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         “Ang swerte ni Rina!” (Rina’s so lucky!) Richie frustratingly tells my sister last week. “Since I have work, she’s going to have lunch with a few blogger friends to cover Rack’s new Pork Belly dish!” I can understand how frustrating this can be for Richie. You hear bacon / liempo / and other pork dishes, you immediately think “Richie!”.  To a point that friends and acquaintances often tag him to any photo or meme about bacon in facebook. 

         And the funny part is he’s loving it!

         A couple of days later, I went to Racks in The Fort Strip. Truthfully, I haven’t dined in Racks for years. I think I was highschool or even elementary the last time I ate there. It was still the branch in Robinsons Galleria and I remember everything being white. From the floor to the ceiling. That’s why one can’t help but notice that the new Racks now has a different interior, using more browns and beige and cream colors making the place warmer.

         We were told as well that they had made a few changes on the menu. Looking at the new menu, I got a little bit frustrated because it’s that type of menu that everything looks so good that you don’t know what to order. If it were only possible to put everything in one platter! 

Brewed Iced Tea
      It was a hot day so I ordered a glass of tall iced tea first (P75). It was really thirst-quenching and a perfect refreshment to accompany the food we were about devour! I suggest go for the bottomless especially on a really hot day. Bottomless is only P90, and a pitcher is P145.

     Let's get started with the food! These are all the food we ordered for my first visit with blogger friends, and my second visit with my family.

Onion Brick 

      We started the feast with the Onion Brick (P195). To me it looked more like the Great Wall of Onions. The onions are cut thinly and breaded to a good crisp. For me though it’s a bit challenging to “dismantle” it out of it’s brick form since they’re stuck together. But once you’re able to, it’s chow time! It’s served with 2 types of sauces. A remoulade sauce, and their original barbecue sauce. When you eat it with the remoulade, it’s okay. Nothing really fantastic. But when you eat it with the barbecue sauce, my oh my! It’s brilliant! Till this day I still dream about this wonderful onion + barbecue sauce marriage!

Clam Chowder Soup 
        My sister ordered a Clam Chowder Soup (P95). She enjoyed it but her only comment was that she couldn't seem to find any clam in the soup, and instead feasted on the generous bits of potato. It still tasted good nonetheless. Even Rain seemed to love it.

Southern Fried Chicken 
           We tried the Southern Fried Chicken (P360) and my goodness I really loved it! it had that saltiness and crispiness that I was really looking for. It was crispy on the outside and super duper juicy on the inside. You have to be careful coz it squirts!

Chicken comes with biscuits and honey
       The chicken is served with yummy creamy gravy and 2 pieces of home made biscuits with honey. Richie was expecting the biscuits to be tougher. But it was unusually soft and moist, which I liked. I would seriously come back for these babies. Richie liked it, but found it to be closer to "Pan De Sal" than actual country Biscuits.

Carbonara Single 
         Sprinkled with parsley and Parmesan cheese, this huge plate of Carbonara (P210) is a good 'ol comfort food that never fails. This is just the single and it's actually already good for sharing. Either that or we were just too stuffed to get a bite since this was the last food to arrive. We ordered this for Rain because she loves pasta. She seemed to like it. Personally though for me I think it lacks a bit more salt. 

Next up was what should be the star of the Noche Buena feast! ...

Ribs being grilled to perfection!
Finished product! Kansas City Style Babys P785
        The Kansas City Style Babys (P785) was a fall-off-the-bone slab of rib goodness! All you needed was a fork to tear a rib off. The balance of the sweetness and the hint of spice is just perfect! From what I know they used three types of sweeteners: white sugar, brown sugar, and honey *drool*. That sweet medley happily explores and tickles your taste buds and then suddenly... BAM! A hint of spiciness at the back! Perfect! Like the Fourth of July fireworks It’s served with salad and a choice of two regular side dishes. I thought it was a bit expensive but this dish can actually feed three Rinas or one Richie (hehehe). What can I say? He loves his ribs! For the sidings, we had the pasta salad and the corn on the cob which was okay. But I like my pasta hot, so...

Pork Belly Brisket 
         Next was the Pork Belly Brisket (P465). I actually liked it especially with the red wine gravy, but honestly since the taste of the Kansas Ribs was stronger, it kind of over powered the taste of this pork belly. But I still enjoyed it nonetheless because it was really soft and the fat to meat ratio was just right. It is also served with your choice of any two regular side dishes.  But we had the house mashed potato (really flavourful and super soft) and the mixed vegetables. Honestly this would be the type of dish that I would love to have paired with a bowl of steaming plain rice. (Yes I love my rice. I’m weird like that).

