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The Big Burger and The Little Burger

        I've always been more of a "No Frills" kind of guy when it comes to food. I don't need fancy plating or overly expensive ingredients to make me happy. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some of the finer things every now and then, but it's honestly more on the simple comfort food that gets my tummy going. 

       What I enjoyed about Grind Bistro, was how it took classic pub favorites, given dynamic twists, without going all frou frou. It was classic, comfort food, executed with finesse and precision. 

          Exactly the kind of restaurant that I would love going back to again and again. 

        Grind Bistro is the Brainchild of couple Steven and Cristina Carl. They both have extensive experience in the culinary department with Steven having worked as a the F & B director for a high profile hotel in the United States, while Cristina a Sommelier. 

          After carefully studying the burgeoning food scene in the country, the Carl's decided the time was right to enter the fray. 

         Grind Bistro has quickly made an impact in the food scene, setting up shop at Net Park in Bonifacio Global City, followed by a branch at SM North Edsa that specializes in Burgers. Recently, they opened yet another Grind Bistro at SM Aura.


             We started off with some soup, particularly the Tomato Bisque (P220), and the Asparagus Soup (P220). The Robust acidity of the Tomato was tempered by a dollop of Creme Fraiche and a touch of Pesto, while the Asparagus Soup maintained a creaminess without losing its light, yet satisfying heartiness. 

         The others feasted on the Laguna Farmer's Salad (P395), which is a medley of locally sourced, seasonal vegetables.  Not sure what else to say about that. hehe. 


             I'm not too big on shrimp, but The Grind's Popcorn Shrimp  made me rethink that notion. Plump pieces of juicy Shrimp is coated in a Tempura Batter and deep fried to golden perfection, then drizzled with a wasabi aoili, and a unique unagi sauce. 

      A huge hit among the bloggers was the Poke Nachos (P495). Poke is becoming the next new hot fad, and The Grind's unique take on it will definitely have fans of the dish salivating. Chunks of Ahi Tuna is Marinated in Soy and Sesame, and doused with Orange and Wasabi Tobiko, locally sourced Goat Cheese, Pico De Gallo, crowned with freshly cooked Taro and Sweet Potato Crisps. 

        Another delicious starter was the Grind Meatballs (P395). The Beef balls were tightly packed with juicy beef, and the zesty marinara sauce was complimented by the lemon scented shavings of Ricotta Cheese. Actually, with a scoop of rice, this is pretty much a meal in itself! 

          Don't let these little bad boys fool you. The Sliders (P395) are made with 100% USDA Ground Beef, that even one of these is incredibly filling. Basically a smaller version of their signature Grind Burger, The mini burgers are topped with Onions, Pickles, their signature sauce, tucked between a buttery bite sized brioche bun.  


     Grind Bistro takes pride in making delicious burgers. Their Patties are made with 100% USDA Beef, and their Brioche Buns are baked in house. 

       If you want to go big, then the Grind Burger (P395) is exactly what you're looking for. An amped up version of the Sliders, "Tiny's Secret Sauce" is what elevates this burgers to whole new mouthwatering levels.

           If you're don't mind a punch of spiciness to your Burger, then you might want to consider the Heat Burger (P450). The Juicy Beef Patty is topped with House Pickled Peppers, Deep Fried Onion Rings, then slathered in a Chipotle BBQ Sauce and Spicy Mayo, then topped with Cheddar Cheese. 

      The beauty of this is how the heat enhances the flavors of the beef, instead of overwhelming it. 

          One of my favorite dishes of the day was the Corned Beef on Rye (P395). Think of it as a cousin of the Reuben, as it is made with Grind's House Cured Corned Beef, and topped with Pickles. As a counter to the acidity of the pickles, the sandwich is then topped with a mild Emmental Cheese, adn creamy colelslaw, and Grind's secret sauce. 

         Something I would definitely order again at Grind. 


         If you want a break from all the meat in your diet, you may opt for the Salmon Fillet (P650) instead. A gorgeous salmon fillet is perfectly pan seared with Soy, Miso and Ginger, the doused in a Lemon Syrup, then topped with Wakame executed two ways, and edamame. 

          One of the most creative dishes on the Menu has to be the Nutty Black Chicken (P595). A Chicken Fillet is coated in a Black Tempura Batter, and deep fried, then laid out on a bed of Hazelnut Romesco and Sweet Chili Sauce. the contrasting flavors surprisingly fuse together harmonious to make a cohesive dish that leave you craving for more.  

            Another winner was the Truffled Penne Carbonara (P495). I'm more particular to cream based pasta dishes, so this was something I was hoping to try... And I was not disappointed. The Penne Pasta was cooked to a stunning Al Dente, and the infusion of garlic, Black Pepper, Cream and Egg Yolk paired perfectly with the truffle flavor. The Saltiness of the Pancetta slices ensured that the dish doesn't become too rich and cloying.  

               If you're looking for a thick, juicy steak that won't hurt your pocket too badly, then try Grind's Rib Eye Steak (P2,300). for it's very reasonable price, you get a glorious 400g slab of house aged USDA steak, topped with smoldering Steak Butter, and Green Pepper Corn Sauce on the side. 

         Cooked to the doneness of your choice, and absolutely delicious. 

        You can also choose to "Create Your Own Steak" by selecting the cut, Sauce, Toppings and Sides. 

          Words cannot express how awesome Grind's S'Mores and Hot Cocoa (P380) is. Case in point..

          A marshmallow is torched in the center of a mini skillet, surrounded by Chocolate Shards.  Hot Chocolate is then poured on to the skillet, and then is topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. I KNOW! 

          Grind Bistro also makes their own Ice Cream, and it would give the country's best creamieries a run for their money. out of the numerous flavors we tried. My favorite was the Halo Halo. No wait, the Cookie Dough. Scratch that, the Dulce De Leche rocked! But you must try the Salted Caramel. Oh my god the Cookies and Cream!! No No... THE CHOCOLATE MALT!! Darnit, I LOVED THEM ALL!!!! 

        What made my trip to Grind Bistro even more memorable for me, was the presence of my cousin, Paolo, who finally joined me at a food blogger event! Paolo is best buds with Marco Lobregat, who handles the PR for Grind, so we all thought it would be fun to meet up at Grind for some Drinks and phenomenal food! 

           Grind Bistro fit right in with my taste buds, and its extensive menu assures that there's something for everyone! Definitely not your usual Grind!   

Net Park Building
5th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City

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