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nude audio move s and iphone

        I could think of countless times wherein I was in a situation that made me wish I could play loud music in the background. For instance,  when we went island hopping a few years ago in Cebu... or even as simple as making a group of friends watch a funny or a touching video on youtube through my phone. Most of the time the scenario would be either make them all watch at the same time but they can't hear the audio that well.  or you make them watch one by one and making them use your headphones. Not very convenient (and hygienic I must say).

        This is where a wireless and portable speaker becomes useful. I must admit, at first, the thought of a wireless speaker didn't really appeal much to me. Until I saw one in action. In just a few taps if your smartphone, your phone's sounds can clearly stream through that small speaker box that could! It's almost like magic to me haha!

Nude Audio Move S Portable Bluetooth speaker

        Nude Audio Move S is a charming little boom box that you can carry everywhere. Not only is it just a speaker, but it's a speaker that you can wirelessly connect to your mobile / tablet devices. For such a small wireless speaker, it emits such stunning sound! Not only that, it's only P1,990!

Nude Audio Move S Portable Bluetooth speaker

        The box contains a Nude Audio sticker, a quick start guide, a product information brochure, a USB cable for charging, and of course the Nude Audio Speaker

Nude Audio Move S Portable Bluetooth speaker

        The Nude Audio comes in 3 sizes. The one we have is the Nude Audio Move S. (S for small I guess. Because the next size is the Move M, and then the Move L.) It fits perfectly in my hands. 

Nude Audio Move S Portable Bluetooth speaker

        I also love that it has a sturdy and attractive string so you can hang it anywhere. The string looks a bit like a thick shoe string. Perfectly convenient for people on the go.

Nude Audio Move S Portable Bluetooth speaker

        The sides of the speaker is widely covered in a silicon sleeve that's soft to touch. This of course also protects your speakers from mild bumps. On the sides there are rubberized buttons for power and for bluetooth. The indicator lights also appear out of nowhere. The green light is the battery indicator. Green means the battery is good. And it turns red for when you need to charge already. The three blue lights indicate that the bluetooth is turned on. 

Nude Audio Move S Portable Bluetooth speaker

        You can connect any gadget you have that has bluetooth connectivity. I tested it with my iPhone and it worked great!  First, make sure the speaker and its bluetooth are turned on. Then on your phone / tablet /laptop, just go to the settings of the bluetooth then turn it on. You will see the Nude Move name pop up. Then just select "connect". It will only take a few seconds until the status says "Connected". Then you're ready to go! 

Nude Audio Move S Portable Bluetooth speaker

        You can now start playing music, or watch videos on youtube and the sound will start blaring out from your Nude Move speaker. In fact, any sound coming from your device will go out through the Nude Move speaker. This means you can use this as well for a better speakerphone call experience. You'll be able to hear the other end crisp and very clear (provided your call connection is good, that is.)

Nude Audio Move S Portable Bluetooth speaker

        The speaker will work up to a range of up to 30 feet! When fully charged, the battery life can last u to 8 hours!  This device can also remember up to 8 devices. The volume can be controlled in 2 ways: From your device, or from the speaker's volume control on the sides. 

Nude Audio Move S Portable Bluetooth speaker

        The Nude Audio Move speakers also come in black and red which I think looks really cool! But this light grey and mint green looks really nice as well! 

Nude Audio Move S Portable Bluetooth speaker

I have been using ours everytime I take Rain out for our afternoon walk. I load YouTube with songs for kids while we take a stroll. She likes having music in the background while we stroll. She even does a little dance while sitting in her tricycle hehehe. 

These cool speakers are available at the following stores:

Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Astrovision Shangri-La, Astrovision Festival Mall, Astrovision Trinoma AstroPlus Mega Mall, AstroPlus SM Aura, iStudio Shangrila, iStudio Bonifacio High Street, Mobile1 Alabang Town Center, Mobile1 Rockwell

Nude Audio Official Website:


  1. I just saw a similar product marketed by the online store Taste Central. This is a more affordable version though. Thanks for the review!

  2. What??! My Nude Move is now discoverable??!... Oh wait.. I'm looking at a decent website

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