Memphis Pound Cake P135)
This Memphis Pound Cake (P135) really did the trick! Just imagine a buttery pound cake, and then top that with raspberry preserves and 2 refreshing scoops of vanilla ice cream! I'd say it's good for 2 people (unless you're the type of customer who does not like sharing desert like Richie).

Mississippi Mud Pie 
For dessert, we had the Mississippi Mud Pie (P140). It wasn't anything mind blowing. Although a cake ala mode is always a nice way to end a meal, I would have loved it more if the cake was a bit more moist. I found it to be a bit dry. 

       It’s comforting to know as well that even though they changed quite a few things, Rack's still retained their unforgettable BBQ sauces which are still for sale. P200 for the original and P220 for the spicy. Plus, they sell frozen packs of ribs that you can just heat and serve! Perfect for parties or a regular dinner night with Richie hehe. They’re sold at P1,120 per  pack containing 2 slabs.

So that ends our Racks experience! I definitely had fun and I would definitely go back. My Racks experience reminded me that they still do have the best ribs in town! (And for me, one of the best chicken too!)

           Hello. Richie here. Reading this post made me hungry. Don't you think Rina did an awesome Job? Don't you wish you could have tried those ribs? Wouldn't it be nice if someone did a giveaway for GC's of Racks.....?  ;) 


RACKS Locations:
  • El Pueblo
  •  Paseo de Magallanes
  •  Festival Supermall
  •  Greenhills Shopping Center
  •  SM Mall of Asia
  •  SM Megamall
  •  SM North Edsa
  •  Robinsons Place Manila
  •  SM City Fairview
  •  Paseo Santa Rosa
  •  SM Pampanga
  •  SM Southmall
  •  Subic Bay
  •  The Fort Strip
  •  Trinoma

Twitter: @RacksPHL

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  1. ditto! drooling nowww :D yes! GCs please :))) hahaha

    1. Patience my dear! Was planning to give it away during our anniv! :)

    2. Not OUR anniv but the blogs anniv.. clarification lang hehe

  2. Baby Rain is such an angeeeeeeeel. :) At parang ang bilis niyang lumaki. If I had a baby brother, I'd tell him to wait for Baby to grow up. Hehe.

    Anyway, back to the food. RIBS! Omnomnom. I shall have this during my short summer vacation. And who wouldn't like some GC giveaway to Racks. :)

    1. Haha I know!! She's growing too fast! I'm conflicted.. I want her to forever be my baby, but at the same time i'm so excited to see her grow up!

      The giveaway will be done in a couple of months pa.. sowwy to make ya wait hehe

  3. Memphis Pound Cake is one of the best desserts I've ever eaten. :) Pound cakes are usually dry, but racks' are moist. :) I'll surely join the giveaway!!

  4. Hi Rina and Richie, thank you for the nice review :) See you again in Racks :)

  5. We would love to add some more Racks gift certificates for your anniversary give away guys :) Will send an email :)

    1. Thank you so much Joy! I'm sure our readers would LOVE that!

  6. You hear bacon / liempo / and other pork dishes, you immediately think “Richie!”. --> Lol. This is so true. You can add "burgers" to the list as well.

    1. Haha thanks Kat! I take that as a compliment!!

    2. Haha thanks Kathi! I take that as a compliment!! hehe

  7. One of my fave resto. So far, the best ribs in town and over!

  8. Their fall-off-the-bone ribs and bbq sauce are the perfect pair. <3

  9. The onion brick! The onion brick! OMG, I *love* onion rings, and finding delicious and decent onion rings at restaurants is always a challenge. You either like them or hate them, there is no go-between for me when it comes to onion rings. The onion brick at Racks looks exactly how decent onion rings should be--- thin, crispy breading!

  10. I already tried the southern fried chicken and yes you are right richie!It is something with a unique crispiness!

  11. OMGosh bacon goodness!!! <3

    Jessamine Tang

  12. i so want that Onion Brick, that pound cake and that mud pie too! oh my! *drooling*
    Stacy Morilla

  13. waaaahhh! i want their chicken and desserts... and my husband loves their steaks... haaayyy... so hungry...
    Lori Angela Legson

  14. i love the place i love the food i just love everything i see ^_^

  15. Ribs grilled to perfection with a great sauce on the side!

  16. Thanks for the review those photos gave me a huge appetite!

  17. The ribs at Racks are really delicious. I definitely want to try their Pork Belly Brisket!

  18. me and my brother love Racks! we can finish a whole slab of baby back ribs. yeah, just the two of us. =)

  19. I'm drooling on the Kansas City Style Babys!!! And I would definitely try the Memphis Pound Cake on my next visit <3

  20. My all time fave at Racks is their Sweet n Smoky Ribs. Yummy!



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