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       Finding places to eat in Quezon City is often bittersweet for me.. Mainly because I used to live in the Area, and back then, the dining choices were few and far between. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a charming restaurant along Times Street, whose laid back ambiance combined with delicious food makes it a wonderful place to dine in at Quezon City.. Stories By Lilypad. 

        Once the beautiful home of the Tangco Family, Stories by Lilypad was named after the Tangco Matriarch, "Lily" with her former home and her food offering her guests different stories to tell. 

        The warm breeze actually made it nice to settle down here over a nice book and a cup of coffee.. (Kidding - I meant Netflix on my iPad and a Bacon Cheese Burger)

     The restaurant itself doesn't feel like a restaurant. When you enter, it feels more like you're visiting your Aunt's house. The staff is warm and courteous, and the corners are affixed with different heirloom decorative items that clearly have been passed on from generation to generation, making you feel, strangely enough.. Right at home. 



         One thing that caught my attention from Stories by Lilypad, was how you could Create your Own Breakfast Platter. You may choose from four different categories to compose your platter.. Namely Bread, Spreads, Eggs, and Mains. 

       For our "Breads" we were served Pancakes stuffed with Nutella (P100), with an extra dose of Nutella (P60) as our "Spread". The Pancake was quite soft and had the right amount of sweetness, with the delicious richness of the Nutella working perfectly as a filling. 

           Our "Egg" was the Sausage and Vegetable Omelette (P150), which had a nice fluffiness to it, as the medley of vegetables harmoniously complimenting the savoriness of the sausage, to make a hearty dish. 

          They might as well nickname their Crispy Bacon (P85) "Crack", because I was addicted to those suckers. It had an unreal crunch and still had that light smokiness I look for in my bacon, making me regret offering to share it with my fellow bloggers. Given that it was only P85 for another serving, I was downright tempted to order another serving.. Or ten. 


       From their Traditional Rice Meals menu, we were served the Beef Tapa (P248), which was exceptional. Served with Egg, Breakfast Rice and a side of Salsa, these exquisitely marinated beef strips were fried to a tender juiciness, and infused with the comforting flavor of good old fashioned tapa. 


      If you're like me and love a good Grilled Cheese Sandwich, then you're going to go ballistic over Stories By Lilypad's Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup (P310)! It's simple, yet absolutely phenomenal. The blend of cheeses are rich and perfectly melted on to the crisp, buttered toast, giving you a delightful crunch with every bite you take. The vibrance of the zesty tomato soup offers your palate a nice break from the cheese, preventing it from becoming too cloying. 

     As picky as I am, I'm actually a fan of fish dishes. One of my favorites, is good old fashioned Fish N' Chips (P280), and Stories By Lilypad got my stamp of approval. The batter was light, yet give out a resounding crunch,  and gave the slices of fish added texture and depth, without leaving you a mouthful of flour.  The contrasting textures of crispy batter and melt in your mouth fish is what made this a joy to eat, especially when dipped in the tartar sauce. 

     I love pasta, but unfortunately my hyper-acidity prevents me from indulging in tomato based pastas (One of the sources of my pickiness), which is why I found an appreciation for Pesto pasta when I was young. Chalk up the delectable Grilled Chicken and Lime Pesto (P350) as one of those pesto pastas that I would happily order in lieu of a red sauce dish. The zing of the lime was a nice accentuation to the flavor profile of the pesto, with the masterfully grilled chicken adding to the heartiness of the pasta. 

      As delicious as the pesto was, it was the Sausage and Garlic Pasta (P290) that blew me away. Crumbled sausage is mixed into a luscious cream sauce, and topped over perfectly al dente Fusilli pasta, creating an amazingly balanced dish. 


          I tried a couple of Stories By Lilypad's Rice meals, starting with their Asian fusion dish, the Jakothai Rice (P310). Inspired by Japanese, Korean, and Thai cuisines, The Jakothai Rice uses tender slices of Beef, coated in a vibrant Asian glaze, topped with Kimchi, scrambled egg, laid over a bed of  Kimchi Rice. 

            One of the things you must know about Stories by Lilypad, is that their Fried Chicken is life changing. The Godofried Chicken (P298) has a spectacular crunch, combined with an innate juiciness that will make you re-think your priorities in life. It pairs well with the creamy gravy that it comes with, however even on its own, the chicken is stuff of legend. 


       Stories By Lilypad has a nice lineup of coffee selections to choose from, but since I don't drink coffee, I was looking for their Non-Coffee drinks.

             I went straight for the Milo Dinosaur (P160/P190)..

Also available was the Strawberry Banana (P190/P230)..

         From the Coffee based drinks, your sweet tooth will most likely enjoy the Salted Caramel (P190/P220).

             For dessert, we were served a trio of phenomenal cakes, namely the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, Brooklyn Cheesecake, and the Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake. All were mind-blowingly stunning, with the Triple Chocolate the standout in my humble opinion. 

          We left Stories By Lilypad with indeed, lots of tales to tell, especially that of a new foodie discovery filled with amazing dishes, great service and an enchanting atmosphere!

           It was nice to see my favorite fashion blogger, Bestie of Capricious Club at Stories By Lilypad! 

      Dining at Stories by Lilypad is truly a remarkable experience, and if you're in the Quezon City Area, this is a restaurant definitely worth a visit!

Stories By Lilypad#46 Times St., West Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines

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