Monday, April 21, 2014


Hatch 22

        Among the food that makes me happy, Eggs would definitely be one of them. It's such a simple but sunny and happy breakfast food that never fails to put a smile on my face. Especially when I'm very very hungry. I can eat eggs any time of the day. Scrambled, sunny side up, salted egg, century egg, hard boiled, or soft boiled. Except raw, I'd be more that happy to eat it all! 

        So you can imagine my delight when I saw the all-day breakfast menu of Hatch 22 owned by celebrity siblings and business partners Erwan and Solenn Heussaff. 

hatch 22 rockwell

        Hatch 22 is located at Rockwell, Powerplant Mall, near Starbucks (right by the driveway). You don't actually need to go inside the mall to access Hatch 22.

hatch 22 interior

        The interiors are nice. A cross between industrial and country. Very laid back and comfy. 

hatch 22 bar

The bar

hatch 22 bread

The Cafe and Bakery area

hatch coffee tea

Hatch 22 Coffee and Tea selections

bouquets of bread

Bouquets of fresh bread, anyone? 

bread shop hatch 22

And even more bread! Anyway, moving on to the food and drinks!

grilled lemon drink

        I was down with a bit of cold at that time we went so I thought it would be nice to accompany my meal with a lemon drink. Irene pointed out the Grilled Lemon, which I thought was a good idea so I could try something unique as well. The taste? Good. There was a hint of sweetness to it and not all sour. And you can kind of taste the smokiness of the lemon. The lemon is grilled before squeezing it into the drink. Very interesting. And refreshing too!

ice ball

        One of us ordered this fascinating looking drink called the Hatch and Balls (P250). It's a drink containing some rosemary syrup, calamansicello, and Noliprat inside an ice ball. What a pretty way to keep the drink cold! 

bread basket

        We had the Bread Basket 2 (P280) which consist of Pan de month, Spanish bread, Pandicoco, Chicken Empanada, and Ensaymada. 

unique eggs benedict

        Next comes the NYOB (P445). No, it does not stand for New Kids on the Block, but instead, it's Not Your Ordinary Benedict. Sous vide eggs on fresh baked rustic muffins, Italian ham, some wild mushrooms, sautéed spinach and torched citrus hollandaise. Yes it does sound a bit pricey but it is really filling. A good comfort food with a tiny hind of heat which makes it extraordinary!

salmon for breakfast

        If you like Salmon, you can order the Croque Maserati (P580) I'ts seared juicy salmon on top of a brioche bun, then blanketed in a shrimp bisque and hollandaise sauce, and served with a side salad. I found it to be quite good. I enjoyed how juicy the salmon was, but the best part for me was the brioche bun. It was so tasty that it's as if it were dipped in some broth.


        If you're a BIG sandwich kind of guy, you might want to try the Hatchwich (P425) This humongous sandwich contains a lot of meat. A LOT! 


        There's salami, pastrami, forest ham, and pancetta, and some other veggies and then some cheddar cheese, all sandwiched in between two thick multi-grain loaf. It was a good sandwich with all the taste coming from all the layers of meat, and the crunch from the fresh veggies. Served with fries on the side.

curry eggs

        This next one is my favorite! Imagine fluffy scrambled eggs with curry!!! That's the Slum Dog Millionaire (P620)! I really liked this! My first time to eat curry eggs! It's quite addicting to eat along with the huge thin and crunchy poppadum. I would so love to eat this with rice bwahahahaha! 

hatch 22 motto

        Writing this post at 12 midnight was a big mistake. Now I'm hungrier than ever! Will definitely be coming back at Hatch 22 soon! Follow them on facebook at hatch22ph.

Hatch 22
Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
Contact number: 0915 109 7711


  1. Hi Richie!!! Good morning!!! It seems you had a grand time. Anyway, you should have tried their Jelly Doughnut ...You would really enjoy it! hehehehe!!

    1. Might go back this Tuesday, bro! Will definitely check it out if we do!

  2. Same here, I love eggs, especially for breakfast so I am going to make a trip to Hatch 22. Good thing this is just in Rockwell. I love the interiors, so cool. I just don't love the fact that it's pricey so I am going to take some friends with me when I go there. I am so gonna order that hatch and balls drink just because it's so cute! I love how they name the food like the slumdog millionaire, but does it have to be 600 pesos? I am going to be broke when I go there hahaha...

    1. Haha the irony!

      Well we're going back tomorrow.. hope It's as good as Rina says it is hehe

  3. I love, love, LOVE their bread selection! And I must try that hatchwich!! Looks a lot like love in every bite!! <3

    1. Lemme know if you plan to go, Jane! We'll Join you :)

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