Friday, November 11, 2016


             The day after Rain's birthday, Rina and I decided to continue her simple celebration by taking her out for Ice Cream at one of her favorite Gelato places, Morelli's Gelato Caffe at Shangrila Plaza Mall. Though we usually pass by for a scoop whenever we're at the mall, this is the first time I realized that Morelli's also has some incredible Sundaes as well!

      It was a drizzly afternoon, so before diving into some delicious gelato, I decided to warm myself up with some of Morelli's Hot Chocolate (P220). This is easily among the best cups of Hot Chocolate I've ever had. It was topped with Marshmallows, and had a delectable richness that I couldn't get enough of. 

         After my delicious cup of Cocoa, Rina and I decided to share one HUGE sundae, insteaed of getting one each. We decided on the Morelli's Bacio (P550), which I feel was an excellent choice. Soft Vanilla Gelato is drizzled in Chocolate, Hazelnut syrup, then served with a Chocolate Truffle, and bits of Piemonte Hazelnuts, and swirls of Magnum Chocolate in a Chocolate Cup, then topped with Fresh Whipped Cream. This is the type of sunday where you get different textures and flavors in every bite, giving you a pleasant surprise with every mouthful you take.

       Definitely a stand out in Morelli's Sundae Menu. 

   Rain found the Spaghetti Ice (P225) very intriguing. This is a bowl of Vanilla gelato served "Spaghetti" style, then topped with fresh whipped cream and a topping of your choice. To go with the theme (and Rain's taste), we chose Strawberry.  

    The simple, yet delicious flavor of the Vanilla gelato was still very evident, with the Strawberry Syrup adding some sweet notes that further punctuated the creamy flavor. 

        There's a whole lot more Sundaes waiting for you at Morelli's including a selection of "Tipsy Treats" for adults, The "Amore Cup" for couples, and other concoctions that you won't be able to resist! Believe me, there's a whole lot more to Morelli's than a scooping station!

          Rain wanted to say Thank you to Tito Bob for taking great care of us on her birthday! Too bad his adorable daughter Lia, who became instant besties with Rain when they met last year at Rain's Party couldn't make it.. But we had fun nonetheless!  

Morelli's Gelato Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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