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          I've been to Fairmont Hotel's Spectrum quite a number of times in the past, and I can safely say it's one of the best hotel buffets in Metro Manila. They constantly think of themes to keep their guests on their toes, and the kitchen staff  from the entrees to the pastries, always rise to the challenge in coming up with ideas to match the selected motif. 

      Though I consider myself I fan of the hotel's food and service, I had yet to see their accommodations, Of course, this is the prestigious Fairmont name we were talking about, so I had a pretty good idea that it was nothing short of amazing, but it's really different when you see it for yourself. 

      So the weekend before Rain's Birthday. we were invited to experience a Staycation at Fairmont Hotel, which was perfect treat for my little girl in anticipation for her big day!  

          Fairmont is located in the heart of Makati, within the bustling Ayala Center, which is one of the most popular shopping complexes in the country. The hotel is literally a few steps away from High profile malls, such as Greenbelt, Glorietta and Landmark, making it a popular choice for tourists. 

        From the lobby alone, you'll get a taste of sophistication and luxury that the Fairmont Hotel and Resorts properties around the world imbibes. Yet, you're guaranteed to be greeted with a warm smile that is inherent in us Pinoys. 


           We were billeted in The Fairmont Room, and I have to stay it's quite stunning. There's really something about rooms with high ceilings that gives the illusion of space. We were given a fluffly King sized Bed, complete with Pillows so soft you're guaranteed to be unconscious in a matter of minutes. The room was also equipped with a Flat Screen TV, and a panel that helped in the connectivity of gadgets. The room also has a High Speed WIFI Connection.

      As odd as it sounds, it was the room's working desk that got Rain all excited! As strange as it sounds, she had to work online late that night, and she saw it as the ideal place to get some correspondence done. 

           I was happy with the Lounge Chair and Ottoman , as it was the perfect nook for relaxing with a good book or.. Fine, Crushing Candy. 


              Something Rain was really eager to do for the weekend, was to go swimming. Thankfully, Fairmont Hotel also has a spectacular Swimming Pool.

      The Swimming Pool was brilliantly designed, so that the kids are kept in one section, equipped with fun water jets,with another section cordoned off for laps. Another Section of the pool is for relaxation, with lounge chairs placed into a shallow area, partially submerged into the pool.

                The Pool Area was nice and breezy, and despite initially threatening to jump into the pool as soon as she gets there, Rain decided to Chill out in the private Lounge beds. 

          Obviously that didn't last very long, because once Rain put on her swimming vest, she leaped into the pool and went to work on those water jets!

           Pretty soon, She tired herself out, and decided to chill on those Sun beds in the pool, but not before telling me, "Take my picture, Daddy!".

       I wasn't really planning on swimming, but those lounge chairs in the pool were just so tempting I couldn't resist, promptly grossing out my wife and damaging the psyche of some Female Australian tourists, forever. 

        My friend Jeng of Food In The Bag didn't seem to mind though. Should I be worried? 

             Before we went up, the staff of the Swimming Pool said hello to little Rain, giving her the celebrity treatment! Feel na Feel naman ng loka loka. 

         Fairmont also offers a gymnasium equipped with state of the art exercise equipment and weights. They looked kinda heavy so I passed hehe.. 


               Fairmont's Breakfast Buffet is located at Spectrum on the ground floor. The spread offers some eclectic choices, to go with classic favorites.. Apart from a good selection of Cereals, you can even opt for some Taho at the end of your meal. 

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          I believe that Spectrum has the best.. if not one of the best pastry and breads sections in Metro Manila, and this Croissant Cinnamon Roll reaffirmed that. 

Rina really enjoyed the "Tawilis"

      Their omelet station worked their magic, coming up with "Omelette Of The Day" suggestions to help you decide what you want. 

 and the ultimate breakfast staple.. 


             I got the best of the best.. Some Sausages, Hashbrowns, Pancit and Garlic Rice to go with my Bacon. (Plate one of.. infinity)


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          When our friends at Fairmont found out Rain's Birthday was a few days away (Much love, Margaux, Gabbie and Nikki!), they whipped up a little surprise for our beautiful princess!

       Out of nowhere, we heard a knock on the door, and two members of Fairmont's Staff came in with a personalized cake and balloons, while singing Happy Birthday to Rain! 

           This was pretty much the first time a "surprise" has been held for Rain's Birthday and she was in euphoria for quite a while.. To the point that Rina and I got a little worried because she became all quiet and spaced out. 

        After saying nothing and just gazing at her cake for a few minutes, she finally looked up at us and said, "Mommy, Daddy.. I'm so happy.". 
      And that my friends, is what the Fairmont experience is all about. Pure happiness. 

     Whether you're a tourist or a local looking for a relaxing staycation, Fairmont Makati is definitely a hotel that should be in your lists of hotels to stay at. From it's phenomenal service, to it's world class facilities and luxurious accomodations, you're in for a memorable experience!

Fairmont Makati
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue
Makati, Philippines

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