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          Though the location of Yaku is quite hidden (some were saying the huge post blocking their entrance was bad feng shui). This was the first thing I noticed upon arriving. Yaku, which means grill, were one of the oldest restaurants in The Podium Mall since the year 2000 and until now they are still very much standing. So much for feng shui! That just proves as well that they have a lot of regulars that love them, and they are attracting new customers as well!

       Yaku is an amazing Japanese restaurant that started off as serving only Yakitori items. It’s their specialty so if you go here, you must try these charcoal-grilled goodness on a stick! I say this to you with sincerity because as i was not feeling very well that night, I was not able to try this plate right here. That is why I am now kicking myself in the butt. But Richie was able to try some so we’ll get to that in a bit. So eventually they also started serving a lot of other Japanese dishes like sushi, tempura, teppanyakis, and noodles such as udon and soba.

            The place is very zen. A perfect hang out place at night after a grueling shift at the office. I can totally see a 20++ year old Rina hanging out here with friends, complaining about bosses at work haha!

I just want to say I love their paper place mat with built-in chopstick holder!

And their specific call buttons!

            Anyway back to the food. I love their dilis starters. I think I was nibbling on these the whole time. Even in between dishes haha! We didn’t get tot try all the dishes featured here because we all ordered our own stuff. But let me post the photos and descriptions anyway. Starting with the starters!

Maki, Sushi and Sashimi

        For starters I ordered the California Maki (P139). I thought it was a good deal considering how large the makis were cut. For a starter it can certainly make you feel full already.

         This is the Spicy Tuna Maki (P155). The taste of the heat was not apparent at first but once you keep popping it to your mouth, the heat starts building up. I would imagine this is great to eat with beer hehehe. But I don’t drink beer. So don’t take my word for it haha!

Chirashi (P329), a bowl of rice topping assorted sashimi

Nigiri Moriawase (P245) which is assorted sushi

            The Spicy Salmon Gunkan (P145) looked beautiful. There’s a chance this might be the Spicy Tuna Gunkan (P139). Hahaha! Sorry I wasn’t the one who ordered this. All the orders just sort of started flying out of the kitchen and into our photo table haha!

Uni Sashimi (P229) is a sea urchin sashimi in cucumber cups

Moriawase (P309) is this beautiful assorted sashimi.

         Aah... the classic Gyoza (P120). 5 pieces of steamed dumplings. It was quite good especially for the price.                   

        Next let's head on to other main Japanese classic dishes you can order at Yaku before heading to their all-star Yakitori.

Rice toppings and other Japanese classics you can order:

         I can never have a meal without rice. That's why whenever we dine at a Japanese restaurant, I make sure to order Yakimeshi. Yaku's Yakimeshi fried rice (P55) was quite tasteful and heavy! I usually finish my bowl of Yakimeshi but this time I had some left over. Really filling! And sticky just the way I like it!

         Of course I ordered Ebi Tempura (P249) . I enjoyed Yaku's tempura because it's all shrimp. One of the best I’ve tried!

            Gyudon (P199) which looked simply delicious. I love food with rice and egg! This one is beef with onions and a raw egg. Just a mix away from heaven!

          Tuna Teriyaki Don (P255) looked really good. It’s basically tuna with teriyaki sauce. Looked really good with the sticky rice!

Kisu Furai (P195) is a beautiful breaded sillago fish.

           They also have Tuna Teriyaki Don (P245) wherein yummy slabs of tuna are bathed in delicious teriyaki sauce.

            This is their Seafood Teppanyaki (P289). If you love seafood, then this is the way to go. Assorted seafood with vegetables smothered in sweet sauce. Healthy and yummy!

Sizzling Kaki (P309) are sizzling oysters with veggies and sprinkled with sesame seeds

            The Agedashi Nasu (P115) is perfect for vegetarians. It’s breaded egg plant. Another healthy dish.

               The Enoki Foilyaki (P175), are winter mushrooms grilled inside a foil cooked with mirin, ponzu, bonito flakes, and some oh so rich butter. The taste is fantastic!!! It’s sort of like eating steamed buttered corn with the corn juice. I love this! Would go back to Yaku for this folied baby! They’re winter mushrooms by the way.

             Next up, their famous line-up of Yakitori!


          Shisomaki (P129). My friend Hefty Foodie really loved this. It’s Chicken with Shiso leaves wrapped around the chicken like a pole dancer wrapped around a pole haha!

          What’s this green stuff-hugging-bacon? The Aspara Bacon (P109)! Tasty and smokey bacon and asparagus rolled into one!

Yaku Plater (P205) is a platter consist of gindara, butabara, asparamaki, uzura, okura, and negima. Totally worth it for the price of P205!

             The Butabara (P105) was Richie's first order as soon as he arrived. Of course. He will always go for the closest thing to bacon that he can find on the menu. Can't go wrong with pork belly!

             Richie also ordered the Kawa (P69) which is the chicken skin. It was tasty and crispy without it being oily. This was one of his favorites!

            He also ordered the Tori (P99) which are chicken cutlets. He says it was just okay. Nothing really memorable.

           Of course, every feast deserves a sweet ending...


              Mixed Fruits (P65) was plated beautifully. Makes me want to sing "On the Wings of Love".

           Wasabi Ice Cream (P65) sounded quite interesting. Something new that would be interesting to try right? The taste I must say did not quite go well together for me. It tasted exactly like wasabi. Cold wasabi. Try it who knows maybe you'll like it!

              Coffee Jelly (P69) is their best-seller dessert. At first I thought the white stuff was vanilla ice cream. And so when I tasted that it was just cream, my heart kind of sunk.I love ice cream, obviously. But it was okay though. The sweetness of the cream and the hint of bitterness from the coffee jelly mixed well.

Richie takes a photo with the big guys! Chef Angelo and Mr. Jason Webb
             Yaku certainly proves that nothing  can get in your way. No superstitions, no nothing, when your food is excellent, people will definitely come back for more. No wonder Yaku has been operating for years! More power, Yaku!

Group photo with the people from Zodio! Thank you Zodio for the treat!
Zodio post coming soon watch out for it!

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  1. Inggit!!! I've been wanting to try Yaku for the longest time, but I always get sidetracked! >.< Anyway, will definitely schedule a visit soon para matuloy na. Haha.. Would love to try their yakitoris, tempura and yakimeshi, as well as the enoki foilyaki. Funny name but it looks delish!I'm a big fan of enoki mushrooms pa naman :D

    1. I've never been a fan of Mushrooms, but even I had to admit that the Enoki was fantastic! Please share your blog post link here when you get a chance to visit, Sumi!

  2. yummy yaku! i love their yakitori and enoki foilyaki..a nice place to have a good chat over lunch..good service too!



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