Thursday, May 28, 2015


          Last week, during the successful Zomato Restaurant Summit, I bumped into the dynamic duo of the Burger Boss the The Striker aka Alvin and Francis of Burger Company, wherein they invited me back to their restaurant to try some of their new Burgers from their successful international line, which they were going to launch on May 28, in time for International Burger Day, which happens to also be Alvin's Birthday! 

   As you may have noticed from the (in)frequency of my blog posts, I've been incredibly busy these past few weeks, but  I managed to find time to visit after a long morning meeting!I had no intention of missing out this mouthwatering parade of Burgers from one of the fastest rising Burger places in the metro!

       Btw.. In case I didn't stress it enough in my first post.. you MUST ORDER THE BACON DIPPERS


    Before we began with the burgers, the duo gave us a little taste of some of the new non-burger members of their menu, beginning with the Satay Sambal Wings (P140 6pcs/ P220 10pcs/ P295 14 pcs). A wonderful blend of Sweet and Spicy, whose flavor profile is further enhanced with a touch of nuttiness. 

      I was expecting the Chicken Fire Crackers (P250) to be spicy as well, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was not at all. The name, "Fire Crackers" pertains to the loud crack it makes with every bite, courtesy of its secret "Fire Cracker Breading" that the moist chicken strips are coated in. The Fire Crackers are served with your choice of Ranch, Honey Mustard, or Sambal Lime Dip. 

       Starting tomorrow, Burger Company's Holy Guacamole (P275 Single Patty/P400 Double Patty) will be available! Made with an Angus Beef Patty, laying in a bed of creamy guacamole, and topped with a tasty corn fritter, Crunchy Chicharones, with braised chipotle tempered by a drizzle of sour cream. It's a great take on a Southern California style burger!


       Another burger that you should watch out for is the Tandooriffic Burger (P330 for 3 sliders)! Currently available in a "Sliders" set version, the Tandoorific Burger successfully encapsulates the vibrant flavors of India, the country in which it drew inspiration from. 

    Although I was incredibly full when they brought this out, my stomach managed to find a little bit a bit more space at the sight of Burger Company's Japanese-inspired "Okonomiyummy!". Also available as a sliders version starting May 28, (P330 for 3 sliders), This was the most popular burger during Burger Company's "Mystery Burger Festival" held last month. 

    Topping the grilled Angus Beef Patty is a savory Japanese Pancake known as Okonomiyaki smothered in a sweet Teriyaki Sauce, a dollop of creamy Japanese Mayonnaise, roasted corn kernels, and a sprinkling of shaved cheese. 

       A burger that totally blew my mind was the Peking Duck Burger (P235 Single Patty/P360 Double Patty). The Angus Beef Patty is slathered in a rich Hoisin Sauce, peppered with thin Cucumber, shaved leeks, and topped with a Deep fried Bacon Wonton dumpling, that offers a new dimension of texture by replicating the crispy skin of a Peking Duck. 

     I found this to be a brilliant concept that was executed masterfully. Definitely something you must try while it's available! 


        Before I go any further, I strongly advice you to sit down, because what I'm about to tell you is absolutely mind blowing. Burger Company has a new dessert and it's so delicious that it's almost to the point of frightening at the same time. 

       Imagine taking a strip of battered bacon, and placing america's favorite cookie into the center, before delicately wrapping it into a tight ball, then dropped into a deep fryer and cooked to a golden crisp. Take three more pieces, and place it in a plate with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, and you have Burger Company's O Bacon Me Crazy (P175), which is also available in three different Toppings (P245): Apple Compote, Banana Caramel and Nutella.  
     The combination may seem a little strange, but I was delighted how all the components worked together!

     And from tomorrow until this weekend, The O Bacon Me Crazy will have a promo price! All variants, Original or with Toppings only cost P135!!!! 

Picture care of Francis Fabie

             Much thanks to Francis and Birthday Boy Alvin for inviting Hefty Foodie and I over to try your new stuff! Good thing we saw each other at the Zomato Conference so we could finally lock down a date! (The truth is, I "accidentally" bumped into you guys on purpose hehe)

    Stay tuned for more Burgers coming up from Burger company in the following weeks! 

72B Scout Reyes Cor Mother Ignacia
Quezon City


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