Sunday, November 6, 2016


            For decades, Rebisco has been the leading name in innovating biscuits in other snack foods. After creating so many beloved favorites, they decided to go back to the basics and create a Chocolate Cookie Sandwich that has shaken up the competition. 
         Named after their popular line Chocolate Wafer Bars, Rebisco has introduced the new Choco Mucho Cookie Sandwich!  

           It was a fine day in October when we received a package from our friends at Rebisco.. And Lo And behold, in it was not only Choco Mucho Wafter Chocolate Bars, but their new Choco Mucho Sandwich Cookies as well! Just in time for Rain's Birthday! 

             There are currently two variants of Choco Mucho's Cookie Sandwich, the first being the classic Chocolate Filling in between two chocolate cookies. While other cookies may use cream filling for their cookie sandwiches, Choco Mucho's second variant breaks the mold and uses a luscious White Chocolate Filling!

       Something that Rebisco takes pride in, is how thick the filling is. As you can see, they really didn't scrimp on it, so the irresistable flavor of both chocolate and white chocolate really resonates in your palate, giving you a richer, creamier cookie sandwich.

        If you're wondering how the cookie itself tastes, I assure it's delicious, and has a great crunch to every bite! 

          Affordable and delicious... The perfect snack for kids and kids at heart! 

         Oh and you know what's pretty cool? The Box of Choco Mucho also came with a kick ass Choco Mucho Flash Drive! How cool is that? 

        Choco Mucho Cookie Sandwiches are now available in Supermarkets nationwide! 

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