Tuesday, April 8, 2014


        I just attended one of the most memorable events yesterday. One that despite having us tuck away our smart phones and go on a digital time out for the whole duration of the event, still became fun and most importantly, engaging!

        Because pretty much everyone is so dependent on their smart gadgets for entertainment and for connecting with people, we actually spend more and more time starring at our gadgets' screens and less and less time looking and appreciating the real world. This fact is really kind of sad and frankly makes me a little bit scared of the digital future ahead of us. But that's exactly what McDonald's Philippines and Coca Cola Philippines are taking a stand on. Taking time to get offline and enjoy making connections old and new. Connect with your friends and loved ones without a digital screen in between.

Photo from McDonalds and Coca Cola

 “McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have been partners for close to 60 years, together providing millions of customers great tasting food and beverages best shared together” 
~ McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO, Kenneth Yang.

“Today, together as well, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are taking a stand that real-life connections fuel our digital lives and enrich our relationships” 
~ Coca-Cola Philippines President and General Manager, Guillermo Aponte.

        And so in lieu of this campaign, the two said iconic global brands are launching their new product that is designed for a warmer live gathering while enjoying McDonald's burgers and fries, and a tall glass of cold Coca Cola.  It's the BFF Burger Bundle Product!

BFF Burger Bundle (Photo from McDonalds and Coca Cola)

        The BFF Burger Bundle is a humongous package that's good for a group of 3 or 4, and which you can customize! For only P399 for a group of 3 and P599 for a group of 4, each of you get great meals with this new cool BFF fries (which by the way I think is really cool!) and thirst-quenching Coca Cola!

        What's great about this customizing thing is that you can choose from the seven burger selection of McDonald's (including the big favorites such as Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, and my personal favorite McChicken, and more).

BFF Chicken Bundle (Photo from McDonalds and Coca Cola)

        Or if you're more of a chicken kind of person, there's also the BFF Chicken Bundle where you can choose between 1 pc. Chicken McDo + Spaghetti, or a 2 pc Chicken McDo + rice. Again, it comes with the huge BFF Fries and regular coke!

        But if you just feel like having the famous fries + McFloat combo (they go really well together), there's also the BFF Fries and Float combo is theirs to enjoy for an affordable price of only Php 150! Affordable, right?

        Head on over to the McDonald's nearest you and start sharing this affordable bundles for sharing and at the same time make real connections! Real connections with the ones you love, or even with new found friends. After all, nothing beats the warmth of a real hug or smack compared to an emoticon!

        The BFF Bundle meals are available for dine-in, take-out, or even drive-thru in all branches nationwide! (Not available for breakfast)

        Check out the ANALOG : HOUR Event of McDonald's and Coca Cola showcasing a lot of fun social network activities, ANALOG STYLE! (And the event was star-studded too!):

mcdonalds eton centris
McDonlad's Eton Centris Branch

analog photo wall
Analog photo wall

analog chat
Analog messenger! Write your chat message in chalk haha!

fries status
Fries slash analog status!

mcdonalds giveaways
My analog box!

activity cards
To Do's
analog status updates
Analog status updates! 
analog status update
My own analog status update with a little rainbow doodle
Analog collage with filter!

One Intax Mini provided per table! I want one!
Surprise hosts for the day! Iya Villania Arellano and Nikki Gil! 
Jeric Teng and Enrique Gil
Word guess game... analog style!
Shouting and guessing! And yes their table won the game hehe

Me and Ronald! 
Food bundle were served with an analog frame for food selfie shots!

The hosts!

Jeric and Enrique

My own food selfie
Don't you just love the size of those BFF fries?!?

Party time with the Analog Music Player!

First on stage, Kitchie Nadal!

Selfie with Kitchie!
4 raffle winners of Instax Mini! Hmph! I wanted to win!


Barbie's adorable daughter ran up the stage and hugged her mom as soon as her set was done :')

Feeling-close with the lovely hosts haha!

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