Saturday, February 22, 2014


        It’s all too familiar with credit card holders. You make purchases here and there and before you know it, BOOM! Your credit card bill arrives. And you realize you have been spending way more that what you actually can afford. That’s when regrets sink in. “I shouldn’t have bought 5 jackets” or “I knew I should have just stayed home that day rather than spend time at the grocery buying loads of bacon” (Not really a true story but it could very well happen to me!).

       Thankfully though I am not a shopaholic. But I do like spending on food. And I do want to travel. The wife wants to go to top amusement parks like Disney World, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, etc. And we also want to go around the world for the biggest food trip one has ever seen. (Watch out Guinness!) So of course it would be just wise to do all these things in our bucket list with a card that has the advantages of a debit card, and and the perks of a credit card, but that hopefully won’t allow me to go overspending during our trips. Something that allows me to live within my means, and at the same time live without regrets!

metrobank prepaid card

        Lucky for everyone, there is such a card! Introducing the Metrobank Prepaid Card! It’s a card that you can use to cross out your bucket list, (no matter how huge or simple they are), without the worry of overspending! No regrets later on! A card that you can use at any Mastercard affiliated establishments worldwide (And there are over 30.2 Million establishments! So that’s pretty much saying almost everywhere!)

       You can also use this card as an ATM card and withdraw at any local and international ATM. You may also shop online, and more importantly, with this card, you get access to discounts, promotions, and other freebies!

        Being a prepaid card, this means you can expect not to receive a card bill for this. Also, loading up this card can be done FREE using the electronic channels! Open a Metrobank savings account and you may load up your prepaid card online via MetrobankDirect, over the phone, or through an ATM (Bancnet, Expressnet, and Megalink ATMs Nationwide!). You may also load it over-the-counter with a P25 fee if you don't have a Metrobank Savings account yet.

       Oh and another best thing? This card has NO MAINTAINING BALANCE and INITIAL DEPOSIT REQUIRED! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

Vyne restaurant

        One of the amazing restaurants where you can get an awesome discount from using your Metrobank Prepaid Card is Vyne! It’s where you can eat these:

pan roasted salmon
Pan-Roasted Salmon

chocolate cake
...this scrumptious Chocolate Cake, and more!

Here are other ongoing featured establishments with discounts for this month!

Cole Haan
M Cafe
Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
Mr. Jones
Perry Ellis
Sip & Gogh

        You’re probably itching to sign up for this awesome card! Especially when you find out that the fee for card opening is only P100. And that if you lose it, replacement fee is only P150

       For the spending limit, it’s just the same as normal ATM cards. That’s P10,000 per transaction, and up to 3x maximum withdrawals daily. While the POS spending limit per day is P50,000.00 which is the same as debit cards.

       Here’s 4 easy steps on how to get your own Metrobank Prepaid Card and start Living Without Regrets!:
  1. Go to any Metrobank branch
  2. Ask for a Prepaid Application Form and fill it out.
  3. Present 1 valid ID (Yes! Just one!)
  4. Pay P100 one-time fee.

       Now all you need to do is wait for a couple of minutes and your card will be ready! Then just change the PIN of your card (instructions will be given to you with the card) and as soon as you’ve finished changing the PIN, your card is good to go!

       I already got mine and I have it in my wallet all the time. I’m actually going to Korea this week so the timing couldn’t be perfect! At least I feel safe knowing I have funds that I can easily access in case my pocket money magically disappears into some Korean restaurants’ thin air!

Vyne Photo Credits: Eugene Constantino of The Hefty Foodie


  1. What's the difference between it and a debit card?

  2. Do they require you to sign when you purchase in physical stores just like how credit card works?

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