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This laid back fast casual restaurant is already on its third year, and still going strong! And you'll taste why when you get to try some of our simple yet favorite dishes cooked the Charlie way. And to celebrate their third anniversary, they are holding off amazing contests until their real anniversary date in April 20. If you have liked their Facebook page already, for sure you have seen the contests they have been posting. And if it's the first time you have heard of Charlie's Chicken for sure your mouth will water when you see their menu!

I was able to dine at their Makati branch along Makati Ave. With the number of restaurants lined up there,I actually went past it. Anyway, the place had a good size. From a far it looks small, but they actually even have a foyer outside for smoking customers.

The dining area inside is quite spacious too!

         Mr. Ifore Yu is the brilliant founder, gave life to this double fried chicken fast casual restaurant in the Philippines when he was inspired by similar restaurants in US and Korea. From their first branch in Amoranto Banaue in 2010 that was only 30 square meters, they have grown into 17 amazing branches including a branch in Cebu and Davao. His aim is to bring great value for food with great quality. And when he says "great value", he means it!

The Food


For starters, we had the Cheesestick Dynamites (P85 for 5 pieces). When I ate my first stick, i really liked it. I loved the balance of the chili heat and the cheese. This can be quite addicting.

Gooey melted cheese inside!

The Sandwich...

As a huge Friends fan, I took the advice of Joey and warmed up my stomach more before the main course.So I tried their Charlie's Signature Burger (P145). Well, it's actually not a burger. Because it's chicken. Not sure why it's not called Charlie Chicken Sandwich. Anyhoo, it's quite a messy chicken burger. And for me, messy is good!I love it when mayo starts oozing out of the buns and I have to lick it off my lips, albeit worried if I get all the mayo off. (If someone keeps staring at you and giggling, chances are you still have mayo on your face hehe).

Anyway, I liked this sandwich because it's very simple yet it does the trick. It hits the spot. It's just double fried chicken fillet in soy garlic coating, lettuce, and mayo,sandwiched in between two super soft sesame buns. The meal comes with fries and a drink.

The Wings...

Ok so for the main product,the soy garlic wings. Maybe I shouldn't have devoured the whole Signature burger because at that point I was really starting to get full. I had 2 pieces of the wings and then decided to throw in the towel. It was good. But at that time I thought it could use a bit more sweetness. I maybe wrong because I was just so full from the burger. It was still good nonetheless because it had a crispy coating, with juicy meat inside. And that crispy + juicy combination is always winning!

For dessert, we had one if their colorful Popsicle  I had the Oreo Pinipig flavor and didn't regret it.It's a nice medley of imported cookies + Pinoy ice cream topping favorite. They also had apples, mango, etc. it's really perfect for this hot summer. And I was really fascinated to find out that they make their own popsicles. I really thought it was outsourced. Amazing!

That ends my Charlie Chicken dining experience! Definitely going back to try their other entrees!And will get me more of the Signature burger J

Now off to the exciting news!

To celebrate Chicken Charlie's 3rd anniversary, they have been hosting a series of super cool giveaways leading up to their Anniversary on April 20! They have been giving trivia questions where one can win a Chicken Charlie gift certificate! And not only that, they will be giving away super exciting prizes such as an iPad Mini (link for contest:

And if I’m not mistaken they will also soon be giving away two Samsung Galaxy S3 Minis!!! (Watch out for it!) It's a month long celebration so follow them on twitter and like their Facebook page so you can be updated on how to win these amazing prizes! I hope I win! Hahaha!

I’m sure I had you at “iPad Mini”, but that's not all!
On April 20 (whole day), they will have a super special 10 pesos per wing promo! Yes, just P10 per wing! Bring your appetite because you sure are in for a real chicken treat!

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICKEN CHARLIE! And a big THANK YOU for your amazing month long celebration!

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