-Own" Breakfast sandwich. The sandwich is created in two easy steps (and they said I couldn't count).

        First, choose your "Outsides", or basically what will serve as your sandwich's, "Buns". You have a choice between French Toast, Hash Browns, Toasted Bread or Pancakes. I debated between the Hash Browns and French Toast, but I decided to go with the French Toast when I saw that you could add Hash Browns to the "Insides". 

    Afterwards, you choose your "Insides", or basically the filling of your sandwich. I went with the Sausage Patty, Longaniza Patty, Bacon, and Cheese, with the only ingredients I didn't add was the Avocado, Egg, and knucklehead me, forgot to add the Hashbrowns. 

   The brilliance in this emanates from the soothing comfort you get when these favorites come together in one glorious bite. What's nice about is that you can pile your breakfast sandwich as high as you want, with your appetite and budget your only limit! 

        I'm definitely coming back to Lazy Bastard to try the Sloppy Joe Burger and the Honey Parmesan Dog, not to mention create another breakfast Sandwich! If ever you're around the Jupiter area and you're looking for a no-frills kind of meal, Lazy Bastard is one restaurant you should absolutely not miss! 

Yeah, I get called that a lot.

(Also stay tuned for more information on ABV.. Shhh)

Special thanks to Cates for taking care of us throughout our stay!

Shout out to my newly found brother-in-Bacon, Pat for the tour of his awesome place! 

You'll be seeing more of me soon! 


Lazy Bastard Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Ill admit when it comes to being a lazy bastard.. and it involves bacon.. God ... Count me in!!! hahahaha.. those tater bombs looks amaaazing... Gosh .. im drooling.. thanks a lot Sir Richie!@!! Now im hungry hahahaha

    1. Us lazy bastards gotta stick together!! looks go back, bro!!!

  2. I got the exact same burger you did - Bacon Cheeseburger with Egg - but I added Jalapenos to mine, hehehe... I love this place! And I love ABV (shhhh... hehehe). Can't wait to go back and try their hotdogs and breakfast items.

    BTW do you know what their operating hours are? I think they used to be open 24 hours, but one time I went there before 8am for breakfast and they were closed.

    1. I believe they open at 11am! I don't think i've seen your pix in your FB albums!

      MAG BLOG KA NA KASI!!!! hehehe

    2. But... but... Inaki don't got no facebook! hahahaha...

      Sa Instagram ko pa lang po na-post sir boss chief Richie. =)

    3. Haha sorry i must have been looking at Mr. Snuffaluffagus' FB profile by mistake! Haha! Will wait for more pix!

  3. OWEMGEE!!! Pati pala ang alter ego ko kay Jaz alam mo! hahahaha...

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