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            When I moved to Manila from Cebu for college, I stayed in my grandfather's place in Quezon City for a few years. Our family house in Antipolo hadn't gone through its badly needed renovation, not to mention the daily drive and commute to Taft would have made my college life even more hellish than it was (did I ever mention how much I hate Math?). 

        The Scout Area dining scene in the late 90's is completely different from the food haven it is now. Although there are some iconic establishments that have survived the test of time, the  restaurant choices were rather limited, and don't get me started on Hotels in the area, because a decent one was non-existent. 

       So if you had told me that nearly 20 years ago I'd be spending a luxurious staycation in a gorgeous Boutique hotel just down the road from my Grandfather's house, I would have told you that you were insane. 

     But it is true. Meranti Hotel has emerged as an impressive option to stay in when looking for accommodations in Quezon City!

            Located along Roces Avenue with the Main Entrance located at Scout Castor, Meranti Hotel is the newest baby of the Max's Group, as they begin their venture into hospitality servicing, expanding from restaurant operations. 

          It's "central" location and accessibility makes it an ideal place for a Staycation, or corporate events and the like. 

            The lobby makes use of its ample space, as it houses not only the in-house cafe, Maple (More on that later). but a comfortable receiving area as well. 


           The Standard Room is exactly the kind of room that you can imagine yourself relaxing the whole day in. The window doesn't exactly give you the most picturesque view of your neighborhood, but then again,with a room as stunning as this, you'll momentarily forget to look outside. 

         The room is relatively spacious, with there being more than enough room for Rina and I, and even Rain had just been able to join us. An extra bed could have easily have been provided had Yaya joined us. The room came with complimentary WIFI connectivity, in which you access the password through the TV! You read that right.. THROUGH THE TV?  

I'm not sure what this picture depicts.. 
How huge the bed is, or what a tiny little man I am?

          Meranti's bed is made from clouds pulled out from the tushies of angels. It's remarkably soft, and when you sink into it, it's like getting the kind of hug that makes you warm and fuzzy inside. The Pillows are also among the most comfortable you'll find. I nearly fell into sub-consciousness the moment I laid my head on to it. 

             The bathroom is a bit "open", with the toilet and shower cubicles separated by frosted glass partitions, adding a touch of sexiness to the room's vibe. 

           The bathroom is affixed with toiletries, giving its guests added convenience!

Kids will enjoy the glass swimming pool located on the rooftop..

While the adults can enjoy the relaxing view of the Quezon City Skyline...


         A few years ago, the then-Pancake House Group launched another, more upscale all-day breakfast concept restaurant called, "Maple", which still stands at Dasmarinas Village. The newest branch is located at the ground floor of Meranti Hotel, and serves as its in-house restaurant.


            Every meal in Maple should start with their complimentary Maple Glazed buns. Try to ask for the freshly baked ones, because they virtually melt in your mouth when they come straight out from the oven! 

         As I feasted on the buns, Rina started with the Maple House Salad (P225 Solo/P450 Sharing). The Salad is made with a medley of lettuce and other mixed vegetables, then sprinkled with Maple Glazed Pecans, then topped with Shredded Parmesan, and finally, drizzled with a roasted shallot Vinaigrette.

             Another start that was served was the Chilean Mussels (P550), which appealed to my friends, especially when they found out that it was cooked in Premium Beer. Not really my thing, sorry.

        The crown jewel of Maple's Menu is undoubtedly, the Prime Rib Tapa (P520). Maple takes a Pinoy breakfast favorite, and amps it up to a whole new level by using a Prime Rib as its base, and served on top of two eggs and garlic fried rice. 

     The result? An absolute beast of a meal, that's perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

           Though it shouldn't be too difficult to find something for a child to eat at an All Day Breakfast restaurant, allow me to make things even easier for you.. Kids will do double back flips for the delicious Southern Fried Chicken (P475). Cooked to a golden gorgeousness, and laid on top of a pile of crispy french fries, the Chicken meat is phenomenally juicy, and is taken to new heights with the rich, house gravy.


          For dessert, we had The Bourbon Bread Pudding, topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, and a Bourbon Creme Anglaise. Light, not too sweet, and a satisfying end to your meal. 


        Maple is also where the breakfast buffet spread is set up for Meranti's guests. The selection is rather modest when compared to other hotels, however the Kitchen Staff ensured that your choices are all absolutely delicious, making the first meal of your day a hearty one.

       If you want to start light, you may opt for some cereals, Bread with a choice of jams and peanut butter, or some fresh fruits and juices.

          But let's face it, that's not gonna cut it for a certified carnivore like me.The Prime Rib Tapa from the evening before got me craving for more, so I had to make do with the Beef Tapa in the spread, and it was actually pretty amazing.  

The Garlic infused Longaniza bursting with flavor..

And I couldn't resist crumbling up some Danggit, and topping it over my Garlic Rice..

The mixing some of their Scrambled egg into it! 

        The KTG had a tremendous time during our short stay at Meranti Hotel! The service was impeccable, the accommodations were superb, and the food was truly outstanding! More than just a business hotel where you can schedule functions or meetings, Meranti Hotel is a viable option for families who are interested in going on a quick getaway, without the hassle of having to leave the city limits! 

Meranti Hotel 
82 Scout Castor
Brgy Laging Handa
Quezon City

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