Thursday, August 11, 2016


          After attending Nestle’s Create with Cream event a few weeks back, Rina and I found ourselves getting cravings for that rich, creamy Adobo that Chef Rob Pengson had demonstrated for us. Chef Rob had stressed that his was a relatively easy recipe to follow, and as it turned out, he was right. Just a few days after trying Chef Rob’s Ad, we decided to make our own Creamy Chicken Adobo at home! 

And considering my house didn’t burn down, I guarantee that you can do it too! 

      After the event, the good people at Nestle gifted us with things we would need to make our own Creamy Chicken Adobo. Maggi Soy Sauce, Maggi Magic Sarap, and Nestle All Purpose Cream! (Oh and they also gave me a nice Nestle Flash Drive for good measure!

       Now that I had My Soy Sauce, Magic Sarap and Cream, All I needed to prepare was the basic ingredients that are usually found in my pantry, such as Garlic, Vinegar, Cooking Oil, Bay Leaves and of course, Chicken. 

      I was set! 

    After mixing the vinegar, soy sauce, water and garlic in a pot, I sprinkled a sachet of Magic Sarap over the chicken, to enhance the flavor. 

We cooked the chicken until it boiled, and then simmered it for ten minutes while covered, allowing the meat to get more tender.  Once you’re satisfied, with the meat, strain the sauce, and set aside for later. Trust me, you’re gonna need it! 

         Pan fry the chicken pieces until Golden brown, and remove excess oil. 

Once the chicken has been browned to your liking, place it back into the pot with the sauce you set aside, and the pour one pack of Nestle All Purpose Cream into it.  

Once you’ve mixed the cream into the existing vinegar-soy adobo mixture thoroughly, it will create this luscious, creamy sauce that will absolutely blow your mind. Pouring that sauce over a steaming heap of rice will remind you of all that is good in this world.     

        Though the recipe really was fairly simple to follow, I was still rather proud of myself for being able to create something that was actually delicious! This really opened up my eyes to the possibilities of creating new dishes, simply by adding Nestle All Purpose Cream!  

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