Thursday, February 13, 2014


krispy kreme valentines tin can

        If you're a lot like Richie and I, then you probably don't dream about going with the Valentines Day chaos. Although there are a lot of VDay specials out there hosted by some amazing restaurants, it's just really not for us. Heavy traffic, fully-booked restaurants, full parking, not to mention Valentines Day falls on a Friday. The day of traffic. But staying home for the big VDay doesn't mean it has to be dull. It all depends on the people you spend it with, and the "pasalubong" you bring home hahaha! 

krispy kreme valentines doughnuts

        You can celebrate Valentines Day at home with special home-cooked candlelight dinner, and then some Krispy Kreme Valentines Day Doughnuts for dessert! (Not to mention the tin can is beyond adorable!!!)

krispy kreme Blueberry Cheesecake Doughnut

The Blueberry Cheesecake Doughnut

Heart-shaped doughnut filled with blueberry cheesecake filling, dipped in cream cheese icing, topped with graham crumbs, blueberry pulp, and vanilla icing

krispy kreme heart doughnut

The Heart Doughnut

Heart-shaped doughnut dipped in Carat strawberry chocolate coating, drizzled with white and red icings.

krispy kreme kiss doughnut

The Kiss Doughnut

X-shaped doughnut dipped in Carat white chocolate piped with red icing

krispy kreme hug doughnut

The Hug Doughnut

Ring doughnut dipped in Carat white chocolate, piped with red icing

krispy kreme Hershey's Kisses Doughnut

The Hershey's Kisses Doughnut

Heart-shaped doughnut dipped in white chocolate, drizzled with either caramel or chocolate, topped with Hershey's Kisses

krispy kreme love doughnut

The Love Doughnut

Heart-shaped doughnut dipped in Carat strawberry chocolate coating, piped with I Heart U on top

        These cute Valentine doughnuts ought to brighten up your Valentines Day! I mean I would be delighted to receive these if you ask me.

But wait there's more!

new baked creations cheese puff and kouign amann

        While you're at Krispy Kreme you may also want to check out their new creations! The Cheese Puff and the Kouign Amann.

krispy kreme kouign amann

        A Kouign Amann is a Breton cake famous in France. It has layers of bread dough that has butter and caramelized sugar folded in. 

krispy kreme cheese puff

        But our personal favorite is the Cheese Puff. Flaky, sugary, and cheesy!

        Drop by Krispy Kreme now and try these new baked creations. For sure your special someone will appreciate it! Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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