Monday, August 8, 2016


   The country’s number one Japanese Fast Food has amped up their menu in time for the rainy days, by adding a new Ramen dish that is bursting with that Beefy flavor we love.. The New Beef Pepper Ramen!   

   The new ramen dish continues Tokyo Tokyo’s successful Beef Festival, which features two amazing dishes in their Signature Beef Misono and the Beef Yakiniku.

 The Beef Bento meals have become a hit because of its incredibly filling offerings at reasonable prices, not to mention the affordable options of adding popular items such as Miso Soup, California Maki, and Coffee Jelly.

   The Beef Misono, which is the flagship dish that Tokyo Tokyo has been known for,  features tender beef strips bathed in a delectable Soy-Garlic sauce, for a nice salty kick. 

The new Beef Yakiniku on the other hand, boasts of soft beef strips, glistening in its drizzling of Honey and Sesame, giving it a delicate balance of sweet and savory. 

   Tokyo Tokyo’s all new Beef Pepper Ramen brings a new alternative to the a country that has caught the Ramen bug for quite some time now. A rich pork broth is simmered with a black pepper sauce,that offers a gentle touch of heat, and is topped with delectable strips of beef for added meatiness. 


     The Ramen is then topped with Cabbage, Egg, Corn, shredded Cabbage, and Nori, creating a harmony of flavors that belies its affordable price. 

     The noodles are cooked to a nice al dente, giving it a nice springiness and is even more enjoyable with a mouthful of beef strips. The fusion of flavors will take you by surprise, and will leave you craving for it, especially during days with gloomy weather. 

 You can enjoy the Beef Pepper Ramen with Tokyo Tokyo’s delicious Chicken Karaage, for just an additional P55!

  Tokyo Tokyo’s constantly evolving menu is one of the reasons why it has undeniable staked its claim as the country’s top go-to place for Japanese Food, and the new Beef Pepper Ramen is yet another welcome addition! 

 The Beef Pepper Ramen is available nationwide for only P195 for a Regular Size order, and P145 for the Snack Size! 

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